Bingo Lingo Explained

When you join an online bingo website you will notice that it’s very different from a bingo club. One of the ways that online bingo has become such a success is because of its inviting social arena.  Many bingo rooms offer a chat room facility, and it is here that you must learn what the phrases mean during bingo. In this article, we will provide helpful tips on how to learn the language called bingo lingo.

Some online bingo operators do include bingo lingo in their games. Although the game can take longer when they use phases like Two Fat Ladies or All The Eights: 88, Legs Eleven: 11, or Duck and Dive: 25, it uses the traditional phrases that made bingo clubs such a hit with players. All numbers have a phrase to match it, often with a rhyme. Games like speed bingo may not include the traditional bingo lingo phrases. This is all dependent on the online bingo website you join.

Popular Example of Bingo Lingo

The phrase behind number 13 is Unlucky For Some, while Two Little Ducks is 22. If you want to practice your hand eye coordination with bingo games, and opt to turn off the Auto Daub technology that marks off numbers as they are called, try to find a game that includes bingo lingo. Playing bingo with this method gives you a little longer to find the number.

bingo lingo explained


Chat Room Abbreviations

While in the chat rooms during bingo or casino games, you may notice that a lot of abbreviations are used. These are very popular with players and provide them with the opportunity to win bonuses and other prizes. Approximately 70 percent of players who join online bingo visit the chat rooms, so sign up with a bingo operator who offers this option. Unless you’re a speed demon on the keyboard, it’s good advice to learn the common abbreviations used.

AYT = Are You There

BBL = Be Back Later

DK = Don’t Know

BBNG = Better Luck Next Time

EMML = Email Me Later

COI = Come On In

NP = No Problem

JK = Joking

HF = Have Fun

GL = Good Luck

MG = Message Board

SRY = Sorry

TY = Thank you

Check whether your online bingo operator provides a list of these common abbreviations, which can help you understand what other players mean during conversations.

Bingo Lingo is still prevalent amongst many online bingo sites. Put simply, it is the longer phrase used to call the 1 to 90 numbers during a bingo game. Remember Clickety Click or All The Sixes: 66 and Jump and Jive: 35. These phrases are still used in bingo clubs, but they are used far less frequently in online bingo. When you do find a game that incorporates bingo lingo, don’t be surprised if you start to learn the phrases off by heart. Bingo is designed to be enjoyable and exciting.