Tennis Betting Apps Guide

There are few sports which serve up more exciting and varied betting options than tennis and with the worldwide nature of both the men’s and women’s tour, tennis betting no longer has to be limited to the Wimbledon fortnight.

Our top 5 tennis betting apps

1 – Bet365

We enjoyed flexibility found in the Bet365 app that allowed us to bet on individual singles and doubles matches, across a variety of markets including a number of aces, match score and match-winner. The bet365 app is one of our highest rated UK betting apps, it is an app that we found is great to use on all-round sports.

What’s more, the app also offered us a huge array of different events and tournaments so that we could always follow our favourite players and benefit from exciting in-play betting markets from around the world.

Here is how the tennis betting home looks on the app –

Tennis betting on bet365 app

2 – Betfred

betfred app - 3rd in best tennis betting apps

When compiling a list of the best tennis betting apps, Betfred’s offering is one that will always appear close to the top of the pile thanks to the sheer number of different markets and events at all levels of the game which customers can bet on.

Here are the tournament outright betting markets on the Betfred app –

Tennis coupons with Betfred

Betfred is a popular app for tennis coupons. They have a good range of coupons covering the majors and most of the ATP tour matches.

3 – Paddy Power

best tennis betting apps - Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s app is a popular one with all kinds of online betting customers but is particularly impressive when it comes to tennis due to the fact that markets are offered on events at all levels of the game as well as in the major tournaments.

Tennis markets on Paddy Power

This gives customers a magnificent variety of options and compliments Paddy Power’s other major benefit which is its propensity to create interesting and changing offers and promotions.

4 – William Hill

The tennis markets on William Hill can be accessed quickly from the home screen and the ‘Daily List’ view makes it easy to view what upcoming matches are available to bet on. All the major tournaments are covered and in good depth, with a nice variety of markets. Here’s what William Hill has to say about themselves in relation to tennis betting.

William Hill tennis betting

William Hill may very well be the best tennis betting app currently for those who like to place trebles. There’s a bonus of a daily odds boost to all existing customers on tennis bets containing a minimum of three selections (max stake = £20). Terms and conditions apply, 18+. The more selections you add, the more significant the boost becomes. This generally then provides you with the best possible value from the selections you have made.

5 – Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes app - 5th in best tennis betting apps

If you want a quick, easy and user-friendly app to bet on tennis from the Challenger Tour level all the way up to the Grand Slams, then the Ladbrokes app may be the one for you.

Tennis betting guide

tennis betting markets

You may be mistaken in thinking that tennis markets offer very little choice, with it being a two-horse race so to speak.

However, demand for different markets has been shown to be high. Therefore bookmakers have opened up opportunities across different elements of the tennis game to cater to this demand. Game betting set betting and even point betting now play a big part in the online tennis gambling world.

Familiarising yourself with the markets available is a good place to start. This will provide you with an insight into the possible opportunities available across each game.

In-Play betting then becomes a lot more attractive. Especially if you are actually watching the game live. You can get a feel for how the game is going, interpret facial expressions, the flow of points etc to give yourself a more informed choice across your gambling decision making.

To give you an idea of how diverse the tennis betting markets are, here is a taster of some markets that are regularly on offer;

  • To win
  • handicaps (including two way)
  • 1st set the total amount of games
  • Identifying the set winner
  • The game score within a particular set
  • Tie break in the match yes/no
  • Total number of games
  • Fault betting
  • Ace betting
  • Tournament winner
  • Set score after 4/6 games
  • Match to go the distance
  • Many, many more.

Betting strategies in tennis

There are many strategies for tennis betting. As the markets evolve and grow in numbers, so do the factors that influence the gambler’s decision-making process. Therefore your tennis betting strategy shouldn’t be a permanently fixed one. It should be able to adapt to the current climate around it.

Some factors to consider would be;

  1. The number of games played over a short space of time.
  2. Recent form.
  3. Head to Head history.
  4. Historic record on the particular court surface.
  5. Press releases on personal issues off the court.
  6. Odds being offered on the markets.
  7. Weather conditions if on an outdoor court.
  8. etc. etc. etc.

There are plenty more, but this list was just to give you a bit more of an idea of what you should be looking out for each time you are looking to put down some of your hard-earned cash.

There is the alternative option of simply following someone else’s bets. Plenty of people online are only more than happy to share their betting slips with you. However, normally at a cost. If time is in limited supply to be able to do the research yourself, make sure you use a tipster who comes recommended and one that takes the time to justify his/her selections.

If you are going to follow someone else, it’s important to understand why they have chosen what they have, as not to leave a feeling of contempt if the bet fails to deliver.

Other recommended tennis apps

Wimbledon app

Wimbledon app logoThe official way to keep track of all the action on the Green grass of Wimbledon. This app seems to get updated each year before the tournament begins and holds all the information you need to identify who is in form and who tends to play well on the grass.

The layout of the app is superb and caters for both fans and also those who will be attending the tournament in person. A must-have app for the tennis enthusiast come July!

Roland Garros app

Roland garros app logoThe official app of the French Open. Get filled with information surrounding clay tennis here. Full schedules keep you up to date with the order of play as well as live scores fed into users via notifications. There’s even live radio commentary and punditry so that you can listen to all of the latest tennis news while on the go.

Another app that provides information to live spectators of the event with ticket info, Stadium guide, menus and maps all accessible from within the app.

Australian Open app

Australian Open app logoAnother official Open app here, following all the tennis action down under. Again, an essential app (in my opinion) when the Australian Open is due to start at the beginning of the year. The app allows users to follow key players and then have push notifications sent to them whenever the particular player is in action. News feeds are quick to update and intuitive match centre displays make finding out what is happening live a simple task.

There’s also good multimedia coverage on the Australian Open app with high-quality photos available as well as video highlights, news videos and player interviews. these types of videos go a long way in helping me with my bet choices.

US Open app

US Open app logoOf course, we wouldn’t leave the USA out. There’s a dedicated app for the action at Flushing Meadows too! Another handy app that gets used each year, especially throughout August and September. An impressive home screen provides an interactive service. Therefore, giving users access to live scores, news and media as soon as the app is opened.

Insight and analysis on the app are dealt with by IBM, who have become industry leaders in measuring performance within tennis over the last decade. Therefore I felt confident that the information I was viewing could be trusted.

Live tennis rankings app

live tennis rankings app logoA free app that provides tennis betting fans with lots of information around world tennis rankings. Player schedules and live scores are also included to add more overall value to the whole experience. Official rankings, projections, national rankings and WTA finals qualification cuts are all accessible here.

Moreover, the information is well laid out so you can be in and out of the app in no time with the information you were looking for. Adverts are present in the free service but can be removed with a very reasonable subscription cost of $9.99 per year.

BBC Sport app

bbc sport app logoA very credible sports news outlet that provides news across all sports, not just tennis. However, you can personalise the experience. Therefore the experience can be focussed on the sports you specifically personalise. There are high-quality videos providing catch up highlights and the latest news, as well as the ability to set event reminders for those tournaments that are far in the future.

The app also makes it incredibly easy to share the information with friends and family, making it ideal for a way to spark up a discussion point or to get a second opinion.

Sky Sports app

Sky Sports app logoAnother huge name in the TV and Sports industry and as such, shouldn’t be ignored. This app is probably more geared towards the multi-sports fan. However, the information on tennis is in-depth and breaking news is quick to appear on the home screen. Therefore this app should be installed, as far as I’m concerned even if tennis is the only sport of interest to you.

There are a lot of adverts to contend with here, which may put some people off. However, I feel the speed and reliability of breaking news articles helps me to consistently be among the first to hear the latest tennis info and gossip.