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We’ve been hunting for the best football betting tracker app online in order to keep on top of our bets. With so many different bookies offering differing bonuses, markets and coupons it can very easily become a time consuming task bouncing between them all to track the success of your accumulators. Betting tracker apps can take this hassle away and allows you to track all your bets from multiple bookies all in one place. These are more than just the best betting apps – these are must-have tools!

Very handy in the punter’s arsenal in our opinion. The best football betting tracker apps also offer a lot more features than just being able to track your bets and we are finding ourselves using one particular tracker app over the rest, purely for the amount of other features this app offers you. Check out which app we currently think is the best betting tracker app available.

Our best football betting tracker app

Bettracks app - best football betting tracker app

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We currently can’t get enough of the Bettracks app. This app stands out above the rest. Everybody in the office has it installed on their iPhone or Android device. It has lots of tools to take advantage of and these tools can be very helpful throughout each step of your betting experience that being able to aid you in;

  • Making your selections.
  • Viewing the odds of your bet.
  • Comparing the odds of your bet.
  • Placing your bet.
  • Being notified on live in-play action on your selections.
  • Showing live scores for your selections.
  • Tracking if your bet is winning or losing.
  • Tracking your long term betting history by saving previous bets.

With all this going on it’s quite easy to see why we are rating it as the best football betting tracker app and we will drill down each of these points below. It can be quite easy to think that this app may be a little confusing, but let us assure you that the layout makes this app easy to use.

iOS users can get the Bettracks app on their iPhone or iPad straight from the app store. Android users can also download and install the Bettracks app, but not from the Google Play Store. Android users can visit and get the app from there.


The app has a light, clean look on a light background with a sporty green trimming. There is a dedicated menu that can be found in the top left of the app, as well as a hot key menu system at the bottom. The hotkey menu system is as follows.


Best football betting tracker app - bettracks stream

Here you can find all the latest information from all the fixtures you are interested in. This is completely customisable, so you only see the information you want to. Options available are

  1. Incidents – Get info on goals, cards, substitutions etc live from the stream.
  2. Time –  Get told when games kick off, half ends/begins and when the full time whistle blows.
  3. Tweets – Get all the latest Tweets involving the games you are tracking delivered straight to the Bettracks stream.
  4. Follows – Get notified in the stream when another Bettracks user follows you.
  5. Bets – Find out which other users are using the Bettracks app to track their bets
  6. Line ups – Get team list for your selections straight to the stream when they become available.
  7. Comments – View all comments from Bettracks users made on the fixtures in your selections you are tracking.

A handy place to be just before kick-off and during the match. All this information can be essential to those who like to place their bets late on or live in-play and is gathered conveniently all in one place.


Best football betting tracker app - Bettracks coupon

The place to be to view fixtures, odds, markets and to make your selections. The coupon opens up to display all the fixtures for that day. You can filter the information to show;

  • Upcoming matches only for that day.
  • Live in-play matches only for that day.
  • Settled matches only for that day.
  • All matches for that day.

There is a calendar icon next to the filter in the top right, allowing you to change the date of the fixtures you want to view. You can view future fixtures as well as see historic results from this section.

Tap on a fixture you are interested in and you are presented with a nice chart clearly showing who is tracking what for that game. You can make/view comments from the fixture, view the dedicated game stream, view line ups and key events from here.

There is easy access to the win/draw/win markets and this can be selected straight from the coupon screen. There are a whole load more markets for you to select and these can be found under the ‘Other’ button underneath each game. Press the more option and you will be presented with;

  • BTTS
  • BTTS (NO)
  • BTTS + WIN
  • OVER 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5 GOALS
  • UNDER 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5 GOALS

One of the biggest market selections available on any tracker app is reason alone to rate this as the best football betting tracker app. Make all the selections you are settled on and you will see these populate within the bet slip. Feel free to mix up the markets within your accumulator. A number appears on the bet slip icon to indicate how many selections you have made and are waiting for you.

Bet Slip

Bettracks app - betslip

Once you have made your selections, head over to the bet slip to make sure all of your selections are correct and present. Tap on the save tracker option at the bottom of the screen to then be presented with the best odds available from the eight most popular bookmakers. You even have the option to place your bet. This will direct you the relevant bookmaker with all of your selections pre-populated within the bookmaker’s betting slip ready to go. Name your tracker and this will then be saved for you to view later.


Bettracks app stats

Here you can also add bets to your betting slip (iPhone only) from the goals market as well as get handy insightful stats to help with your selections. Each fixture features a percentage chance on the BTTS and goals markets and is based on how each team participating performed within their last five games. Select the market you want to view (BTTS, BTTS NO, OVER 1.5/2.5/3.5 goals, UNDER 1.5/2.5/3.5 goals plus many more) and see all games for that day conveniently listed in percentage rank order. most stats are free but to view the top stats each day there is a monthly subscription. We found the subscription good value at £4.99 a month and certainly get our money’s worth in our opinion.


Bettracks app - me

This is where to go to see the accumulators you have tracked or are tracking. You can also check up on people you are following from here as well as see who your followers are. You can also personalise your profile with a picture. This makes a perfect platform for both punters and tipsters. Tipsters can use the app as a way to share their tips with a lot of users free of charge and the general punter can find tipsters on form and follow away.

Live scores

Bettracks app live scores

This section is pretty self explanatory. It is a dedicated score centre giving you all the vital information on past and present games. Tapping on a historic fixture from here opens up the events from the match in a nice timeline view.


Bettracks app - notifications

Nobody wants to be glued to their phone all of the time, so the Bettracks app have also provided notifications to your device so that you can keep up to date without having to physically have the app open. These again can be customised to your taste and there is just as much choice as within the live stream.

This can prove to be quite hard going on the battery if you activate all notifications and like to make lots of small stake, high numbered accumulators. You will get all kick off notifications, which can be quite annoying if you have 20 selections all kicking off at the same time so we are thankful that this can be modified to suit the end user. Another reason why we think this is the best football betting tracker app.

Here lies probably the biggest reason why we rank this as best football betting tracker app. The notifications really are lightning quick. They are so quick in fact they have ruined many a game for me that I am watching live. The notifications are always quicker than your SkyGO stream and have been known to be quicker that Live Sky and BT Sport broadcasts. With this app you truly are one of the first to know outside the actual stadium.

For those of you lucky enough to own a Smart Watch, you can also get all notifications delivered to your wrist, meaning you don’t even need to get your phone out of your pocket to know the score.

Top tracked

Bettracks app - top tracked

There’s also a menu option that shows you which games are proving popular with the Bettracks users. If you like to see what others are thinking before making your mind up, then it would be worthwhile checking this section out before placing your bets.

Bettracks – The best football betting tracker app.

Without doubt the Bettracks app is our current favourite and the app we rate as being the best football betting tracker app available. It acts as a complete tool for tracking bets, viewing stats, comparing odds, and placing bets.

It isn’t the quickest of apps and can sometimes take a while to save your tracker (especially if you have a twenty-fold on), but that is more than forgivable with the amount of data this app holds. What is also impressive is that the app holds all this data whilst taking up less that 100mb of space on your device. Not bad at all!

So why not try our highest ranked best football betting tracker app today and see if you like it as much as we do. We can’t see why you wouldn’t! Give it a download and let us know what you think on Twitter. Our Handle is @bettingappscom.

So that’s our best football betting tracker. Feel free to also check out our best betting apps list to see which gambling apps are our favourites for actually placing bets.

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