Golf Betting Apps Guide

When it comes to choosing the best golf betting apps, there are lots of features to consider. Some bookmakers consistently offer the best prices on lots of players, whilst others offer enhanced place-terms on each-way bets. There are also money back concessions to consider, and new customers can also reap the benefits of some fantastic new customer offers.

Our top 5 golf betting apps

1 – bet365 app

Note: These are our opinions on golf betting on the bet365 app. They are subject to change, please check bet365 for the latest markets and offers.

To get to the golf home just tap sports at the bottom of the app and then scroll and tap golf. You will now see all the available events on the golf betting home.

From here you can navigate to the latest events. If an event is already live you can get live odds and the leaderboard by tapping on the event. You can see a screenshot of this on the middle image below.

You can see how golf betting the app looks below –

golf betting on the bet365 app

Above each market, you will find how many places they are paying each way and the payouts for that. From our experience, bet365 don’t do crazy offers of places but they are an excellent place for golf betting. The app is solid and stable and they cover almost every golfing event on the main tours.

We liked that they had all the markets priced up for the majors for the year, at the time we reviewed the app. These odds obviously change but this gives a good view of the year ahead and you can look for some early value if you fancy a specific golfer on a specific course in advance.


You can read a full review of the bet365 app here.

2 – Paddy Power app

paddy power

It’s fair to say that the leading Irish bookmaker offers more enhanced placed-terms on golf events than anyone else. You can get 6-places on a regular basis for both PGA Tour and European Tour events (most other bookies only pay on 5-places), and they still offer top market prices on a variety of players.

During the majors, their place-terms often go up to 7 places and even 8 places for the Open Championship. Also, watch out for offers such as money back if popular players like Woods or McIlroy wins. Offerings like this certainly cement Paddy Power into our best golf betting apps list.

What we like most are the golf betting coupons. You can have an accumulator on any 2 or 3 balls playing that day. This opens up all the multiple bet options such as lucky 15s or a straight acca of up to 15 legs. This makes golf betting much more in line with football betting options. We found when testing, that you can also cash out most bets on golf with Paddy Power. This included golf accumulators and tournament bets, this is subject to change and check before you place a bet if you are planning to cash it out.

Here’s how the app looks –

PP golf screen shots

Overall Paddy Power was a very close second in the list, it is packed with offers and is easy to use. We just preferred the experience on bet365.


You can read our full Paddy Power App review here.

3 – Ladbrokes app


Ladbrokes is a good place for golf betting, clearly not the best in position 3 though. They offer a good range of markets and have a couple of unique golf betting features that get them bumped up our list. 

In the main, the golf betting options are pretty standard. You can slide the sports menu on the home page along to find golf and there you will see the list of upcoming events. The closest event is nearest to the top. These are all drop downs so you can open and close them rather than scrolling through all the events.

They have the markets priced up nice and early for the major events. This is just for the outright winners which can all be backed each-way at various prices and places. 

Here is how golf betting on the app looks

Ladbrokes golf marketsAt the top, you can tab between outrights and specials. This is where the Ladbrokes app scored well in testing! You can use their #Getaprice tweet service to have your golf bets priced up for you. Here you can also see other bets users have selected. The closer it is to bigger tournaments the more bets you will find here. You can do this for tournament bets as well as across the year bets. 

For example 

“Rory McIlroy to win 2 majors in 2021”


“Rory McIlroy to win the US Open by 2+ shots”

If you tweet @Ladbrokes and the can price it, the bet will appear in this section. 


The Ladbrokes app is recommended for the golfing experts who like to predict their own bets.

4 – Coral app

coral app

Coral have a policy of going top market-price on more players than other leading bookmakers on big events – and it’s always worth checking what price your selections are with them before steaming in elsewhere. Also, watch out for their concessions on the majors as they’ve been known to pay out on the runner-up as a winner when they’ve finished second to a named winner.


5 – betfair app


If you’re considering betting on golf, then you really need the Betfair app as an option. The app offers punters two betting options via their Sportsbook and betting exchange – and they’re usually top-price on a high percentage of players. There’s also a great news and tipping section to help you finalise your selections.

That makes up our best golf betting apps list. Give them a try and pick the best one for you.

Golf betting explained

Golf betting doesn’t appear at the forefront of many bookmaker’s offerings. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t golf betting opportunities available.

Bookmakers are more than willing to supply services to any sport where there’s a demand for betting. Golf indeed falls under this premise.

This exceptionally skilful game is steeped in history as well as proving popular across all generations. The amount of skill required to master this pastime will surely ensure that this sport continues to encapsulate the generations to come.

Therefore, golf will only become more and more popular in the gambling world, in my opinion.

Golf betting markets

Early golf betting opened up the chance to bet on a winner of a specific opportunity. The opportunities now offer a more intuitive and diverse experience. More and more markets are being offered up from the bookmakers in the golf world.

Golf betting markets

A few examples of the markets available are as follows;

  • Hole by hole betting
  • Each way golf betting
  • Tournament betting
  • Round leader
  • Player betting
  • In-Play betting
  • Combined tournament betting
  • Top 10 finish

All of these markets should be available to bet on. Especially on the very best golf betting apps.

Major Tournament golf betting

It comes as no surprise that the majority of golf bets are placed on the four major tournaments. These are where you will find the best value. These are;

  1. The masters
  2. U.S. Open
  3. British Open
  4. PGA Championship

Golf betting promotions

Most bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers appear on these elite competitions. However, there are lots more tournaments throughout the calendar that offer a better bang for the buck over the standard offerings.

Golf betting bonuses

Extra places on each-way terms, free bets and money-back offers are the most common types of promotions to be displayed. There is then, of course, the standard new customer offer is you haven’t already registered for an account.

New customer offers tend to be quite generic, meaning that the bonuses can be used across a variety of sports. Golf is usually one of the sports that qualify. therefore it may be worthwhile checking out what offers available on bookmakers you are not already registered with. Especially if they feature in our best golf betting apps list above!

Golf betting strategies

With the amount of choice expanding in the Golf betting category, the more opportunities arise to spot odds that you believe offer good value. Golf is a terribly difficult game to predict a winner as one shot could be the difference between winning or losing. Therefore backing a sole outright winner for a tournament generally leads to money down the drain rather than a good return.

A popular strategy is to place multiple singles on the outright winner to hedge your bet. Odds are typically strong, even on the favourites prior to the event starting. It is not unusual to see the favourite priced out at over 10/1. Therefore placing multiple singles can still bring back a healthy return if one of your selections does indeed go on to victory.

Do your golf research

Obviously researching into participating golfers and their history can provide a more informed choice. The level of research should depend on the amount of time you have available. The more information you can soak up, the better the chance of spotting value odds. There is plenty out there to research and different people apply weighting to a number of different factors. These include;

  1. Recent form – Confidence plays a major role in golf and some people look specifically for golfers on a hot streak.
  2. Previous course performances – Some players have more experience and can up their game on specific courses. Identifying these individuals could well give you an edge.
  3. Performance vs varying weather conditions – Some golfers seem to thrive in certain conditions. Whereas others have nightmares when the wind and rain pick up. Golfers like Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler and Rory Mcllroy are all examples of golfers who have shown they can cut it in windy conditions.
  4. Current news on golfers (both on-course and off course gossip) – Temperament can certainly affect a golfer’s swing. Therefore knowing what is happening both on the course and off can provide a good idea on whether the golfer will be in the right mindset for the job in hand.

What is each-way betting in golf?

Each-way betting is more commonly attached to the horse racing betting scene. However, it rightly deserves a place within the golf betting options. It works in a similar fashion to horse racing.

You are essentially placing two bets;

  1. Your chosen golfer to win
  2. The golfer to place within placed positions

Placed positions are announced beforehand and are clearly labelled within the best golf betting apps next to the each-way options. To place an each-way bet you need to select a golfer in the normal fashion by tapping on the odds next to the golfer’s name. The selection will then be added to the bet slip. Head to the bet slip to locate your selection and you will also see an option to place the bet ‘each-way’. This can also be represented as EW. Next to this option will be the information regarding how many places defines a placed position, as well as the reduced odds for the golfer placing.

Golf Each Way bet example

For example, you are looking to place a £10 bet on Jordan Spieth to win the Masters at 12/1 each way. Each-way terms are 1/5 odds for the top 5 places. This is broken down as follows;

  1. £10 on Jordan Spieth to win the Masters (10/1)
  2. £10 on Jordan Spieth to be placed in the top 5 (2/1)

If Spieth wins the tournament one would expect to see a return of £140 (£120 profit). £100 + £10 back on the ‘to win’ bet and £20 + £10 back on the ‘to place’ bet.

However, if Spieth finishes second, £30 is expected to be returned (£10 profit). In this instance, the ‘to win’ bet would lose. Therefore the £10 staked will be lost also. The ‘to place bet’ would win and payout £20 + £10 stake back.

In the worst-case scenario, whereby Spieth finishes outside the top 5 places – both parts of the bet will lose. Therefore resulting in a £20 loss.