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The Cricingif app is a one-stop-shop for all cricket fans. It is one of the most comprehensive cricket apps available to date. It is jam-packed full of features that ensure you have all the information you could ever wish for in relation to the latest cricket action. But how does it perform?

We have been using the app personally for a while now and have also given it a test period over two weeks to find out how usable and reliable it is. Here is what we found.

Cricingif app Review

Design and layout

Cricingif app logoThe app looks great and has an intuitive menu system that makes it easy to navigate. New users are given a quick-start guide to familiarise them with key features and widgets.

A list of teams are also presented upon opening up the app for the first time, allowing you to pick your favourite teams from around the world – both domestic and international. The amount of teams to choose from is exhaustive. Think of a team and it will be on the list.

All of the live and upcoming matches appear in a scrollable bar at the top of the homepage. Tapping on one of these windows will open up another page offering information specific to that fixture.

From this page, we could view pitch and weather reports, track the game live ball-by-ball, get involved with polls and predictions and even drill down into the statistics of individual players. It is possible to view:

  • Recent performances
  • Complete player profiles
  • Batting career
  • Bowling career

The amount of information on the app can look a little overwhelming at first. However, once you have accustomed yourself to what is available navigating around becomes second nature.

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Mobile compatibility

The app is available across iOS, Android and Windows mobile. The experience is a very similar one no matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a mobile Windows device. The app is also available across mobile and tablet.


You can set individual match notifications from the app so that you can be informed on the bits of play you want to be informed about, even if you have exited out of the Cricingif app. You can get notifications on the App for elements such as

  1. Coin toss result
  2. Match result
  3. Innings break
  4. Fall of wickets
  5. Boundaries

The notifications appear on your mobile device in a timely fashion. This is especially handy if you want to be notified when a match starts in order to watch it live.

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Smartwatch users, such as owners of the Apple Watch can choose to have all of Cricingif’s notifications fed straight to their wrist. This makes keeping up to date with the latest scores much easier when out or when travelling around.

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Favourite teams

Selecting favourite teams filters the news and notification experience accordingly. Users will be automatically notified of key moments from their favourite teams and will prioritise news reports within the news feed accordingly.

Betting on the Cricingif app

Unfortunately, real money betting is not possible from the app. If you are in India, where the app is based, you can see out guide to Betting Apps in India here. The app is a very good betting companion to establish trends, peaks and troughs within the statistics of past cricket games. it is also an excellent way of keeping track of scores once bets have been placed.

Although there is not a real money gambling function on the app there is a fantasy element built-in that keeps individual games very interesting to those who do not wish to put any of their hard-earned money on the line. This comes by way of Cricingif Play.

Cricingif Play

Cricingif Play

Those who like to interact with like-minded cricket fans will enjoy the Cricingif Play feature. Here you enter into a virtual social environment where you can get involved in making predictions in live matches using virtual coins. Each day you log in you are rewarded with coins to use in order to make predictions.

Coins can also be gained by completing various challenges. Coins you earn are then used to make predictions. Predict who will win the toss, how many runs will be scored in an innings, who will win the match or get involved in the ball-by-ball fantasy predictions.

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Users can level up through the ranks and keep track of their predictions with an accuracy percentage tracker. A leaderboard is also provided so comparisons can be made between users as well as seeing who is top of the pile!

Video and media

Cricingif has also been announced as the Pakistan Super League clips partner for the next three years. Therefore, users can expect some red hot streaming and highlight action from within the Cricingif app. Live streams are said to be available for all of the Pakistan Super league matches, with exclusive ball by ball footage. It is also possible to share video clips with friends to spark up discussion points or to spread the celebration of a fantastic shot or wicket.


This is an area where the app excels. There’s an immense amount of historical data available at your fingertips. Past results and stats are available for all of the major tournaments, as well as the minor ones.

Head to the score section from the bottom menu and opt to view finished matches rather than live and upcoming. Now you will be able to scroll through previous international, T20 and domestic matches at your convenience. Tap on a fixture and get an overview, the full scorecard, squad details, and ball by ball commentary of the match.

Bugs and improvements

With so much information squeezed into the app, there is somewhat of an inevitability that bugs will crop up here and there. We can confirm they do. There are times of unresponsiveness, causing the app to crash, as well as laggy patches, especially when trying to use the back button to return to a previous page.

Cricingif are more than aware their app is not yet the finished article. Updates are frequently applied to the app to iron out small issues as well as to add new and improved features.

Moreover, Cricingif has added a special section to the app so that users can report any identified bugs or issues. Users can also use this section to make recommendations for improvement. This can be found within the cog icon found in the top right of the app.

A recommendation added from us was to add images of players next to profiles, although there may be licensing laws currently prohibiting them from doing so.

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Social channels

Cricingif appears on all of the popular social network sites, with their most popular being their YouTube channel. Here they have accrued over half a million followers. They provide a wide range of videos to keep their subscribers entertained. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts are also well regarded and contain content of similar quantity and relativeness.

Should you install the Cricingif app?

We have all thoroughly enjoyed putting the Cricingif app through its paces. It’s fair to say that the app met, if not exceeded our expectations across most areas. It has now become a vital tool to our armoury when it comes to our cricket betting. Information is accurate and reliable, notifications are a Godsend when you are on the move and video footage means you can catch up and revisit moments whenever you feel like it.

Improvements can be made and we have every faith they will. This can be aided by current users having an input. The more bugs users can identify, the speedier the developers can get on with addressing them. the social features inside the app as well as externally on social network sites allows users to interact with each other and even compete thanks to Cricingif Play.

All in all a decent app and a must-have in our eyes to cricket fans around the globe. It’s great for the latest news on team and players if you enjoy daily fantasy cricket. It’s also good to use alongside your cricket betting apps as the information is in more depth on this app.

Our verdict is to download the Cricingif app today and keep bang up to date with everything cricket.