We are always keen to hear opinions and thoughts from our readers, so feel free to let us know what we are doing well, or what we could be doing to make the site even better. We can be contacted from our social feeds listed below.


contact - Twitter profile

Twitter is our main communication tool as far as social networks are concerned. We now have over 17,000 followers and this number continues to grow. Again you can use this is a method of contacting us. Feel free to also share your bets or red hot tips for future sporting events here, or if you just would like to make a general comment or enquiry, feel free to do so equally. The link to our twitter feed can be found below


contact - facebook account

We have a dedicated Facebook page that we use to broadcast a wide range of funny events around the world, breaking news stories and to share any information we feel you may like to be brought up to speed on. we can also be contacted at any time through this Facebook page so feel free to send us a message. A link to our Facebook page can be found below

We also appear on other social sites such as Vimeo and Youtube so if you use these networks, you can contact us from here also.

We did have a contact form on this page, but we had so much spam come through that we decided to take it off the site. Apologies if you prefer to communicate in this but unfortunately the sheer volume of people trying to get advertisements on the site meant that genuine queries were getting missed. We aim to respond to all comments and enquiries that we receive through our social channels within 48 hours.

Feel free to express any positive or negative thoughts you have towards the site. We aim to put a smile on everybody’s face, so if you go away from this site feeling unhappy or with thoughts that we could improve, we would love to hear from you in order to ever improve our service levels and obligations to the wider community.