First goalscorer each way

When Betting on a first goalscorer each way bet, this lets you still win and potentially make a profit if your pick doesn’t score first but scores second or third. A number of online book makers offer a first goalscorer each way bet with Bet365 being the main bookmaker to have a special offer this bet.

first goalscorer each way bet – Explained

If you back a first goalscorer each way bet you will win at 1/3 of the odds if they score one of the first three goals. If they do score the first goal then the win will be higher the same as it is when betting each way on the horses. The bet has 2 lines instead of one with one bet being placed on the win outright market and one at 1/3 of the odds. If they score first then both bets win increasing the return on your first goalscorer each way bet. If they score second then you win the at 1/3 of the odds and the outright win bet loses, same if the player scores third.

Our recommended company for first goalscorer each way betting is Bet365.

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First goalscorer each way bet – Example

First goalscorer each wayFor this example I am backing Matt Hummels to score first at 28/1 with Bet365. I will use a stake of £2 per line making my stake £4 in total. The first goalscorer each way bet is for £2 to win at 28/1 and a further £2 on the each way part at 9.33/1. first goal scorer each way exampleIf Hummels does the business and scores first then our £4 bet will return a tasty £74.66. If Hummels scores second then the second bet will return a reasonable £18.88. Obviously if he doesn’t score then we will lose our £4 stake. There is also a chance that if you take a lower odds bet you may return less than your total stake.

FAQ’s on First goalscorer betting

Where is the best place to bet on First goalscorer ? Bet365 are the leaders in this market in our opinion. We believe there to be more value here because bet365 will pay out if the player scores in 90 minutes rather than just for the standard first three goal scorers. Whilst it is rare to get this many goals, we find it it’s a nice insurance to have that other bookies don’t offer.

What happens if I back a player for first goalscorer and he doesn’t play If they don’t play in the game then your bet will be voided and your stake returned. If they come on off the bench and there has already been a goal then your bet will also be voided. If the player comes off the bench and the score is still 0-0 then the bet will stand and run as usual.

What happens if the first goal is an own goal? In first goalscorer betting an own goal does not count and the next player to score is classed as the first scorer. In first goalscorer each way betting it is the first 3 players to score excluding own goals that count.