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Bet365 App

Bet365 App For iOSThe Bet365 app is one of, if not the best sports betting apps on the market to date, and that is all down to the team behind it. Bet365 are always working to try to improve their customers mobile and online user experience. They do this by updating the Bet365 app regularly, making it run more smoothly, constantly making additions to the sports markets available and more importantly listening to the feedback given to them by the users. This is what makes Bet365 the market and world leaders when it comes to online and mobile betting. Read on for information on the bet365 app for your particular device as well as an in-depth review on what bet365 offers.

bet365 app tennis bonus

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List of available bet365 apps

  1. bet365 Sports app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  2. bet365 Casino app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  3. bet365 Poker app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  4. bet365 Bingo app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  5. bet365 Live Casino app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  6. bet365 Vegas app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE
  7. bet365 Games app (iOS, Android, mobile) – GET HERE

Bet365 Android App

Bet365 is available from your Android phone via two methods;

  1. From your mobile browser eg. Chrome, Internet etc.
  2. From the Google Play Store (dedicated app)

The dedicated bet365 Android app is still in the process of being rolled out across all territories so if you are unable to find it you can still use the mobile web version. The dedicated bet365 Android app is only currently available on Android phones. Android tablet users will need to use the bet365 mobile site to use the services. If you are visiting this page from your Android device you can go to the mobile web version of bet365 from the button below.

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bet365 Android app images

You can register for a bet365 online account from the web version and then either save the bet365 home page to your device’s home screen or save it as a bookmark within your mobile browser for easy access in the future.

The method of adding a bookmark or adding to your home screen differs slightly depending on which Android device you have and which version of Android you are running.

Both adding a bookmark and adding to home screen can be achieved from within the mobile browser’s options area. This can be found from either

  1. The button located to the right of the browser URL bar (represented by three vertical dots)
  2. A menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. From a dedicated menu/options key actually on your device.

Once you are registered you can then go ahead and log in to your bet365 account from whichever method works best for you. Upon logging in for the first time you will have the option of creating a 4 digit passcode so that access to your bet365 is much easier and faster in the future. This is a great time saver and yet still keeps your account secure from others.

There are a few subtle differences between the dedicated bet365 Android app and the web version, which sways us to using the web version more than the dedicated app.

The ability to zoom in on your screen is disabled on the dedicated app. This means you have to watch live streaming in a standard window and you do not have the option of making the stream full screen. With the bet365 Android web version, you can zoom in on your screen to get a larger/closer look at the action.

bet365 android app live streaming

*Geo-restrictions apply. Funded account required to watch live streaming events.

We also found that a DRM (Digital rights management) issue blocked our ability to take screenshots of the dedicated bet365 Android app. It seems the developers of the dedicated bet365 app have disabled the take screenshot feature in order to protect their information. This makes sharing those big weekend accumulators and winning bets with friends a tough task. No problems here though with the web version. You can easily take a screenshot in the normal way and share as you please.

In terms of visual difference between the dedicated app and web app there is very little between it. The URL bar is missing in the dedicated app making it look slightly cleaner, but there is no real advantage and does not change the overall appearance in terms of providing any more information.

The bet365 app is one of the best on the market across all devices. Here we have given you the details of what to expect from the Android version. For more detail on what the bet365 app offers in terms of features and benefits, you will need to skip past the iOS information below. You will then find our review providing information on exactly what your bet365 account provides.

Bet365 iPhone App

The iTunes app store have a dedicated bet365 app, which is optimised for both the iPhone and iPad. One of the best things that we find with Bet365, no matter what device you view it on, you get the same great mobile betting experience.

How to install the Bet365 iPhone app

For iOS users downloading or installing the Bet365 app is very simple. You need to start by registering your account with Bet365, you can do this by clicking on the registration link directly below.

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Once you have set up your account you can either

  1. Save the bet365 mobile site as a bookmark in your browser.
  2. Add the bet365 mobile site to your home screen.
  3. Download the dedicated app from the iTunes app store.

The install method of the bet365 app is entirely down to your own personal preference. Each method has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

  • The bookmark option is a great option for those who want to be a bit more discreet with their betting as this does not show an app logo on your home screen, but does take slightly longer to access.
  • The dedicated app looks a little slicker, but appears to be more prone to bugs and also takes up internal memory space.
  • Adding the site to your home-screen gives you the look and feel of an app by providing easy access and an app logo, but is not as discreet as a bookmark or as cleaner looking as the dedicated app. The images below outline the process of getting the bet365 mobile site to appear as an app logo on your iPhone/iPad’s home screen.

How to install the Bet365 app on iPhone

Once you have registered, you have a couple of options to make the sign-in process easier than having to type in your username and password each time. You can set up a passcode or you also have the option of using touch ID (if you have a touch ID compatible iOS device) whereby a simple finger scan opens up your account.

bet365 iPhone app - touch ID

If you install the dedicated bet365 iOS app, you will also get access to the bet365 iPhone iOS widget. This provides you with lightning quick access to the most popular events on at that time and will display odds that you can select. If you do make a selection you will then be directed to the bet365 app with that particular selection placed in to your betting slip.

bet365 iPhone app widget

You can access the widget screen by swiping left from your locked or unlocked home screen. If you don’t see the bet365 app widget, you will need to enable it by tapping on the edit button located at the bottom of the widget screen.

how to enable bet365 iOS widget

There are also handy subtle gesture controls built in to the dedicated bet365 app that aren’t that obvious or well detailed, but can make your life a lot easier. To go back to your previous page within the app, swipe from the left hand side of the screen to the centre. To go forwards again you can swipe from the right side of the screen to the centre. This can save you a lot of time when betting on multiple games and markets.

Another great little shortcut is the force touch feature on the bet365 app (with compatible iPhones). This allows you to get access to where you want to be right from the off. To view your force touch options, hard press on the bet365 app logo on your apps screen. Instead of opening the app, a little option window will appear. This window will display the odds from key events on that particular day. It will also provide you with quick access to the In-Play section, your bets, Football markets, horse racing markets and the ability to share the bet365app with friends and family.

bet365 iPhone app force touch demo

Live streaming has the capability on the iPhone to be full screen enabled and looks beautiful on both an iPhone screen and an iPhone plus screen. The iPhone plus screen has the advantage here as you get a larger view without any dip in streaming quality. The live stream gives you the opportunity to watch and bet at the same time. bet365 has one of the largest selections of live streams available and all you need is a funded account (or to have placed a bet within the last 24 hours) in order to watch anything that is being aired.

All other features of your bet365 account are pretty much standard across all other devices and can be found in our review further down this page.

Screenshots of the Bet365 iPhone app

Bet365 app for iPhone

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bet365 Apple watch app

bet365 are yet to provide us with a dedicated bet365 Apple watch app, but that doesn’t necessarily leave your watch redundant as far the bet365 iPhone app is concerned.

Because your iPhone notifications are pushed to your watch, this can make keeping up to date on live scores and keeping track on your bets as easy as taking a look at your wrist.

All you need to do is set up your goal alerts accordingly from the bet365 iPhone app and all the scores and alerts will be pushed straight to your watch.

bet365 app - alerts on Apple watch

It’s not just goal alerts either. There’s a host of notification alerts that you can switch on across various sports and markets. So no matter if it’s the amount of corners in a game of football, the winning amount of sets in a game of tennis or the winner of a particular quarter in basketball, the bet365 app will keep you bang up to date.

How to switch on notifications with the bet365 app

To get notifications on a match, navigate to the event you are interested in from within the bet365 app. If notifications are available for the event there will be a bell icon showing towards the top right hand side of the page. Tap on the bell and a menu will pop up allowing you to enable alerts as well as selecting which alerts from those available you would like to be notified on.

bet356 iPhone app push notifications

You will also be faced with the option to get live alerts on events you have placed bets on (once the bet has actually been placed) this will show at the bottom of your bet slip and can be enable by checking the relevant tick box as shown in the image below.

bet365 app - How to enable alerts

Bet365 iPad App

The bet365 iPad app offers exactly the same features as the bet365 iPhone app, but obviously takes advantage of the bigger screen. The installation steps for the bet365 iPad app are exactly the same as the steps for iPhone and can be found in our iPhone section above. With the bet365 app on iPad your screen is filled with a whole load more information without the need to scroll. You are presented with slightly differing views thanks to a dynamic screen when tilting in either a portrait or landscape orientation. In landscape mode you have a dedicated sports menu showing on the left hand side of the screen.

Bet365 iPad app – Portrait vs landscape

bet365 ipad app - portrait vs landscape

Live streaming is available on the bet365 iPad app and provides you with a fantastic view of both the action and available markets so you can watch and bet on the action simultaneously. You can scroll through the markets without having to interrupt the stream and place new bets as and when you spot the value. Odds update automatically so there is no need to refresh your page. You also get provided with key stats from the game underneath the stream to aid you in your decision making. A funded account is needed to watch the events available or a bet placed from your account within the last 24 hours.

bet365 ipad app live stream

One slightly disappointing factor with the bet365 iPad app from a live streaming point of view is that you do not have the ability to go full screen or even enlarge the window. You have all that beautiful space to take advantage of, yet you are forced to watch the action from a micro-window. This makes sense from bet365’s point of view as they want you to keep an eye on their offerings in order to tempt you to place bets, but would be a better customer experience in our opinion if they were to allow access to full screen streaming from the iPad. Full screen live streaming is available for the iPhone so it is a little confusing why it is absent here.

One other point worth mentioning here is that you are not forced to watch the live stream if you want to keep your eye on the action. If you are out and about and want to conserve your mobile data the standard view offers a digital graphic of what is occurring. This is the standard view you will be presented with when entering in to an event on the bet365 app. to change to live stream tap the square icon with a triangle in the middle placed above the digital graphic and live score.

bet365 app - digital view

If you have an iPad air or iPad pro, you will also have the advantage of benefitting from true multi-tasking with the bet365 app. This feature allows you to manipulate two separate applications at the same time. This is a great feature that we love as it provides you with the ability to research in to games quickly and effectively whilst evaluating odds across corresponding markets at the same time, all from the one device.

Watch the big game on Sky Go whilst having all available bet365 markets showing on the left hand side of the screen, or check out what other people are betting on at the same time as checking live odds. Below is a split screen image taken directly from an iPad pro.

bet365 iPad pro app - multitasking

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 Screenshots of the Bet365 app for iPad.

Bet365 app for iPad

Bet365 App Review

There is so much to see and bet on in the Bet365 World. When Ray Winstone’s head pops up at half time during the football and says you’ll love it, he isn’t lying.

We really do love it. Sport geeks and stat heads, you’ve got everything you could ever wish for at your fingertips – the latest odds, the latest stats and your picks of matches from all sports, all around the world.

If you’re just looking for a simple app to bet on your favourite football or rugby team then don’t be put off by that last paragraph, the Bet365 app is also for you. The Quick Bet feature allows a person of any betting experience to quickly evaluate their options and place a quick bet.

The bet365 app is secure, offers world class customer service and provides very competitive odds. The odds have historically been a bit of a sore point with other companies seemingly offering better value, but over the last year or two bet365 have taken a stance to change things around. bet365 are always there or thereabouts across all of their markets and have got to a point where they are frequently cropping up as market leaders.

I’m sure you have established by our review score that the bet365 app is feature rich. It lacks very little and has all the main bases covered with top quality solutions and offerings.

 Bet365 App Features

Live Streaming, Live Updates, Live Odds: You won’t find a better in-play engine and latest live odds anywhere else other than Bet365. You can witness live scores of multiple events as they take place. Betting has never been more fun in our experience.

Where Bet365 excels in comparison with other sports gambling apps is in its live streaming capabilities. Horse racing features heavily, as it does across the board in this market, and you can stream live UK and Irish horse racing and study form as you bet. Where it moves ahead of the pack is with it’s live streaming of soccer, tennis, basketball and much more from locations across the world. There’s a huge choice available and action ready to stream every day.

Edit Your Accumulator On The Move: Bet365 are one of the first bookmakers to offer the feature of being able to make changes to your accumulator bets even after you have placed them. We’ve all been there where we have wished we never added a certain selection in the first place, or spotted extra value in another pick and wished you had added it in. Well now with bet365 you can make these changes and without any sacrifice on value!

Bore Draw Money Back: The Bore Draw offer that Bet365 provide their customers with, is another reason why we love this app so much. No one likes a 0-0 draw, especially when you have money on it, but you don’t have to worry about bore draws with Bet365. If you place a pre-match bet in any of the football markets and the match ends 0-0, Bet365 will refund your bet straight away.

Cash Out Slider: The cash out slider is a great feature, it gives you the ability cash out, before the event you have bet on is complete. The cash slider also enables you to patial cash outs too, so you can choose to leave a remaining stake on that particular bet & take the rest as profit. See below for example.

Bet365 Cash Out Slider

Quick links and the quick bet feature allow you to navigate quickly and efficiently. When you’re talking about an app that allows for extensive in-play betting options the speed of the navigation at your disposal is of the utmost importance and the Bet365 app duly delivers.

There’s many, many more features to explore within the bet365 sports betting app. The above mentioned are our particular favourites. Give it a try for yourself and find out all that bet365 has to offer.

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Other benefits to bet365 account holders

As listed at the top of this page, there are other apps available by the bet365 team away from sports that brings even more choice, entertainment and value to your betting experiences. These other apps provided by bet365 can all be accessed from the same account – There’s no need to re-register your details.

bet365 Casino app

bet365 casino app

Fancy a spin on the Roulette table, five minutes of slot machines, or a bit of Blackjack? Then the bet365 Casino app is the place to head for. You have all this and more if you have this app on your mobile device. There are four main categories at your fingertips here;

  1. Video slots – Over 100 differently themed video slot games available.
  2. Classic slots – A collection of classic, less complex slot games.
  3. Table and Card – The place to go for all your classic online casino games. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat in various formats all available within this section
  4. Live Dealer – Classic casino games brought to you by a real human being from either Asia or Europe via video stream.

There is also a dedicated favourites section that can be found in the bottom menu bar of the app. With so many games to choose from this feature is well needed. If you particularly like a game you have tried you can highlight the star (shown for every game) that appears in the top right of the game image. This game will now be saved in your favourites section for easier access to it in the future.

bet365 app - casino screenshots

There are big jackpots to be won and with that comes a degree of self discipline and control. We urge all of our readers to gamble responsibly but bet365 also help out here too. Within the members section there are clear gambling control options to help you not get carried away. You can set deposit limits, time limits, self exclude for a given period of time or request for the account to be closed.

The bet365 casino app also has a promotions section that details any offers they have on at that particular time. Its always worth checking in to the app every now and then to see what’s new as there are regular daily bonuses available to existing customers.

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bet365 Poker app

bet365 poker app

For those who like a bit of poker, bet365 has that covered too. A difficult task as well with Poker traditionally being somewhat of a drawn out game over long periods of time. Bet365 have managed to create a mobile Poker platform that allows you to play speed games, perfect for when you are on the go or on a quick break. There is of course the option to play a more traditional game of poker should you wish to do so.

There are different styles of Poker to enjoy such as Hold’em, Omaha and Six Plus Hold’em. Six Plus Hold’em is essentially the same as traditional Hold’em, only with the twos, threes, fours and fives removed from the deck. This makes a more exciting game but adjustments to your play need to be made as better hands come out more frequently.

bet365 poker app

You have the choice of tournaments, sit and gos, speed tables, cash tables as well as getting involved in Twister Poker. Twister Poker are short format games where the pot is generated at random on a spin of a wheel and can give you prize pots of thousands from a very small buy-in.

In terms of the actual game table, you have plenty of options to personalise the experience. Choose your own nickname, avatar image, type of deck design to create the image or feel to your preference. The cashier is situated within the bet365 poker app so you do not have to leave the app in order to withdraw or deposit, making it a much safer process.

The table appears only in portrait mode, which can be a little inconvenient when out and about but overall we didn’t really have any issue with this. You can see images of games in action below. (Image taken of the bet365 iPhone poker app)

bet365 poker app gameplay

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bet365 Bingo app

bet365 Bingo app

bet365 cater for bingo fans looking for easy access to a mobile bingo solution. You can expect great social features, loyalty rewards, value tickets and brightly coloured themes with the bet365 bingo app.

The bingo app is available across iOS and Android and iOS users also benefit from having the ability to enable touch ID for added security. If your iPhone or iPad has touch ID built in and enabled, you will be presented with the following message when opening the bet365 bingo app for the first time.

bet365 bingo app touch id message

top on the Use Touch ID button and you will now be able to access the app quicker, whilst keeping it safe from others who may come in contact with your mobile device.

With a huge variety of games on offer there is something that suits most circumstances. People on low budgets can play tickets for as little as 1p, there are social games where there is an element of interaction with fellow bingo players and there’s plenty of big jackpots available to be taken down. Big television names such as Deal or no Deal and Britain’s Got Talent feature as themed games here along with lots, lots more.

bet365 bingo app screenshots

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bet365 Live Casino app

bet365 live casino app

Your bet365 account opens up the opportunity to play and watch streams across Asia and Europe of live casino tables with live croupiers. There’s a choice of Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack or Hi-Lo and there are a number of different tables to choose from within each category. There are male and female croupiers available, as well as the option to not view the live stream, yet remaining involved in the betting action via a digital graphic.

bet 365 live casino app screenshots

As you may be able to tell from the above images the Live casino tables can be viewed in both portrait and landscape modes, with the option of having the main focal point on either the live stream or the game table. This suits all preferences and caters for pretty much any situation.

Some live casino tables are available on the standard bet365 casino app, but the bet365 Live Casino app provides a more concentrated, classier app that specialises solely in streaming live casino tables for your enjoyment.

Go to bet365 Live casino here

bet365 Vegas app

Bet365 Vegas app

The bet365 Vegas app specialises in Vegas-style arcade slots that provide different themes different sized jackpots. Here you will find your more traditional looking digital slot machines. The graphics aren’t going to blow you away, but are still brightly coloured and gives more of a feel that you are actually playing on a real slot machine rather than a computer game.

bet365 vegas app screenshots

There’s lots of choice in terms of slots available and can be played in both portrait and landscape. Landscape is by far the better way to enjoy the experience, but it’s handy to have the option of tilting to portrait as and when required. iOS users can also benefit from the Touch ID quick log in feature to access the Vegas app lightning quick. iOS 9 or later required on IOS devices in order to play.

Go to bet365 Vegas here

bet365 Games app

bet365 games app

The bet365 games app provides you with quirky themed games in the form of slots, giving you even more chance to win big jackpot prizes. There is a bit of cross-over here between some of the other casino style apps from bet365, but is nicely compiled in a format that works for those who regularly play on slots and similar types of gambling games. Graphics are a little richer here than what you will find within the Vegas app and there are film titles and cartoon themed games that you will recognise and want to explore further.

bet365 games app screenshots

So you know what to expect, here’s a list of categories found within the bet365 Games app;

  • Premium Slots
  • Bonus Slots
  • Video slots
  • Table Games
  • Arcade
  • Jackpots
  • Instant wins

Go to bet365 Games here

Updates To The bet365 Smartphone App

Bet365 are always updating their app too, simply because they want to ensure that customers have the best user experience possible. They are extremely good at listening to customer feedback and taking it on board, as well as keeping one eye on their competition.

We will update this page as and when updates are made to any Bet365 app mentioned above. If there are any features that you particularly like, or alternatively issue with the app that we have not addressed, please feel free to raise them through our twitter feed.  You can contact and follow us on Twitter at @Bettingappscom