College Football in Jeopardy as More Players Opt Out

Just when it started to look like things were getting back to normal, we’re back to square one. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming college football season. 

What’s Really Happening?

According to Dan Patrick, best known for his reliable reporting, there’s a lack of consensus between the Power 5 conferences.

The latest reports suggest that both the Pac-12 and Big Ten are suspending the next season due to the pandemic. 

An official announcement is currently pending, but it looks like the two major players will not be a part of the season as the SEC is said to be looking at other teams to be a part of the next season.

What About Others?

The ACC and Big 12 seem to be unclear as well. 

Scott Satterfield, Louisville coach, said that the ACC intends to be a part of the fall season but nothing seems confirmed.

What we understand is the ACC is moving forward, and we’re relying on our medical group at the ACC,” Satterfield said. “And what they’re projecting to us is that we’re moving forward with everything. So that’s where we are today. We know how things change and how fluid it is, but that’s where we are.”

A few days ago, the Mid-American Conference announced its decision to postpone the fall season with plans to resume next year. We have received similar news from other small groups including the Old Dominion University in Virginia.

However, Nebraska officials believe that the Cornhuskers might be a part of the fall season.

Still Popular Among Bettors

Despite a lack of certainty, odds are still available on different platforms. However, major names like PointsBet, William Hill, and FanDuel have pulled their boards down. 

“College football is very popular. It varies a bit, but it is usually a top four sport,” said Kevin Hennessy, FanDuel Director of Publicity.

“We are taking things as they come. Once official notices are set, we will make adjustments for our customers,” he added.

College football is very important for sportsbooks as it makes a major chunk of the market; however, the industry might not feel a big hit due to the suspension since the NHL and NBA will start in the last quarter of the year.

They may attract some of the players interested in college football. 

What Happens Next?

These suspensions may also affect Heisman Trophy odds.

Many players have opted out including Rondale Moore, a Heisman candidate, who intends to focus on the NFL Draft.

Some platforms are taking a wait-and-watch approach and some like PointsBet have decided to issue refunds.

Many more players might decide to sit out as the scenario is pretty unclear at the moment. However, not everyone wants to miss the season.

Some players like Trevor Lawrence want to play. They’re highly vocal but with more and more conferences deciding to postpone the fall season, we aren’t very sure where the industry is going. 

Since all these decisions may affect odds, it’s important that you keep an eye on the latest happenings.

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