Baseball Betting Apps Guide

America has begun to embrace the world of gambling across all states. Nevada’s exclusivity is now a thing of the past as Federal law opens up a legitimate pathway to the online gambling industry. With the Pathway open, it’s down to each state to pave their own path and set regional guidelines and legislation.  This will no doubt take time, but some states are in better positions than others to become operational. New Jersey and Pennsylvania being two examples that already have betting apps available to their respective state residents. If you reside in the USA and would like to know the latest news in relation to gambling for your particular region, you can check out our state by state guide here.

Best baseball betting apps in America.

New Jersey baseball wagering apps

The following apps are for New Jersey residents only. You must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a gambling account and to wager. 


The 888Sport NJ app has plenty of options for the baseball fan to make those big games that little more interesting. It’s super easy to get along with as well. It’s bright colors and design make the information pop out at you, especially on high-resolution devices such as the iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There’s a good range of prop bets available allowing for a variety of match parlays and of course your traditional parlays across multiple games on the money line. We found this app to be robust and has enough on there to keep you entertained whenever you require it to.

888 New jersey baseball offer

T&Cs apply, 21+, NJ residents only.

New customers can give their 888 accounts a boost with up to $500 available as a welcome bonus. On top of this, they will also give you $10 free, with no deposit required to get you started. As always, terms and conditions apply. Check it out from the image above.


Betstars is the sports betting arm of the better-known brand Pokerstars. It goes without saying they have years of experience with online gaming and have been operational as an online sports betting platform across Europe for many years already. They know their audience, and they tend to cater to them very well.

Expect good value promotions, both as a newcomer and as a loyal user as well as competitive odds right across the board. The platform is trustworthy, reliable and secure and covers all the major baseball action across the globe.

Play Sugar House

The Playsugarhouse android app and i0s versions are now available across various states for all your baseball betting, and it has all the other major US sports covered too. (as do the other wagering apps in this list.)

Their name is more associated with the casino action and as such, you can expect an array of casino and gaming options attached the app and your account. Good baseball wagering lines on offer and a high-end casino app as well certainly suits the gambler who likes to mix it up a bit.

Baseball betting guide

Baseball is classed as a fairly basic game when it comes to wagering. Limited elements to the setup structure and gameplay equally limit the amounts of markets available to be wagered on. The fact that games tend to be low scoring doesn’t help much either. However, there are still betting opportunities out there on this favorite American pastime and the markets continue to evolve to offer more and more

Baseball betting markets

Baseball Betting Markets

Although the choice is limited when comparing the sport of Baseball to others in the gambling world, there’s still a lot more on offer than simply betting on a team to win the game. Here is a sample list of some of the markets you can expect to see on baseball betting apps;

  1. Money line – Which team will win the game? you decide.
  2. Over/Unders – Wagering on the combined amount of runs scored by both teams. Selections here include betting on over or under a certain number of runs.
  3. Handicap betting – betting on a team with a handicap applied eg. team a to win with a -2 run handicap.
  4. Double result – This involves wagering on a team to be winning after 5 innings, as well as winning at the end of the match.
  5. First run-scorer – Which team will score the first run? you decide.
  6. Winner after 5 innings – Gambling on who will be winning at the end of the fifth inning. Winner at the end of the game does not matter.
  7. Odd/Even – Wagering on whether the total amount of runs scored will be an odd or even number.
  8. Daily total runs – Betting on the number of runs scored across all games that day.
  9. Away team v Home team runs – Choosing whether the total scores of the home team runs outweighs that of the away teams from all games that day.
  10. First inning score – Will a run be scored within the first innings? You decide.

Baseball Prop bets

On top of this, there are also prop bets that are available, offering you the chances to wager on the more intricate aspects of the game. These types of bets present the chance to gamble on individual players earning (or not earning) a certain number of key plays, such as;

  • Home runs
  • Strikeouts
  • Stolen bases
  • Total bases
  • Pitcher wins

Create your own baseball bet

Create Your Own Wagers

Additional to this is a service that betting apps are beginning to offer, whereby you can create your own personal wager. This is done by combining multiple elements together. The request is made through the betting app itself and the vig (or price offered) is then either instantly calculated for you or emailed to you shortly afterwards. In the case of the price being emailed a link will also be added to the email so that you can place your selection straight into your online bet slip.

The create a bet phenomenon is becoming very popular throughout Europe and we expect the service to be released to the U.S as the tangled state gambling system continues to unravel.

This something we have now seen offered on betting apps in Canada from the likes of bet365 and Sports Interaction.

Baseball betting strategy

The majority of wagers placed on the Baseball action is done via the money line, despite the growing choice of markets. This is where you should start if you are a rookie baseball gambler. I would also recommend sticking to single lines initially.

To build a strategy it is good to build up your betting knowledge first. Your strategy should look to use your own knowledge to work out what odds you think teams should be at before comparing to the bookmakers. This can give you an edge over time. Do not expect to have a strategy that will allow you to constantly win every bet.

With the bet builder becoming available this gives you the option of placing more specialist bets. You can build or read up on the latest stats and the use these trends to make unique bets to meet your predictions.

It is best to start any strategy by trading on paper or virtually. This allows you to see if your knowledge will work or not!

Research your baseball

There are plenty of apps out there that can provide you with a host of statistics to aid you in your wagering selections. My favorite has to be the MLB At Bat app. This is the official MLB app and is packed full of information and stats.

Sources like this can help you identify trends that you may have overlooked. You can then cross-reference this information with the odds being offered. This a good way of spotting prices that may be slightly in the favor of the customer rather than the bookmaker (it does happen!).

Other recommended Baseball apps

MLB at bat app – best for stats

MLB at bat app logoThe MLB at bat app self claims to be the number 1 app for live baseball. As it is developed by the MLB we are in no place to argue. It is available from the Apple app store and Google Play store and comes with an enhanced tablet view to take advantage of the bigger screen space. viewing videos from an iPad or Android tablet is definitely the way to go when you are in the comfort of your own home.

There’s lots of free content to enjoy as well as two subscription options for the more hardened baseball fanatics. There is an annual subscription as well as a monthly one, allowing you to give the subscription service a try without having to fully commit to it. Videos are played at 60 frames per second, making sure the quality on display is high. However, a good data network signal or Wi-Fi connection is required to play the videos seamlessly.  There is a ball by ball pitch commentary with fancy graphics to demonstrate what happened in both historic and live games.

Apple TV users get a dedicated app so they can sync up and watch the action on the big screen, as well as a handy Apple Watch app that provides live scores and notifications straight to your wrist.

ESPN app – best for casual punters

ESPN app logoThe ESPN app is not a specialised baseball app, but still comes in handy when it comes to getting a different perspective on what is happening on and off the baseball field. This app should also appeal to those who like a variety of sports, not just baseball.

There’s lots of exclusive live baseball video content as well as news stories and snippets provided by an independent media team that gain no benefit by showing bias in their articles.

There are documentaries to get your teeth in to, podcasts to listen to on the move and live scores across all popular sports from all around the globe. A handy app indeed.