Coral football jackpot

Coral 100K Football JackpotCoral football Jackpot explained – The Coral football jackpot is a 15 match coupon when you can win a share of a prize pot up to 1 million pounds. You can play the football jackpot coupon in any Coral betting shop, online or on your mobile. If you want to place your bets via the Coral app you will need to have the latest version as it has only recently been added. You can enter for a share of the Coral football jackpot prize starting at just £1.

If you are new to Coral and do not currently have an online account, you can get £20 Free when you register and place your first £5 bet. Registering your account is simple and fast. To get started hit the Button below, then select “Bet Now”, fill in the details and hit the submit button to complete.

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Coral Football Jackpot Explained

The football jackpot is a pools type betting coupon where to win you must select the outcome of 15 matches usually over the course of a weekend, it is sometimes run mid week too. The 15 games are pre selected by Coral for the coupon and are usually in store from Thursdays on wards. You must have placed your bet before the first game kicks off, usually 12.45 on Saturday.

The minimum bet for entry to the Coral football jackpot is £1 but you can enter more if you want to cover more outcomes. For example if you cannot decide on a game you can add two outcomes and your stake will then be £2.

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If you cover a lot of different outcomes you can soon mount up a large stake so keep an eye on this. If you follow @coral on twitter you will see they tweet how many people are still in the running for the top prize going into the last couple of games and there is usually at least a couple of people.

Coral football jackpot coupon

With the football jackpot you can win a consolation prize if you get 13 or 14 correct results out of 15 although the prize is much smaller. If no one wins the main prize then this will roll over to the next week and Coral do not take anything out of the roll over again.

Coral Football Jackpot Payouts

The prize pot is made up of all the stakes that have entered minus a 30% deduction for Coral. Overall we really like the Coral football jackpot and think it’s great fun to play on every weekend. It is however a lot more challenging than it sounds.

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