William Hill Poker app

William Hill poker app logoSome of you may be asking yourself why you haven’t found the William Hill poker app on the app store or on the Play store. Well the simple answer is ‘that’s because there isn’t one available’. A little poor, you may think for a betting company that size not to provide you with a mobile poker offering. But it is not without good reason.

After discussing this topic with William Hill employees, it becomes apparent that the William Hill poker app fails to exist not due to lack of effort or forward planning. It is more of a case of establishing something unique that poker players around the world can relate to. Plenty of companies have rushed out a poker app only for it to fall flat on it’s face, hampering the relevant company’s reputation rather than enhancing it. William Hill do not want to make this mistake when it comes to the William Hill Poker app.

Play the William Hill poker desktop experience here

Why is there no William Hill poker app?

If you already have an account with William Hill you will know that there is a host of gambling apps provided under the one account, each being able to provide you with hours of entertainment and each functioning as you would like. With Poker it is a little more tricky to get right and to stand out from the crowd at the same time.

There is very little mobile poker software available at present, which means either using the same as everyone else with a slightly different skin over the top, or fork out a small fortune trying to create your own. The second seems highly unlikely when you have dedicated poker companies such as PKR and Pokerstars who already have a well established mobile customer base and platform, with an ever expanding knowledge based on previous experiences.

William Hill poker app offer

On top of these dilemmas you also have the problem of wrapping up a game that traditionally takes hours in to a manageable time slot, suitable for the average on-the-move person. That time slot would need to range from 5 minutes to full on tournaments if the William Hill app were to be successful.

with all that said, William Hill have not given up on the notion of a William Hill poker app hitting the app stores in the future. They are very much still working behind the scenes to come up with a nice solution to plug this gap in their service offerings.

You can of course still play poker with your William Hill account, just not from your mobile device on any William Hill poker app. If you have a Windows based desktop or Mac you will find a very crisp, secure online poker experience with plenty of value to keep you involved for longer on your budget.

If you are not registered yet for a William Hill Poker account and would like to try the desktop experience you can do from the link below. Sign up to day and deposit £20 and get a £75 welcome gift bag to get you started.


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