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The 5Dimes app gives those people in America the opportunity to wager bets straight from their favourite mobile devices with ease. As long as you have network coverage and the ability to connect to a mobile web browser (Google chrome, Safari etc) you will have the ability to place a bet. The 5Dimes app can’t be found in the app store or Play store, so be sure to continue to read to find out how to get the 5Dimes app to your device.

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How to get the 5Dimes app

5Dimes app logothe 5Dimes app at present, is a web based application, meaning you will have to go through your mobile Internet browser to find and connect to it. There isn’t any ‘dedicated app’ or ‘native app’ that you can find and download/install from the relevant app marketplace.

There are advantages to this though. Firstly, there is no need for you to use up any space on your device’s memory as there is nothing to install. Secondly, it means you are getting the same experience, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows phone, Blackberry or any other mobile device. Thirdly, we find the web based apps to still hold a little more reliability and stableness in terms of functionality. We find the dedicated apps are more prone to freezing up and not working correctly at times.

5Dimes logoThe first step is to visit the 5Dimes app from the button below. When you land on the 5 dimes mobile app home page, add that page to your device’s home screen from the option within your browser’s menu system. This is the square with an upward arrow coming out of the top of it for iOS users and is typically 3 vertical dots or 3 horizontal lines on other devices.

Now that you have secured easy future access by adding the 5Dimes app to your home page, the next step is to sign up for an account. The process is quick, easy and secure. The join button can be found from the link below. Within minutes you will be registered and ready to deposit cash in order to place your bet. Before you do, be sure to select your bonus. There are plenty to choose from, providing you with plenty of options so be sure to take some time understanding each one to ensure you get the most value.

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Promotions and bonuses

5Dimes are always keen on getting you coming back for more and there’s no better way of doing that than by providing extra value to your betting. There are plenty of little rewards available to ensure your loyalty as well as to attract new customers in.

New customers get to choose one reward from a list of many to benefit and add value to their particular betting style. Once you have picked this reward, if you are not happy and think that another reward will be more beneficial you can always change it. Simply contact the 24/7 customer service team, explain which reward you would like to swap to and they will do the rest for you.

A list of some of the current rewards available can be found below;

  • Reduced juice rewards – Risk less and win more with reduced juice wagers across a wide range of sports and events
  • Free-play, Matchplay and Lotto rewards – Take advantage of all the new player rewards and reload rewards currently available. more than $500 available in sports, more than 50% extra available in casino and more than $77 available from your Lottery rewards.
  • Cash back rewards – For the more loyal Player. Get up 20% cash back as you play with your 5Dimes player account.
  • 30% Super saver reward – Get -107 style pricing with the addition of enhanced Parlay payouts with this particular reward.
  • Point mover special reward program – move the lines in your favor at a reduced price
  • Casino rebate rewards program – Get up 21% of your casino losses placed back into your account with this bonus rewards.
  • On the house reward program – Get 5Dimes to place your 8th and 9th deposit for you with their cash!
  • Free payout rewards program – Pay no fees with this bonus when you are ready to withdraw any winnings.

And if that wasn’t enough you will find even more value and promotions that can be mixed and matched with any of the reward choices above.

And you will find that there’s also a whole lot more waiting for you with your 5Dimes exclusive membership.

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The 5Dimes app is not the most appealing in terms of looks, but is one of the most extensive in terms of betting options available to you. Bet on your favourite football team right down to college level. If football isn’t your thing then you will find a whole load of other sports and events to bet on. So no matter if is Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, horse racing, Soccer, Boxing or anything else, you will be sure to find a market for it on the 5Dimes Android app.

There are a whole host of different sports and markets to bet on with the 5Dimes app, at all different levels. So whether it’s college level or Pro, Basketball or Football (or any other sport for that matter), you can pretty much rest assured that 5Dimes will have it covered. Take a look and give it a try. If you like the thrill of a bet to make your interest in the big game a little more exciting, or just like to make what you consider to be surefire winning investments, then 5Dimes is certainly a name that will cater for that with a strong degree of trust and professionalism. Experience the 5Dimes app for yourself and choose your bonus reward today.

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As you will be able to tell there’s a whole load more than just sports betting with 5Dimes. Once you have registered for a 5Dimes account you will be entitled to play casino games, lotto games, Bingo games, Live dealer games and more!

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