Cricbuzz app

The Cricbuzz app claims to be the number one app for cricket info and scores in India. It is also growing in popularity on a global scale, with over 100 million users around the world.

So what’s all the fuss about? We have been using the app vigorously for a number of weeks now to find out. Here’s what we established.

Cricbuzz app review

Installing the app

The app is available across multiple mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows. It can be obtained by visiting the App Store relevant to the device being used to install.

  1. iPhone/iPad/iPod touch – App Store
  2. Android phones/tablets – Play Store
  3. Windows devices – Microsoft store

The service is also available from any mobile web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc). You can access the Cricbuzz mobile site from your mobile or tablet here.

Cricbuzz app logos iOS and Android

Cricbuzz app in India

Android users will have the choice of two apps from the Google Play store. There is the standard app and also the ‘Cricbuzz – for Indian languages’ app for those who prefer a more regional dialect. Languages offered within the Cricbuzz app for Indian languages were Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Kannada. There doesn’t appear to be an iOS version of this specific app in the app store currently. You can go straight to the Cricbuzz – for Indian languages app from your Android device here

Cricbuzz - in Indian langauages app images

Betting on the Cricbuzz app

Unfortunately, the Cricbuzz app is not a betting app with no odds functionality built into it. The app is purely an information and multimedia platform. There are plenty of betting apps available that can accompany the Cricbuzz app on your device’s home screen. We have created our top list of cricket betting apps here. the Cricbuzz should be seen more like a cricket betting companion, helping you to stay informed and spot trends from a vast amount of data and analysis.

T&Cs apply, 18+.

Navigation and design

The app looks great and is incredibly logical in terms of getting around. We had no problems at all when using the app for the first time. Everything felt natural and worked as intended.

Official logos and player images help the app to look crisp against a simply designed and well thought out interface. Due to limited settings, iOS users are stuck with a light interface. However, Android users get to choose between having light text displayed against a black background or dark text against a white background on Android devices. This option can be found from within the settings icon located in the top right of the Cricbuzz Android app.

Cricbuzz Android app light and dark theme


The app is crammed full of data and information to keep the end user fully immersed and informed whilst in use. Computer graphics, videos, text and images are all combined in this one app to provide you with the cricket knowledge you need – past, present and future.

A dedicated news section is provided to catch up on all the latest cricket gossip. This can filtered down in to various categories and topics. Therefore saving time scrolling through articles we were not interested in.

Cricbuzz features on iPhone app

From within the preferences, we were able to set our favourite teams, change video language, toggle on/off notifications and choose which app edition we wanted to access. Options available were;

  1. Global
  2. Australia
  3. UK

Search features on the Cricbuzz app are available across series, teams and players. From here we could access results, individual performances, commentaries and summaries across every element of international cricket. It is super easy to use and was quick at getting us to where we wanted to be.

The attached schedule kept us bang up to date on upcoming matches across multiple formats;

  • International
  • Domestic
  • T20 Leagues
  • Women
  • IPL


Handy widgets are available to bring the cricket information to the forefront of your device. These widgets are available on Android and iOS. They may need enabling from within the widget settings on the device initially in order for it to be displayed.

Cricbuzz app widgets for Android and iOS

These widgets provided us with snippets of information surrounding the latest news and scores in the cricket world. We didn’t even need to open the app or navigate to see the main news items people are talking about. Therefore saving us a lot of time and battery power.


Each fixture displayed also had a bell icon showing next to it. Tapping this opened up notification settings for that particular match. From here we could filter notifications to our preference. We could set notification updates after a specific increment off overs, set them by team, match or even by tournament.

Notifications were delivered extremely quickly, with very little delay between the actual action and the notification hitting our mobile devices. This allowed us to be kept up to date with the latest action, even if we did not have the Cricbuzz app open.


One slightly annoying feature of the Cricbuzz app is the presence of Google ads. These are regularly displayed towards the bottom of the page, amongst other places.

However, the app is free to download. Moreover, there are no added on subscriptions to access all of this information. The adverts go a long way in making sure this remains the case. Therefore, making the ads a lot more bearable. My personal preference is to see a few annoying ads over a monthly cost every day if the week!

Cricbuzz app on iPad and tablets

The app looks good on mobile, but looks fantastic on iPad and tablet. The designers have done a great job in utilising the extra space afforded on a tablet device. The videos look fantastic on the bigger screen and the information becomes a lot more digestible on a larger scale.

Cricbuzz iPad app screenshots

Cricbuzz Watch app

Those Apple fans who own an Apple watch as well as an iPhone or iPad (or both) are also treated to a dedicated Cricbuzz watch app. This is available as a complication and can be installed on to the watch, keeping you in the know on all the latest cricket news and scores straight from your wrist. Additionally all notifications that you request from within the Cricbuzz iPhone app will sync up with the watch. therefore your phone can stay in your pocket, whilst your watch buzzes or beeps every time there’s an update in the big game.

Cricbuzz watch app screenshots


All in all, the Cricbuzz app comes highly recommended from us. It has created a buzz in the marketplace (as well as within its own brand name!) and continues to grow in terms of usage and popularity.  It accommodates well for users all around the world and has become one of the most reliable and informative places to go to access cricket statistics, results and information on the move and at home. Our verdict – get it downloaded if you like your cricket.