Football Index App Review and Bonus

The football Index app is not really a betting app but certainly appeals to those who like to place football bets from their mobile phone.

It is a trading platform, similar to that of the stock market. The difference being the shares bought here are in football players. This may sound strange and a bit left-field, but the system works and is becoming more and more popular.

How the Football Index works

Football Index appThe share price is determined by demand and supply, with the main aim being for the end-user to “buy low and sell high”. The more demand there is for a certain player, the higher the price and vice versa.

Traders look for certain characteristics of players and circumstances to make their decisions as to who to invest their money in. This is orientated towards the reward structure that is put in place.

Buying shares is simple enough. Tapping on the buy price button alongside the relevant football player will initiate the purchasing sequence. When it comes to selling, there are two options. Sell at a slightly reduced price, but sell straight away or add the shares to a queue and wait for another trader to come along and buy them.

The latter will cause the buy price to be the selling price. However, it will be the buy price when the sale was made, not the price when the sale request was triggered. If there are a lot of people looking to sell the same player the share price could well drop (or rise) between requesting the sale and successfully completing it.

Features of the app


On top of the profit opportunity in players who increase in value, there are also a number of dividend triggers in place.

  1. Media Dividends
  2. Match Day Dividends
  3. In-play Dividends

If a player in your portfolio finishes top of the media rankings, match day rankings or makes a significant contribution in a game, relevant dividends are awarded to the user. Depending on the achievement made and the number of games on that day will determine the amount of dividends awarded. The structure is set out in the table below.

dividend amounts

Dividend amounts shown are based on a “per share” basis. So if a user holds multiple shares in the player, they will receive multiple dividends. For example, if I had 100 shares in Neymar and he achieved number one in the media rankings on a day with no matches being played (media day), I would expect to receive £5 back in dividends. (10 x 0.05).

Influential Factors

Factors such as likeliness of a transfer move, first-team starts, player popularity, age and potential for development all play influential roles in profitable trader’s minds. Essentially, the better your football knowledge, the more likely you are to operate a long-term successful strategy. You will still need to apply that knowledge to the Football Index system wisely though if you are looking to aid your speculation.

Additionally, there’s the benefit of “investing” with your money rather than “placing a bet”. Shares have a buy value and a sell value. Users can sell shares as they please and it takes something rather spectacular for the share price to bottom out on a particular player. Therefore, money can always be clawed back whenever desired – be that at a profit or a loss.

Football Index explained

How to get the Football Index App

The service runs from a mobile browser by way of a mobile optimised site. There are also native apps available that can be downloaded and installed from the iTunes app store and Google Play store.

A 2-minute registration process is required in order to trade on the Football index app. This can be done from the button below so that you can get started straight away.

Go To Football Index Here

Football Index Academy

A handy academy section is attached to the Football Index app. This is the perfect place for new users to start. Video tutorials and info-charts work well to provide the ins and outs of the whole system. Especially useful to those who have extensive football knowledge, but limited trading experience.

App screenshots

Football Index Community

The Football index brand has spread its wings far and wide. Shirt and training kit sponsorships have helped get their name out there. So have expensive TV adverts. Football Index advocates also regularly feature on snippets across popular media outlets such as TalkSport Radio.

There’s a healthy amount of social outreach too. You can expect to find Sporting Index on all of the popular platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Lengthy podcasts are also frequently uploaded for those who spend large amounts of time on the road. Not the most enthralling of listens. However, it does provide different perspectives on the market at that time, as well as summarising all the latest football news, gossip and rumours.


A refreshing, innovative gambling mechanism that minimises the risk of big losses and provides a lot of fun along the way. This method of trading won’t make you a millionaire overnight but it can produce long term, sustainable profits. If you know your football like the back of your hand and also like a bet to spice up the action every now and then – the Football Index app is certainly worth investigating further, in my opinion.

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