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BetVictor app logoThe BetVictor app is available across all popular mobile software systems. So no matter whether you have an Android device, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Windows phone or any other you will have the option of betting on the move and receiving fantastic odds whilst doing so. The company is renowned for being odds leader within the betting industry, especially in the football markets. All of these fantastic offerings are also available from the BetVictor app and here we will give you a complete rundown of what to expect.

Sign up to use the BetVictor app

Before you can actually enjoy the fruits of the BetVictor app you must first register for a free account. This is standard procedure across all online bookmakers and betting app providers so there’s no need to worry or be concerned. There’s just a few details to disclose and a payment method to set up so that you can withdraw/deposit funds. This can be done in under 5 minutes and then provides you with full functionality and access to the BetVictor app.

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BetVictor Android app

Due to Google’s wish to be dis-associated with gambling related activities, you will unfortunately not be able to find the BetVictor app on the Google Play store across all regions. Google have now allowed gambling apps to be present in the Play store in some areas such as the UK but it is still not available worldwide across all areas that BetVictor’s services are.  The BetVictor app is still available even if you cannot find it in the Play Store and we have written a brief guide on it for you below.

Once you become a BetVictor customer you can download the BetVictor Android app to your mobile or tablet. The first step is to visit the BetVictor site on your Android-powered device – you can use the button that is given above.

You will end up at the smart mobile-optimised site that has been created especially for Android users. You can save the site to your home screen by selecting the Menu button, followed by “More” and “Add Shortcut to Home”. You will now have a handy link to the BetVictor site on your smartphone or tablet’s home screen.

If you do fancy a dedicated APK application on your Android device, you can now also download one from the Play Store in certain territories. If you cannot find it in the Play Store you should still be able to access the web optimised site by tapping on the button above from your mobile browser.

BetVictor was founded by William Chandler in 1946, and was renamed Victor Chandler in 1974 when William’s grandson (who was, surprise, surprise, called Victor) took over. The company was known as Victor Chandler for many years until 2012, when the company rebranded itself as “BetVictor”. As BetVictor, the company has quickly established a strong presence on the web for itself as online sport-betting and casino site.

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The BetVictor Android app has been supremely well designed with both dedicated and occasional punters in mind. All the current sporting events are presented on the app’s home screen, and a quick press of the chosen item will bring up all the betting options that are available. You can even watching live streaming from some events on which you have placed a bet, or visit BetVictor’s mobile casino site for a few hands of Blackjack or a few spins on the Roulette wheel!

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BetVictor iPhone app

The BetVictor iPhone app has all the betting features needed to make it a perfect mobile betting companion. There is no difference in performance between this app and on any other mobile platform but can be easily located once you have registered for an account. All you need to do is head to the app store and search for BetVictor and you will presented with the BetVictor app at the top of the search list. Once you have got the app, you will then need to spend a little time getting used to the menu systems in order to find your way around efficiently. The BetVictor app isn’t the most user friendly at first, but once you get used to it, it actually is a smooth and speedy experience.

The things you need to get used to is the touch gestures that are associated with the BetVictor app. These are not immediately obvious to the new user but provide you with the ability to navigate around and see more menu options. Despite no arrow indication, most menus available can be scrolled across to the left hand side to show more available options. For instance, within the in-play section of the BetVictor iPhone app you will see a menu providing you with the viewing options of events that are on now, as well the option to view events that occur within 1 hour. This menu can be scrolled across to then open up further viewing options of 2 hours and 24 hours, providing you with a whole daily list of events if you so wish. You will also find the menu bar below this one can be scrolled also to reveal more betting markets available for the relevant events. See the screenshots below for a better illustration.

BetVictor iPhone app menus

You can also scroll from the left hand side of the screen to the centre for the sports menu to open up. Here you can choose what sports to browse through and you also have the option of picking favourite sports which makes them easier and quicker to access the next time you want to view them. To select a favourite, simply press the star next to the sport you like to bet on and this will then be placed in a separate ‘favourites’ menu at the top of the screen saving you the hassle of having to scroll down every time you want to access it.

There are quick-bet features and quick-cash out options that can be activated or de-activated within the settings of the BetVictor app, depending on your personal preference. Quick bets and quick cash-cash out options are best for those who are confident and like to make last minute bets, but can be a regrettable choice to those who are more hesitant or indecisive. Our advice here would be to work out which type of person you are and to select the relevant option accordingly. Of course how odds are displayed (fractions, decimals etc.) is also down to your preference and can also be modified to your taste from within the settings section.

Odds available on the BetVictor app are second to none and they are very proud to claim that they have been the football market odds leader for many years in the past. You always know you are getting value for money with this company but if that wasn’t enough there’s always plenty of other promotions to check out, thanks to a dedicated offers section within the BetVictor app.

These offers are constantly changing daily so it is worthwhile checking in on a regular basis to make sure you are not missing out on any promotions geared towards your style of betting. BetVictor are also the primary partner of Liverpool FC so you can also get exclusive offers and promotions around certain markets. Enhanced odds on Liverpool winning the league at the beginning of the season is one example and there have been plenty more since. This makes the BetVictor app certainly worth a look to any Liverpool supporter who likes a bet in our opinion.

BetVictor iPad app

The BetVictor iPad app is a dedicated iPad app and takes advantage of the bigger screen space by providing you with a permanent view of the menu list, odds/markets and your betslip all at the same time. This differs between the BetVictor apps that are available on mobile phones as you have to swipe across to each individual screen, rather than having the luxury of viewing all three at once. That is pretty much the only difference though between the iPad version  over the mobile one. There are no extra markets to bet on or extra statistical features to take advantage of, but the openness in information does provide clearer viewing to the end user.

BetVictor iPAd app screenshot

All in all we would recommend the BetVictor app to anyone looking to place a bet on ay major sport from the convenience of their mobile phone or tablet. Great odds offered straight off the bat with no hoops to jump through and a quick and easy service once you have adapted to the touch gestures and menu systems. If there was one improvement we would like to see, it would be to have the ability to see a future day’s list of all sports occurring. Currently you are only able to view up to a maximum 24 hours in advance or settle for scrolling through all of the leagues to find fxtures that match up to your date. We are pretty sure though that this will be rectified in a coming update.

That wraps up our BetVictor app review. For all the latest news surrounding the world of betting apps and sport, give us a follow on twitter where we love to shout out about any new app or promotion we come across. See further below for terms and conditions to the offers mentioned within this page.

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