Asian handicaps

Asian Handicaps are a relatively new introduction into the world of gambling. They are termed “Asian Handicaps” as this method of handicapping originated in Indonesia.

Asian Handicaps are typically applied to football matches, but can also be used on other sporting events. The reason for their application to football is the elimination of the draw, or tie.

Football is one of the few sports played in which a tie is a fairly common result. With Asian handicapping, each side is given a handicap in terms of goals or even parts of goals. The handicap is calculated to give each team an even chance of winning.

Say Real Madrid are playing Manchester City in the Champions League. Real Madrid are thought the most likely winner, and are given a -¼ goal handicap, whereas City as the underdog, are given a +1½ goal handicap.

These handicaps are added to the final score, so even if Real Madrid win 1-0, they ‘lose’ the bet as City win 1½ – ¾ when the handicaps are added. Also, with the differential in the handicaps, a draw is no longer possible.

Which Betting Company Offers Asian Handicaps?

asian handicaps imageAs Asian Handicaps is still a relatively underused betting method in the UK, not all UK betting apps have embraced it.

It is an exact science to predict the goal handicaps that have to applied, and the way the odds are affected.

As the point of Asian Handicaps is to completely level the playing field, most of the odds offered by bookies are very close to evens for both teams. Poor calculations by bookmakers, in either the handicap or odds can leave to huge losses on their part.

Two UK bookmakers apps have embraced the spirit of Asian Handicaps, these are the Bet365 app and Pinnacle Sports in our opinion. Both offer a huge amount of Asian Handicaps options that the discerning punter can easily take advantage of. If you are thinking of making a football bet, it may be worth your while to head on over to these sites first to see what odds await you.


Are Asian Handicaps Right For Me?

The main attraction of an Asian Handicap bet is the elimination of the draw. In an Asian Handicap bet there is usually no such thing as a tie. If the handicaps offered by the bookie make a draw possible, and this is the result, then all bets are returned. Usually, in football games, if a draw is a result, then all win (or lose) bets are lost.

Say for example, we open the Sports Interaction App and  Germany are playing Wales, and the handicap odds are Germany -1.5, Wales +1.5. If Germany wins 3-0, then the handicap score is actually 1.5-1.5 and is a tie. So if you had backed either Germany or Wales to win, you would have lost your bet. Instead, your bet is returned.

Asian Handicaps are great for expert punters who are very good at estimating the relative strength of one team against another. If they see Asian Handicaps that are significantly at odds against their evaluation, then a bet is very likely to be worthwhile.


If you consider yourself an expert in one particular type of event, then Asian Handicaps could be the way forward for you. Bookies employ experts to work out the odds of competing teams in a football match, and the Asian Handicaps that can be applied. If you can out-expert them, then you could be enjoying some significant winnings.