Betting apps incoming in Iowa

The state of Iowa is just weeks away from launching sports betting across the state. This includes mobile betting too!! Great news for fans and spectators that have been eagerly waiting to place wagers within the state on their favorite sports events.

The service will be made legal in September following Governor Kim Reynolds signing in Senate file 617 back in May. This made it possible for adults over the age of 21 within the state lines of Iowa to bet legally.

Mobile betting process

Betting apps will start appearing, linked to the state casinos. Over 80% of the land and mortar based casinos are expected to release an online service to compliment their retail offering. A high proportion, due to the way the law is initially set up. People within the state are required by law to register for an account in-person at one of the land-based casinos.

This stipulation is two pronged in the justification for its existence. Inasmuch as it helps to rigidly certify that each user is over the legal age of 21, as well as preventing the online market place from being swamped by non-land-based digital entities. This clause is set until 2021, at which point, can be reviewed if necessary.

Harrah's casino

Who will be first to launch a betting app?

The first casinos expected to launch mobile betting apps first are those that have casinos across multiple states. Hard Rock and Harrah’s being primary contenders. We are not anticipating much of a delay as most operators are likely to be eager on getting something out there in the public domain before the start of the NFL season. If not there are potentially considerable profits that could be missed. Especially if other casinos also do not have their mobile products launched. Fewer people in the market place equals greater market share.

We will be keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on the general casino websites for future news on wagering app launches. Any further developments will be posted in our blog.