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The ESPNcricinfo app provides information on cricket at international level as well as domestic. So no matter if you are a fan of T20, ODI or Test match cricket, this app should have something beneficial to offer.

There are other apps offering this type of service. However ESPN has been a powerhouse in the sports information and media industry now for some time. Therefore we were excited to compare this against the other cricket info apps out there. Here’s how we got on.

ESPNcricinfo app review

Appearance and layout

My initial reaction to how the app looked upon opening it for the first time was clunky. All news and media appear on the homepage of the app. Therefore making the homepage a huge page, with plenty of scrolling required.

Selecting my favourite teams tailored the experience and layout accordingly. This ensured that news regarding my favourite teams were prioritised across my newsfeed.

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There are geographic variations available on the ESPNcricinfo app. Each variation displays the relevant domestic teams for that area. Versions of the app when I checked were:

  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Bangladesh
  • Global
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • U.K
  • USA

Although this then provided me with more domestic options it was frustrating that I could not follow both English county teams and IPL teams at the same time as they appeared on different regional versions.

There is quite a bit of personalisation allowed though within the app. For example I had the choice of selecting the newsfeed or live scores section as my home page. Therefore I was able to modify the app to a layout of my liking.


One area I was very impressed with was the video footage available. Beautiful quality highlight footage is on offer and is uploaded very quickly after the actual occurrence. Not only is there a handy time-line thread of video highlights, but they are also attached to the scorecards. A media play button icon appears next to each bowler and batsmen to provide dedicated highlight reels of their performance. Therefore I was able to pick out highlights from the game as I saw fit.

Adverts do appear before each highlight is played. However these are very short adverts and helps keep this service free, so I’m not going to complain too much about that!

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Get involved in competitions

Another neat feature on the app is the ability to create and get involved in competitions. This is done through ‘cricket picks’. The competitions are based around predictions on upcoming matches, allowing you to have a bit of fun between friends or with strangers. Results are tracked and are viewable from the readily available leaderboards.

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Betting on the ESPNcricinfo app

Sadly there is no betting facility built into the app. No odds are shown here either. The app is purely focussed on providing high-quality cricket media coverage, news, and statistics. Therefore helping with my decisions on what to bet on, just not aiding me in actually placing my bets.

There is plenty of betting apps for cricket out there so the fact that this was missing wasn’t a great hardship. Moreover, it probably helped me to digest the information better due to a less cluttered screen.


The ESPNcricinfo app offers a notification service to keep users updated on the move.

For matches, users can be notified of

  1. Toss result.
  2. Loss or gain of wickets.
  3. Innings breaks.
  4. Match results.

The latest news on my favourite teams could also be pushed to me. Notifications arrive with a nice unique jingle as well making it easy to identify from others. These alerts came to me very close to when the action actually happened. However, these alerts can become a little too frequent if there is a lot of cricket on.

Therefore it comes recommended from me to be selective with the notifications you allow, rather than trying to benefit from all of them. The constant noise and buzz in the pocket can get slightly irritating to you and others around you. There’s also the loss in battery performance to consider.

Apple watch/Smartwatch features

Those with an Apple Watch can also get cricket notifications delivered to their wrist from the ESPNcricinfo app. There’s no dedicated watch complication like the Cricbuzz app.

However, it was still nice to have the ability to get updated with the latest scores/wickets from wrist notifications. No more need to get my phone out of my pocket whilst on the move to be in the know.

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The ESPNcricinfo app is out now and available on iOS Android and Windows. It also has a dedicated mobile site for those who may be rocking a more obscure mobile operating system. This is available from any mobile web browser and can be accessed here. Links to popular mobile platforms can be found below.

To get the ESPNcricinfo iphone app – here

Install the ESPNcricinfo ipad app – here

ESPNcricinfo Android app – here

Download the ESPNcricinfo Windows app – here

Viewing from a tablet

The best experience, in my opinion, comes from viewing the app from a tablet. Unlike other apps, ESPN has chosen to enlarge the experience, rather than to opt for squeezing more into the extra screen space. This makes the experience a far simpler and pleasant one. The videos look particularly good on the bigger screen. Therefore when I am at home, I prefer to use the tablet rather than my phone. However the phone app is ideal and my preferred choice when out and about, for convenience.

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In summary, the ESPNcricinfo app comes recommended from me. The huge name that is ESPN has gained the trust of millions around the world by delivering quality sports media coverage and content and they have duly delivered again here.

Trustworthy information brought to me in a timely fashion, personalised to the way I wanted it delivered was the experience I received.

The videos are of the highest quality and the customisable competitions help bring your friends and family close, whilst making the live cricket action just that little bit more interesting! As well as this, ESPN brings regular updates to the app to enhance the overall experience. The ESPNcricinfo app gets a thumbs up from me.