Coral Sports App Review and Bonus

Coral App For iOSCoral bookmakers are without a doubt one of the United Kingdom’s biggest and most successful bookies. They have over 1,800 shops up and down the UK and have been an established bookmaker for almost 90 years. Part of their growing success over the last few years has to be down to the introduction of the Coral app and the growing trend that is mobile betting.

The Coral betting app has completely simplified the whole process of placing sports bets, along with  many others, so what is it that makes the Coral app stand out?

The app uses a simple navigational system which is extremely user-friendly and allows its users to quickly find and place bets on a wide range of sporting events in a secure and smooth fashion. Whatever your interests are, we believe this betting app will have something for you.

The Coral New Customers Offer – As an incentive to join their growing customer base Coral are providing all their new members with a fantastic free bet offer upon registration. When you register a new account, deposit and place your first £5 bet on any of the sports markets, Coral will then reward you with £20 in Free bets. Registering is easy to do, simply hit the link below and fill in the short form. You’ll be ready to start placing bets in a matter of minutes.

Coral Android App Review

Coral app rating
  • App navigation
  • In-play features
  • Live streaming
  • Speed of bets
  • Multiple bet features
  • Offers/bonuses
  • Choice of markets/sports
  • Odds offered
  • Deposit/withdrawal methods
  • Cash out options


This app has all you can expect from betting on your mobile and is presented in a user friendly fashion. Great offers too!

Coral have made alterations to their website which has massively improved some of the features of their Android app. They have made changes to the icons and images, which makes the app look more vibrant. It has always been relatively smooth in terms of its performance, but more importantly, the big changes which have been made are the apps new features. We will go into more detail about as you read on.

The screenshots below were taken from an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

Coral Android app screenshots

Coral’s New Features For Mobile

In-Play betting: You are now able to bet on 1,000’s of in-play sports markets every month with the Coral mobile sports book app. Some of the sports include; football, tennis, horse racing, rugby & many more.

Live streaming: Watch while you browse the app: The new thumbnail viewing feature allows you to browse through the app’s markets, whilst not missing out on any of the action. T&C’s surround the live streaming service and is only available in certain territories.

Bet builder: This is a feature which enables the punter to place personalised bets across various different markets. For example; betting on set pieces, corners, free kicks, yellow cards, goals or throw-ins etc. We were able to build our own bespoke bet and get presented with odds from our combination of selections. All we had to do then was deicide whether to place it or ditch it.

Coral Connect Card: Coral Connect is a card that allows you to access your account and withdraw winnings, make deposits and place bets on all of the Coral platforms. What’s great about this card is that you can go into any of Corals 1,800 betting shops nationwide to do this too.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a mobile sportsbook app that provides great offers, a wide variety of markets & an easy to use platform, we certainly recommend checking out the Coral app from your Android device.

Coral iPhone & iPad App

Those with an iPhone X or later will benefit from Face ID sign in for quick access to Coral and those with slightly earlier iPhone models will be offered a chance to set up Touch ID sign in.

Check out the in-app snapshots of the app in action.

Coral iOS App Screenshots

iPad screenshots

Coral iPad app landscape images

The app is jam-packed with all of the fantastic features you would expect to find from the one of the UK’s top bookmaker. Some of the features include:

  • Best Price Guaranteed on all greyhound and horse racing in the UK and Ireland.
  • Live & In-Play betting on thousands of sports markets.
  • Watch live streaming from all of the United Kingdom’s horse & greyhound races
  • Much much more.

The larger screen allows for a more comfortable view when at home. We preferred to scan for bets in portrait mode, as more info was available, but then changed to portrait for viewing live streaming action and viewing in-game graphics. 

Full Coral App Review

Coral’s recent updates to the app have improved not only the performance of the app but also to the overall look of it. The graphics used are much sharper than they were previously and the app seems to run much more smoothly too. The hidden options behind scrollable menus was a design feature from the old version that we weren’t fond of at all and are very pleased to see the removal of these in this newly refreshed version.

We find the new layout on the app great from a navigating perspective and the favourites feature allows you to make your own easily accessible category made up of all your favourite events/fixtures.

Making our selections was very easy and we were able to place quick singles by enabling the quick bet feature within the settings. This provided a pop-up window immediately upon making a selection whereby all we had to do was select our stake amount and then tap to place the bet. There was also an option to add the single to our bet slip if we did decide we wanted to build up a multiple bet.

The new bet builder feature allowed us to create our own unique bet from a choice of up and coming markets. Once we had chosen our predictions for that particular event, odds on our selections were instantly available to us, with the option to then place that bet. A great addition to the app and a feature that a lot of other bookmakers are looking to add to their own apps. Well worth checking out and having a play around with, in our opinion.

We were pleasantly surprised to find integrated casino games. If you look below the image will show how to navigate and play entertaining casino games using the Coral casino app.

Coral Android app casino navigation

Additional App Features

Live streaming: You can now live stream sports events via your mobile device. Watch all of the following sports from wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection, Tennis, Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and more. (Geo-restrictions may apply.)

Follow all the action: Get live updates on in-play sports events as they happen when viewing the in-play match centres.

Select your favourites: Coral has a new favourites feature which enables you to select certain markets you are more interested in. This will then only show the markets you like when you select the in-play tab.

Best price guaranteed: Get the best odds on all of the greyhound racing, UK & Irish horse racing too.

Cash Out: Use the cash out slider to cash in on any profit to be made on sports event before they have finished. This allows you to take all or a portion of your cash-out amount depending on your preference. (You can of course also ignore the cash-out offer)

Customer service: Coral pride themselves on their customer service, with a team of highly experienced and highly skilled teams behind the scenes. This support is one of the best around, so whether you’re having trouble logging into your account or with aspects of the Coral app, you’ll be able to get help quickly and resolve your problems.

So after all of our testing and pre-existing knowledge of Coral, We highly rate and welcome the changes and improvements that have been made. It has fantastic features, offers great value (to both new and existing customers) and has a wide range of offerings. The app comes with our recommendations and is an app that will stay on our devices long past the testing phase!

Coral player bets is an exclusive mobile feature. This menu option allows you to completely customise your player bets, as well as see your favourite players face off against a different player within a certain statistic area.

Coral Player bets

Coral is really pushing the boat out, not only with their offers and promotions but with their service offering in general. A lot of work has been done in the background to provide us all with a unique way to bet on individual players performing in current events.

Coral player bets allow you to bet across numerous sports and leagues and across many different statistic areas. These statistic areas are as follows;

  • Goals
  • Shots
  • Shots on goal
  • Passes
  • Touches
  • Tackles
  • Assists

You have the option initially of building your own bet or browsing the ‘at least’ markets within the Coral player bets section. In the ‘At least markets’ you are simply selecting a player to perform a minimum number of one of the above-listed statistics. For example, Lionel Messi to have ‘at least’ 100 touches or Ronaldo to have ‘at least’ 5 shots on goal. You can alter the amount and as you do the odds automatically update on your mobile device to reflect the new offering.

Building your own bet will allow you to combine multiple players together. For example, Messi and Ronaldo will have at least 15 shots. Again you can modify the number and see the different odds available. You can then select to add the selection to your bet-slip or return to the Coral Player bets builder.

You can also choose to have two players go head to head within Coral player bets. For example ‘Messi will have more shots than Ronaldo’. The players do not even have to be playing in the same match.

Coral player bets images

Now all these options sound quite tricky to be able to manage on a mobile device, but Coral have done a beautiful job of this. The system is very user-friendly and easy to figure out, especially if you are a hardened regular user of mobile betting apps. There are useful filters and the fact the system only shows current events means you are not overwhelmed with information.

You can switch between decimal odds and fractions within the Coral player bets feature. Dropdown box options keep the user interface clean and easy on the eye. Full rules on how to play can always be located within Coral Player bets from the bottom left of the screen in small print.

Coral Football Jackpot Explained

The football jackpot is a pools type betting coupon where to win you must select the outcome of 15 matches usually over the course of a weekend, it is sometimes run midweek too. The 15 games are pre-selected by Coral for the coupon and are usually in-store from Thursdays onwards. You must have placed your bet before the first game kicks off, usually 12.45 on Saturday.

The minimum bet for entry to the Coral football jackpot is £1 but you can enter more if you want to cover more outcomes. For example, if you cannot decide on a game you can add two outcomes and your stake will then be £2.

If you cover a lot of different outcomes you can soon mount up a large stake so keep an eye on this. If you follow @coral on twitter you will see they tweet how many people are still in the running for the top prize going into the last couple of games and there is usually at least a couple of people.

Coral football jackpot coupon

With the football jackpot, you can win a consolation prize if you get 13 or 14 correct results out of 15 although the prize is much smaller. If no one wins the main prize then this will roll over to the next week and Coral do not take anything out of the roll over again.

Coral Football Jackpot Payouts

The prize pot is made up of all the stakes that have entered minus a 30% deduction for Coral. Overall we really like the Coral football jackpot and think it’s great fun to play on every weekend. It is, however, a lot more challenging than it sounds.

Other Coral apps available


Coral vegas casino app

As well as having an in-built casino section on the Sports app, Coral has also released a dedicated Vegas app for the hardcore casino and gaming fans. Here we found a rich selection of games and pastimes to get involved in. There were exclusive games to Coral and huge jackpots available, especially on the progressive slots where jackpots have the potential to roll well over £1 Million.


The Live Casino app is a slick performing piece of software that provided us with attractive dealers from live streams offering a variety of classic casino table games. The layout and navigation were again superb from our perspective and we loved the fact we could pick favourite dealers that we engaged well with for quicker and easier access to them in the future. The app does require video streaming, which we saw as being quite data-intensive, so we were only comfortable playing this for long periods when connected to a stable and secure Wi-Fi network.

Coral live casino app

The service still ran well on 3G and 4G data services, making it ideal for quick sessions of 5-10 mins here and there, but we wouldn’t recommend using it to play for any longer unless you have a considerable data package with your mobile network provider.


We’ve been playing on the Poker app for some time now and have seen some welcome changes over its existence to improve it’s appearance and layout.  The app now allows for portrait mode whilst viewing options screens, menus and lobby’s whilst maintaining the landscape view for the actual game action.

Coral Poker app

There are specifically designed games on the Coral Poker app for those who only have 5-10 minutes spare, as well as tournament play for those who have a couple of hours or more to kill. With an inbuilt cashier system, we were able to transfer funds quickly and securely, and the fact that you can log in from the same details as your sports account means we didn’t have to register again or remember another username and password.

There aren’t many decent mobile poker apps available at the moment, but this is certainly one of them. The graphics on the table aren’t aren’t mesmerising but this Coral app gets a big thumbs up from us for ease of use and for the level of enjoyment we personally get from using it.


The Coral connect app is the perfect mobile companion for those who like to place a bet online AND on the high street. We were able to place a bet in one of Coral’s shops and then view available cash-outs on our shop bets straight from our phone.

Coral Connect app

Not only could we view cash-outs and track bets we had placed over the counter, but we could also view the same for bets placed from the self-serving betting terminals.

The Coral Connect app keeps you up to date on all the latest live scores, as well as promotions and special deals available at that time. All in all the Coral Connect app is a nice addition to the app collection and a must-have (as far as we’re concerned) for those who like to visit their local Coral bookmaker shop.