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The betfair app review for 2017. If you are a seasoned gambler and used to betting using exchange odds, then the betfair app is one of the more stylish on the market. Not only that, betfair offer very good odds on most of the sports markets too when compared to some of their competitors, particularly on football. When you take a look around at what some of the sports betting companies are offering, there are very few that offer a strong new customer bonus as well as providing value to their existing customer base.

betfair app new customer deal

Terms and conditions apply, 18+ only.

The betfair New Customer Welcome Bonus – All newcomers to betfair have the opportunity to take full advantage of the fantastic bonus provided them. When you register for an account, deposit funds and place your five bets (minimum £10) on any of the sports markets available, betfair will give you £20 in free bets. This offer can be repeated up to five times to give you an overall welcome bonus of £100 in free bets.

Get up to £100 in free bets

To register and claim your bonus, all you need to do is click the button directly above and follow these simple steps.

  • Register your account using Promo Code: ZBBC01
  • Deposit funds into your account (minimum deposit amount £10)
  • Place 5 single bets on any of the sports markets with odds of at least 1.5 (1/2) (minimum stake £10)

Important Bonus Information –  To receive your bonus, you’ll need to place a bet within 30 days of opening your account. If you fail to make a bet within this timescale the betfair bonus will be void and you will no longer receive your free bet bonuses.

List of available betfair apps

  1. Betfair Sports bettingGET HERE
  2. Betfair Exchange Betting – GET HERE
  3. Betfair Casino & Roulette – GET HERE
  4. Betfair Arcade Games – GET HERE
  5. Betfair Poker – GET HERE
  6. Betfair Live Casino – GET HERE
  7. Betfair Bingo Games – GET HERE
  8. Poker in Play – GET HERE
  9. Betfair Predicts – GET HERE
  10. Betfair Exchange Games – GET HERE
  11. Betting.Betfair – GET HERE

betfair Android App

How To Install The betfair Android App On Your Mobile Device – As you may or may not be aware, Google Play have recently opened up gambling apps in the UK meaning you can now download and install the official betfair APK straight from the Play store. We have downloaded and installed the official betfair Android app successfully from both an Android phone and tablet from within the UK.

We believe it wont be long before the official app will be available throughout Europe and beyond in the very near future, but if you are still waiting you can still use betfair’s mobile site from your Android device.

To get to the mobile site tap here from your Android phone or tablet and then tap either join now or log in, whichever is relevant to you. Once you are logged in to your betfair account you will land on the home screen of the betfair mobile site. You can now use your mobile browser’s options to ‘add to home screen’. This will add a shortcut app logo to your Android device’s home screen for easier access to the betfair mobile site in the future.

betfair android app APK

The dedicated betfair Android App from the Play store is the nicer looking experience out of the two options available, but the mobile site does serve as a good back-up in case the dedicated APK goes down and is also the  only option for some territories currently.

The dedicated Android app is updated from time to time to optimise the experience on future software releases and as such can sometimes pick up bugs when new Android updates are released. We didn’t receive any of these bugs when visiting the mobile web site.

Betfair, to their credit are quick to respond to any bugs by bringing updates to their app frequently. The app is fully compatible with Android O and ran fine throughout our testing period. (This also contained the busiest times of the week)

When you log in to your betfair account for the first time from your Android device you will be presented with an option to set a four digit pin so that you can keep your account secure, yet have quick access to your account when you need it.

betfair Android app quick account access

Once you are in you will find navigating round very easy to pick up as the app makes good use of menu systems and layout structures to help you on your way. There’s lots of features available (that you can read more on further down the page) such as live streaming and cash-out as well as ever-changing promotions to keep you checking in on a regular basis.

betfair Android app screenshots

*Please be aware live streaming is only available in certain territories. 

betfair iPhone App

How To Download The betfair iPhone App – The betfair app is available on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices running on iOS 8.0 or later.

betfair do have a dedicated betfair App for iOS devices on the app store that you can go ahead, download and install but we recommend that you are a registered user first so that you can log in and place bets straight away. If you are not already a betfair account holder you can register from the button below. The process clearly outlines what new customer rewards you are entitled to and goes through the terms and conditions that are attached to the deals.


Get up to £100 in free bets

An alternative way to installing the app is to add the betfair mobile site as a bookmark on the home screen of your iPhone. This way you can preserve some of the space on your mobile device which the betfair app would have taken up. We also find the web application to be more stable when out and about. Below you’ll see an image, follow the steps illustrated to install the app.

Betfair App For iPhone

Check out the screenshots of the betfair app in action on the iPhone.

betfair iphone app screenshots

*Live streaming only available in certain territories

We found the live stream capabilities much better on iOS over its Android counterpart. You have the ability to go full screen to watch the action as well as seemingly getting a much clearer picture.

The betfair app has its own promotions section hidden away across the top menu bar or from within the AZ menu. With betfair being one of the biggest offer led brands in the gambling industry, it’s worthwhile checking in here frequently to see if there’s any value to your style of betting. The offers come thick and fast and are ever changing as events and competitions come and go.

The native betfair app from the app store benefits from featuring force touch shortcuts, available from the app logo. If you force touch the betfair app logo you will be presented with shortcuts to;

  1. Cash Out – Takes you directly to the cash-out section of the app
  2. Football – Takes you straight to the Football In-Play area
  3. Tennis – Takes you to the Tennis In-Play area
  4. In-Play – Takes you to the General In-Play section showing all live games/events available.
  5. Share Betfair Sports – Opens up the iOS share menu so that you can share the app across email, iMessage, Whatsapp and all your social accounts.

betfair iphone app force touch

The app looks great on the latest devices such as the iPhone X the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, but is just as capable and dependable on the older models. You will need an iPhone 4s or later to us the betfair app however, as it requires at least iOS 8.0 to operate and earlier models cannot support this.

The betfair iPhone app takes advantage of Touch ID and Face ID with compatible iPhones for quick and easy access to your account. This can be enabled once logged in and then navigating to your account settings. You can get here by tapping where your account balance is displayed. You will now be in the ‘my account section’. Now tap on settings and you will see the Touch ID/Pin Login option within the list.

betfair iPhone app Touch ID and Face ID

Get up to £100 in free bets

betfair iPad App

The dedicated betfair iPad app found on the app store has one major difference from the iPhone app. This is that it is only available in landscape mode. This does ensure that the graphics and imagery always renders correctly but does limit those users who like to hold their iPads in portrait mode in certain situations. I’m not a big fan of wandering around with my iPad but those who do may find this somewhat of a hindrance.

you obviously have the advantage of a bigger screen size here over the iPhone and that does indeed mean you are able to see more information at any one given time. You don’t get any real extra features with the betfair iPad app over the iPhone app, but you do get presented with information in a friendlier layout and a much better live streaming experience (for those who reside in a territory where live streaming is available).

The live streaming feature has the capability of going full screen and from our experience provides a strong a steady stream over WI-FI and 4G/3G networks. Remember that data charges will apply if you are out and about with your iPad though so make sure you have a pretty intensive data plan if you do plan on viewing away from a WI-FI network. The stream is compressed and balances the amount of data needed and quality of picture nicely to provide a more than comfortable viewing experience. It’s not quite HD but is still more than adequate. The image below was taken directly from the betfair sports app from an iPad air 2 using the full screen live stream feature.

betfair iPad app live stream screenshot

How To Install The betfair iPad App – You can install the betfair iPad app straight from the app store. Alternatively you can bookmark the betfair mobile webpage, save as a favourite within your mobile browser or add the betfair mobile site to your iPad’s home screen. All these methods can be accessed by tapping on the share icon from within Safari once you are on the betfair mobile home page. The share icon can be found to the right of the URL bar in Safari and is shown in the image below.

betfair iOS app - install button

Take a look at the snapshots of the betfair iPad app.

betfair ipad app screenshots

We tested the betfair app using and iPad air, an iPad air 2 and an iPhone pro 12.9″ all handled and looked superb, with the best visual experience being on the large screen of the iPad pro.

Get up to £100 in free bets

betfair App Review

Betfair is one of the biggest names in the online betting industry. They are not afraid to splash the cash on exotic marketing campaigns or sponsorships, nor are they when it comes to making their service and offerings even better. The betfair app is one of the ways the company has achieved this. As you will tell from our review scores, the betfair app is a solid contender in all categories and doesn’t seem to suffer from any major weaknesses or flaws. There are subtle differences between the betfair iPhone app, the betfair iPad app and the betfair Android app, but on the whole, all the apps behave very similarly.

The big features you would expect to see in a betting app are all available and work well such as cash-out, live streaming (in certain regions), In-play area, competitive odds and multiple markets across a variety of sports and events. The layout of the betfair app means it is simple to use and quick to place your bets when you want to place them.

Tap on a selection you like the look of and that selection will then land in your bet slip. It will stay there until you decide what to do with it. You can make more selections to make up a multiple bet, place a single or remove the selection from your bet slip if you change your mind.

The navigation follows the mindset of common sense and logic, but if there is anything you get stuck on there is also a customer service team on hand to help. You can get help from the footer within the ‘my account section’. Tap on help and you will then see a contact us section. From here you can set up a live Chat, send an email or post a message to betfair through Twitter or Facebook. Normal waiting times are around 30 seconds, so there is not much waiting round at all for any answer you may need.

New customer offers are always red hot and enticing but there are always special offers on for existing customers too so not to leave a bitter taste in anybody’s mouth. These are ever changing so it is always recommended to check in to the betfair app regularly to check the offers out. Away from offers you will find Betfair’s normal offerings in terms of odds to be competitive and in-line with its fellow competitors.

If you  do get bored of sports betting or fancy a change of scenery, there is plenty more that your betfair account entitles you to in terms of other gambling ad entertainment apps. These are listed for you below. All in all the betfair app comes highly recommended from us and certainly sits within our top ten betting apps available in Europe.

Get up to £100 in free bets

The betfair app review has barely touched the surface of what your betfair account entitles you to as we only cover here the betfair Sportsbook app. There are plenty of other apps available that can provide you with even more entertainment, all from the one account. These are listed and summarised below.

Other apps by betfair

Betfair Exchange Betting

betfair exchange app logo

betfair app availability

This app could probably do with its own in-depth review. The betfair exchange app provides you with the ability to lay bets as well as place. So if you believe a certain football team WILL NOT win, you can choose to lay the bet rather than placing it. This is a little more complex than your standard betting, but is certainly within most people’s realms of intelligence, given a bit of time to play around with the system. If you are new to betting our advice would be to give this app a miss for now and re-visit once you have become a more seasoned online gambler.

If you are already familiar with exchange betting, you will know that there aren’t many bookmakers that even offer this service, let alone a well established and reliable one. Betfair manage to offer both here in a well laid out format and from our experience a robust server that performs well even throughout the busy periods, such as Saturday 3pm.

The betfair exchange app has been updated so that it is optimised on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and also has touch ID and Face ID login security. The Betfair Exchange app is also fully optimised on Android O.

This app is certainly worth a look at if you are an experienced gambler and are looking for a new twist to your betting in our opinion.

Betfair Casino & Roulette

betfair casino app logo

betfair app availability

With most online bookmakers now, betfair also has an excellent array of casino options alongside its offerings and has provided a dedicated betfair casino app to provide more focus to those pureley looking for a casino experience. Lots to look at here to tempt you in to risking your hard earned cash to entertain yourself and hopefully walk away with a profit. Everything you would expect to fins in a traditional casino you can find here in a digital format, as well as certain games live via video stream.

There are table games, card games, slots, live games, video poker and digital scratch-cards all available from within the betfair casino app. All of these options can be found across the top menu bar of the betfair casino app.

the same wallet is used within the betfair casino app as the main sports book wallet. This prevents you having to move funds between different wallets and allows you to switch between apps seamlessly.

betfair casino app images

the betfair casino app holds plenty of offers to new customers and its existing client base and these promotions can be found within the app in a dedicated section that can be located from the bottom menu bar. Here you can see all offers live at that particular time that are applicable to you.

The graphics are rich once you are inside the digital environments or games and also reliable with very little game crashes experienced when connected to a stable Wi-FI network or 4g/3G data connection. There’s also a VIP section available to reward you further if you decide to be a loyal and frequent player.

Betfair Arcade Games

betfair arcade games app logo

betfair app availability

The Betfair Arcade Games app is the place to head for slots fans and those who fancy a quick spin of some reels to get the heart pumping on a 10 minute break. There’s loads to go at here in terms of choice of game and some great themes to keep people from all walks of life something to relate to.

There’s a VIP section to reward loyal customers and special offers to take advantage of on a regular basis. These change on a regular basis but include daily rewards, free spins on certain games, deposit bonuses and cash-back. All live promotions are available from the bottom menu bar of the betfair Arcade games app.

betfair arcade games app tutorial

As there are so many games to choose from there’s a handy search feature built in so that you can get to your favourite games faster. There are also a handy filter menu at the top of the app so you can see what is proving popular currently with other players, as well as shortcuts to table games and scratch-cards.

All in all, a fun app. It probably wont set your heart on fire if you are an experienced online slots gambler as most platforms feature similar (if not the same) games, but it is something that we use as a time filler and is a handy addition to what’s available with a betfair account.

Current top games available within the betfair arcade app are;

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Worms Reloaded
  • Genie Jackpots
  • Rainbow Riches
  • King Kong Cash
  • Wish Upon a jackpot
  • Cleopatra
  • Top Cat
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Starburst

Betfair Poker

betfair poker app logo

betfair app availability

Betfair Live Casino 

betfair live casino app logo

betfair app availability

Betfair Bingo Games

betfair bingo games app logo

betfair app availability

Poker in Play 

betfiar poker in play app logo

betfair app availability

Betfair Predicts

betfair predicts app logo

betfair app availability

Betfair Exchange Games 

betfair exchange games app logo

betfair app availability

Betting.Betfair  betting.betfair app logo

betfair app availability

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