MansionBet App Review and Bonus

Mansionbet app logoThe MansionBet app has been available now for quite a while and has slowly been growing in popularity. This is mainly due to the innovative team behind it. Rather than following the competition, they have made a conservative effort to separate themselves. They have done this by introducing new and unique features to the marketplace and betting community.

A company that is probably better known for the casino side of things have done a sterling job in carrying over that high-quality service to the sports category. Find guides on how to get the app for your mobile operating system below.


Users are required to set up an account with Mansion in order to deposit funds, place bets and withdraw winnings. A few personal details are required, as well as confirming certain preferences.

Register for a MansionBet account here

During the registration process, users are presented with options to set up certain gambling controls. Daily spend limits and time alerts that notify you at certain increments on how long you have been on the app need to be set.

Depositing/withdrawing funds

Adding and withdrawing funds to the registered account can be done directly from within the app. The amount of funds in the account is shown from the home page in the top right-hand corner, along with a + icon. Tapping on this icon will open up the depositing options. Payment types are flexible, with debit cards, PayPal and Paysafe cards all being acceptable methods. Funds are transferred quickly and safely.

Withdrawing funds is just as easy and trustworthy. An icon representing a person is located in the top right next to the + icon. Tapping here opens up the user profile settings. Tap on my account and the option to withdraw can be found within the list of options.

MansionBet app review

The app uses a black background with white text. This is blended with a hint of the red coloured branding of MansionBet being used to highlight icons and live scores.

A scrolling banner bar is present at the top of the app to highlight specific events and promotions. event Selections and odds are displayed beneath this.

Information is displayed within boxes making it easy to distinguish which price belongs to which market. There is also an intuitive menu system that makes it easy to navigate around. There’s also a search function available for those who prefer to bypass scanning the menu system for something specific.


There’s a nice mix of popular betting features and unique ones that keeps the app competitive, fresh and relevant. Check out some of the latest features to be added to the app below.

Pulse betting

This feature applies to games that are in-play. Here you can place bets on a goal being scored within a certain timeframe;

  1. 30 seconds
  2. 1 minute
  3. 5 minutes
  4. 10 minutes

The time selected is then split into 3 equal sections. The later the goal is scored, within the given timeframe, the more is won. The maximum amount is won when a goal is scored inside the third segment.

This type of bet is very short term but can add a lot of excitement to a game that is being watched live.

Action betting

This is also an in-play feature that is designed to make those last-minute selections much quicker to place.

The action bets section of a football market places the most important markets in here, based on what is actually happening on the pitch. If a specific team has a dangerous attack or a corner, markets such as that team to score next, over/under goals will appear here with updated prices to reflect the threat of action is present.

A valuable tool, in my opinion, to those who are constantly scanning live games and the in-play markets looking for value opportunities.

Mansionbet mobile features

Adding to placed bets

The app is one of the few betting apps that allows you to add selections to bets that have already been placed.

This brings about the benefit of adding selections users may have initially missed. It also means that users do not have to suffer if a specific price drifts out, making it look a lot more attractive.

Cashing out

Cash-out is a common feature these days with sports betting apps. Therefore we are not surprised to see it pop up here. However, what is impressive is that the app offers both complete cash-out and partial cash out. Choose to take all of the amounts offered, or use a slider to take out part of the amount, leaving the rest to ride on the placed bet.

Personalised betting

Creating a personalised bet, combining multiple markets together is a relatively new feature. This method of betting is becoming more and more popular.

Make multiple selections and the app will calculate total odds for all the selections offered, allowing users to then place that particular bet if desired. There’s a good range of markets here available to combine

Tap on a football game and if there is a ‘Create Your Bet’ option showing then personalised betting is possible on that fixture. With its range of features, it makes an excellent football betting app with everything you could need for your football bets.

Help and support

MansionBet has a well-trained customer service team on hand to help with any enquires users may have. They are available directly from the app via a freephone number, live chat and email. All of these options can be found from the contact us page found in the links section at the bottom of the app’s homepage.


Bonus offers are varied and plentiful. As well as offering new customers a signup bonus, there are also various ongoing promotions for existing users too.

Price boosts are a regular occurrence. So much so that there is a dedicated section in the top menu highlighting all available price boosts on live and upcoming events.

The most relevant bonuses to the user can be found within the scrolling banner bar. However, there is also an offers section in the menu system that lists all available offers. All offers are detailed, with full terms and conditions written underneath.

MansionBet Casino app

Mansion casino app logoThe app houses a small casino section within it providing the most popular and newest games available. As this is built into the app, access to it is seamless.

For a more comprehensive casino experience, there is a dedicated casino app on offer called Mansion casino. This can also be found in the App Store and Play Store.

Not only does the Mansion casino app host a wide variety of games, but it also provides many different styles of each game too. Table games, slots, live dealer games and more can be played here. This is Mansion’s bread and butter and as such the dedicated casino app is of a high standard. Gameplay and options are on par with the very best casino apps.

Mansion Casino app features

Mansion casino users can use the same login credentials as MansionBet sports so there is no need to register twice to benefit from full access to both apps.


In my opinion, the service on offer within the app deserves more recognition and praise than it has actually received. The app is robust and provides a solid, reliable and trustworthy service to all of its customers.

With the app not being as popular as others, this may aid in the fact of how reliable and quick the service actually is. The app is full of unique and quirky features, making the app more of a trendsetter than a brand that continually jumps on the bandwagon.

Good gambling controls and a top-quality customer support team demonstrates an understanding of putting customer welfare at the forefront of the operation. The app has exceeded my initial expectations leaving me in no doubt in giving the MansionBet app my full approval and recommendation.