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Canadian bet explained

A Canadian bet is a 26 leg bet that can be backed if you have made 5 selections with your bookie or in your online account. This bet is also known as a “Super Yankee” a nick name which it has carried for years, allegedly from an American winning a fortune with this bet many years ago.

The Canadian bet is the next bet on from the Yankee (4 results) and is also known as the ‘Super Yankee’ and is not a full cover bet. The full cover equivalent is the lucky 31 – Click here for details. Below is the answer to “what is a a Canadian bet” with a full example of how the returns work.

Canadian bet explained

This bet contains 26 different bets covering all multiple options across them, you will need at least 2 correct outcomes in order to get any return on this bet.

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 Four folds
  • 1 Five fold

When backing this bet you will need to remember that online the stake you enter will be multiplied by 26, so if you enter £1 it will be a £26 total stake. The image below demonstrates this and shows how your bet slip will look. You will also see a Lucky 31 option in the image. For an explanation of this type of bet click the button below the image.

Canadian bet explained

lucky 31 button

Canadian example

Lets say we place a Canadian bet with all 5 outcomes at evens to keep things simple, if you are looking to calculate the odds its probably easier to find an on line calculator to work it out! We will back it at £1 per line making a £26 total stake.

All 5 lose – No bets win £26 loss
2 win – One double wins making a return of £4 making a loss of £22
3 win – This makes a return of £20 making a £6 loss
4 win – This is where it starts to get better with a £72 return = £46 profit
All 5 win – The profit really jumps here with all bets winning making a £232 return and a £206 profit.

Recommended bookmaker

Most bookmakers offer the Canadian bet or Super Yankee and can be selected from your multiple bet options within your bet slip. Our recommended bookmaker for this type of bet would be William Hill.

William Hill offer (and clearly label) Canadian bets on their desktop site and mobile apps. Their mobile app is one of the best available on the market and has a nice mix of in-depth markets on an easy to use platform. They have great offers and make these clearly visible to you. Check them out or read our full review from the buttons below.

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Here are some common questions regarding this multiple bet, if you have any other questions please send us a tweet on @bettingappscom

Do all bookies offer Canadian bets? Yes, pretty much all the bookies in the UK/ Europe offer this option of multiple bet. Most are on the bet slip below the accumulator options. The option will either show as ‘Canadian’ or ‘Super Yankee’.

I want to place a Canadian but I’m not being given the option, why?

Some bookmakers call the Canadian bet a Super Yankee, so if the Canadian bet option isn’t there but the Super Yankee is, select the Super Yankee option and this will select the 26 bets you are looking to place.

If you are not being given the option for a Canadian bet or a Super Yankee then it cannot be backed on the results you’ve selected. This usually means you have selected what is classed as a related market (this means they cannot be backed in any multiple bet options).

Can I back a Canadian each way? Yes, where the markets allow this can be done.