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Boom! Called It app

The Boom! Called it app self claims to be “The most innovative way to watch sports”. A bold claim and one we were prepared to investigate further. We have put the app through its paces to find out just what it is capable of and whether or not the level of enjoyment received from using it, makes the time spent on it worthwhile.

The innovative part works all around the fact the user gets to “call” his or her predictions on certain teams winning in sports events. Points are available for correctly calling out wins and prizes are awarded each week for the users sitting at the top of the leaderboard. It sounded good to us so we decided to install the Boom! Called it app to our mobile devices in order to try it out. Here’s how we got on.

Boom! Called it app review

Downloading the Boom! Called it app

The Boom Called it app is officially available right now for iPhone and iPad users and can be found in the app store. Android users face a trickier problem inasmuch as there is no official Boom! Called it app on the Google Play store. We searched around alternative Android app stores and were able to download it from apkpure.com. Due to the app not being on the Play Store we had to jump through some extra hoops to get the app installed. Here’s how we did it.

  1. Made sure our Android device was set to allow installs from unknown sources. (Can be checked, activated and deactivated in the security settings).
  2. Visited apkpure.com to download the .APK file.
  3. Once downloaded went to the “my files” app and entered Download history.
  4. Located the Boom! Called it.APK file and tapped on it to install.
  5. The Boom! Called it app was now fully installed to the device with the app logo showing along with all other apps.

App features

The first thing we encountered when opening the app up for the first time was that you have to be registered in order to use the app. This was a simple and logical process as email addresses are captured in order to communicate out to users who have won weekly prizes. We registered an email address, created a username, set up a password and we were ready to hit the home page of the app.

The app allows calls across all of the popular American sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NCAA. All available sports were visible to us via a scrollable top menu sitting above the fixtures and below the top scrolling banner. A quick nosey in to the main menu (located in the top left of the app at all times) revealed a ‘How to play’ section which we used to familiarise ourselves with what to do next. The rules are straight forward to follow, but we would advise everybody to check them over before starting.

Boom called it app information

In a nutshell, you can make up to five calls at a time and each time your call wins you receive points. Points are displayed against each possible call choice available. The more risk in the choice, the higher the points reward on offer. The points made from correct calls continue to add up, until a call loses. At this point the points amount gets locked in and the user is reset to zero to attempt another high scoring streak.

The highest locked in score within any given week is classed as your highest score. If your score is of 100 points or more this is then placed in the leaderboard along with all other users who participated in that particular week. Prizes are available for the top 20 users each week on the leaderboard. $220 is up for grabs each week and is dispersed as follows.

  • $50 to 1st place
  • $30 to 2nd place
  • $20 to 3rd place
  • $10 to those finishing 4th to 10th
  • $5 to those finishing 11th to 20th

On top of this, there were limited time offers, such as $1000 on offer to whoever gets to 100 points first. We all found the prizes on offer to be generous, especially as the app is free to download and free to get involved with.

Once we had grasped the notion, we then focussed on the appearance and navigation side of things. The app is clean looking and super easy to use. There aren’t a tonne of options baffling you, everything is well spaced out and information is easy to consume. You pick a sport, browse the games and if there’s a game you feel confident that one side will win, you weigh up the points and call it.

Boom called it app screenshots

We found that participating in calling games made the games a lot more intense to watch. Especially if we were sitting on a good run. The app shows from the home screen the amount of calls you have available, your current point score, your highest weekly score and the leader’s score amount so you always know where you are and where you need to be.

We also found that we were able to create and join groups in order to compete in private battles. This then gave us the opportunity to privately set some of our own rules within our given group. The options here are endless, with the only limitation being your own imagination. We had separate pot prizes set up for group winners and even introduced a wooden spoon forfeit for the person who finished bottom.

Future updates

The app is still very new at time of writing and as such there are many features we expect to see added over time. We certainly expect the prospect of offering real money gambling alongside the points system. The New York Jets have recently partnered up with Boom! called it through MGM, so it makes sense to us that real money gambling will appear on the app also at some point soon. You can check out the current state of play in relation to online gambling for your particular region by checking out our state by state guide to US Sports Betting App here.

Overall thoughts

I must admit when I first read that the Boom! Called it app was the most innovative way to watch sports I chuckled a little, but after experiencing it myself I take some of those chuckles back. The app doesn’t actually allow you to watch sports at all and I’m sure there are more innovative ways to watch it. However, I must admit that the app is innovative – the idea is quite a unique one at this moment in time and it does make watching the games a lot more interesting than watching it with no ventured interest.

It’s not quite as exhilarating as real money gambling in my own personal opinion, but then again you have no way of losing money playing Boom! Call it. The only option here is walking away even or walking away with extra cash or a prize. Overall I’m impressed. I have continued to use it past the testing period and I expect it to get even better as more features are added along the way.