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Goliath bet

A goliath bet is a bet that can be backed to cover all the possible multiple bet outcomes over 8 results, excluding the 8 singles. The bet has a total of 247 lines and when you back them online you place your bet per line ie £1 per line would mean a total stake of £247! The more of your selections that win the more money you will win up to the maximum amount if they all come in. A goliath is popular for football and horse racing betting and depending on the odds you can get a good return off 4 or 5 correct results.

Goliath bet – Explained

Once you have made your 8 selections there are then a total of 247 possible bets that can be covered. A goliath bet breaks down in to the following bet selections.

Goliath bet explainedDoubles – 28
Trebles  – 56
four-folds – 70
five-folds – 56
six-folds – 28
seven-folds – 8
eight-fold accumulator – 1
Total lines 247

As you can see from above for each result that wins you will get more winnings as you hit more doubles, trebles and so on. You can use our odds calculator below to work out the possible winnings of your goliath bet and various other betting options.

FAQ’s on the goliath bet

Can I place a goliath online? Yes you can and you can get a free bet too when you register, you can also back this bet on mobile sites and betting apps. Why not sign up to one of our top recommended on line bookmakers –

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How do I calculate the winnings of my bet? You can use online calculators to work out the winnings. This is by far the easiest and quickest method of checking your potential returns, as well as working out how much your bet pays out after the bet has settled. If you want to do it manually then you will need work out how many of the above bets have won then calculate the odds for each bet and minus the total stake.

What bookmakers offer a goliath bet? Most online and high street book makers offer a goliath bet, if you select the 8 results then look at the multiple bet options then you will see this as an option. On some bookmakers the multiple bet options are hidden so you will need to click the link for multiple options.

Can you do these types of bets with fewer selections? Yes you can. Depending on how many selections will depend on the options available to you. Take a look at our Trixie bet/Patent guides if you only want to make three selections as an example.

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