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about us - Bettingapps.com logoHere at Bettingapps.com we provide you with all the information across the globe in relation to betting apps available for your device. There is an array of choice awaiting you in terms of which betting apps to choose and each one has unique features and offerings that make them all worthwhile having.

All the staff behind the scenes are a fun bunch and bring their own specialities together to bring you an all-round perception of each betting app available. We are all massive sport fans and possess a broad level of knowledge across the spectrum of sports that are popular around the World.

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The team will provide you with in-depth reviews of all the betting apps available in your region. These will be separated out for you making it easy to see which betting apps you can install to your device. we will detail the most important features and benefits of each application, run through some of the current promotions available and provide live screenshots so you can see how each app looks. You can find details of how to contact us here.

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As some of us are also gadget/technology fans, we have a team that like to use betting apps across a variety of mobile platforms. This has shown us that it is not always easy to locate some of the apps, as well as the fact that some apps can behave differently across different mobile platforms. At Bettingapps.com we also provide you with a dedicated review for your operating system. So no matter if you have an Android device, Apple device, or any other, you will know the information is applicable as well as getting step by step details on how to install the app to your phone or tablet.

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One thing that every betting app has in common is the fact that you need to register for an account to be able to use it. With competition being fierce in the betting industry, new customer offers are ripe and being thrown in your face all of the time. But these offers are never straight forward and always have some sort of catch that makes the offer sound a lot better than what it actually is. At bettingapps.com we aim to provide you with complete transparency. We break down every promotion, letting you know exactly how to successfully get the most out of each new customer reward out there.

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Because we are a fun bunch and big sport fanatics we often come across a lot of funny items, as we research the world wide web and we like to share these with you. We do this via our social feeds, so be sure to add to us to your communities and either enjoy the stuff we share or feel free to contribute to the fun by sharing with us your own entertaining thoughts or media.

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We wouldn’t be very good at what we do if we didn’t bet ourselves. Luckily for you betting is something we all do. Whether it’s to feel like a winner, to become more prosperous, or simply to make the big game more exciting, we all share that enthusiasm for placing a bet. As we have a worthy platform and a flattering follower base, we are more than happy to share our bets with you throughout the sporting seasons. Our bets don’t always win (we are only human after all), but one thing that we can assure you is that each selection made will be heavily researched and justified for you by the author of the tip.

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We also like to hear about winning bets, so no matter how big or small you win is feel free to share it on our social feeds. We mainly service our Twitter feed which is @bettingappscom