Lay multiples on betfair

We often get asked how do you lay multiples on Betfair, so we’ve built this page and made a video to show you exactly how. It  is a little tricky laying multiples as Betfair don’t seam keen on it and hide it away in the old site. In the video we have created we show you have to lay the whole multiple so you only need one result to win. This does generally mean a high liability for a low return but it is generally considered a low risk form of laying. As always if you are new to this start with small stakes and build, never risk more that you can afford. We often lay multiples as a part of our overall trading strategy. If you are new to Betfair you can get a £20 risk free bet when you register through the link below.

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How to lay multiples on Betfair – Video

lay multiples on betfair video

We have created this video of laying multiples on Betfair as a guide, Betfair have the right to remove this feature at any point.

Lay multiples FAQs

Can I lay multiples on other exchanges such as Betdaq? No only Betfair currently offer the facility to lay accumulators. We have asked Betdaq and they do not have any plans to add this to their site.

Why is it so hard to find how to do this? Due to the high liabilities that you can run up it is only recommended for experienced traders. Other than that we are not really sure exactly why

Can I use the free bet to lay multiples? You can but we would not recommend it as the return is so small. There is a lot better ways to use your risk free bet. Try placing a bet on the exchange and using the cash out feature.