How To Place A Bet

Are you new to online betting? Not sure how to place a bet in the UK? Then check out this guide, showing you how to place a bet with our top recommended betting apps.

The process is a simple one, which can be a little daunting if you have never placed a bet before. We aim here to create a degree of familiarity in to how online betting works by guiding you through the online betting process.

Register for a betting account

Before you can bet with an online company, you have to register for an account first. This is to ensure users are above the legal age to gamble. Information is also required in order to provide a safe payment mechanism for users to securely deposit and withdraw funds.

Personal details are required such as name, address, email address and date of birth. A username and password needs to be set and that pretty much all this is required to initially set up a betting account.

Fund the betting account

In order to actually place a bet online users are required to deposit funds in to their betting account. Various payment methods are available. Our recommended payment method is via debit card. Once the user’s money has transferred to the betting account (usually instant), the funds can then be used to bet as the user desires with that specific betting company.

Further checks may be required

At this stage further verification may or may not be required. This usually comes in the form of certain documents being needed to be photographed and sent to the relevant bookmaker’s verification team. Although this sounds like a hassle, it is actually a good sign that the bookmaker in question is

  1. Complying with regulatory legislation by getting to ‘know their customer’.
  2. Taking steps to ensure that the user is above the legal age.
  3. Protecting users and the general public from fraud by ensuring the user is indeed who they say they are.

Navigate the menus

Each betting app has its own menu system, but all follow a similar pattern of pathway. In-play sports are usually at the forefront of the home page with menus then categorising the popular sports, for example football, horse racing and tennis.

There is usually an A-Z of sports option that can be opened up, displaying all of the available sports and events that can be bet on.

Once a specific sport has been selected relevant fixtures will show with outright odds being displayed next to them. If horse racing is selected a list of races will show. Tapping in to the race will then display odds for each horse.

Become familiar with the markets

Tapping in to a fixture (for example football or tennis) will then open up all of the markets that are available on that event. Away from the simple win markets is a whole load of betting opportunities. To name just a few from literally hundreds of markets;

  • Both teams to score
  • Corner betting
  • Card betting
  • Player to score market
  • Set betting in tennis
  • Point betting in tennis
  • Number of 180’s in darts
  • 170 finish in darts
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Some bookmakers even allow you to build your own bet, but that is getting a bit more advanced. For the purpose of this blog aimed at beginners we will keep things nice and simple, but something to keep in mind maybe for later down the line.

Add selections to bet slip

Once the markets have been viewed or when the user has found the market they want to bet on – the user then has to place that selection in to their virtual betting slip. Simply tapping on the odds for that particular selection does this.

The user can add one or multiple selections in to the bet slip, depending on how may bets the user wants to make and also the type of bet.

We will now demonstrate how this is done across many different betting apps.

In this example, we are looking to place a £10 treble on the Premier League. The selections of Man City, Everton and Chelsea are fancied. We need to locate the football markets from the betting app and then tap on each selection to place it in the bet slip. This is the case for ALL betting apps.

How to place a bet with bet365

The premier League is a very popular league to place bets on so finding the outright markets on the bet365 app is very quick. Each box turns white to signify to the user the selection has been successfully made. The number of selections and total price for the treble is shown at the bottom of the screen. Check out the image below.

how to place a bet - bet365

Tapping on the bet slip bar at the bottom will open up the bet slip.

bet365 bet slip

From here users can now set their stake against the type of bet they are looking to place. Stakes can be set against a single selection by adding a stake amount next to a specific pick. The treble – whereby all three teams must win in order for the bet to pay out, can be placed by adding a stake next to the ‘Trebles’ option.

Other multiple options exist and can be viewed by tapping on the ‘show all multiples’ text just above the place bet button.

multiple betting options with bet365

This will then open up all the multiple options that exist against the number of selections sitting in the bet slip. Once the user is happy with the stake amount entered in to the desired fields they can go ahead and tap on the place bet button.

There’s no “are you sure’ option here so users need to make sure they are committed to the bet before pressing the place bet button. If there are relevant funds in the account to cover the stake the bet will be placed. If not, the user will be prompted to deposit funds in order to successfully place the bet.

bet365 app
  • Our preferred online bookmaker.
  • Lots of markets to choose from.
  • Great online reputation in terms of service.
bet365 app

How to place a bet with Betway

The Betway app is relatively straight forward to navigate round and to find fixtures, both in-play and upcoming. When a selection is made the relevant box turns from white to grey and a small green tick is placed in the top right corner. You can see this from the three predictions made in the image below.

How to place a bet with Betway

The bet slip symbol appears in the top right of the app window. It will have a number representing the amount of selections currently sitting in the bet slip. Tapping on this symbol will open up the bet slip.

Betway bet slip screenshot

Single selection stakes can be made from the top stake fields and all multiple bet options will appear below. Again, for this example we are entering a £10 stake. The potential return is clearly shown next to the stake field in question. A summary is then provided at the bottom of the bet slip, showing clearly the total that has been staked and the return, should the bet win.

Betway betslip with staked treble

Next to this summary is the action button to place the bet. If there are enough funds in the account to cover the bet, the button will say ‘place bet’. If not – like in the case of this example, the button will state ‘deposit’.

Betway app
  • Nice clean graphics and easy to use.
  • Betway plus loyalty scheme available for bigger bonuses.
  • Outsider specials for those who like an underdog.
Betway app

How to place a bet with Coral

The Coral app has a nice logical layout and looks good too. Once registered, as standard a quick-bet feature is automatically enabled. This feature is very handy when looking to place last minute singles.

With the quick-bet feature enabled, a pop-up window appears after one selection has been made as shown below.

Coral quick bet feature

From here you can place lightning quick singles. ‘Quick add’ denominations of £5, £10, £50 and £100 are available as well as a stake field to enter any amount desired. Once a stake is entered, users can then tap the place button right away to get their money down. The quick bet feature can be switched off at any time by entering in to the account settings and heading to user preferences.

As our example involves a treble, we want to tap on the ‘add to betslip’ button. This will close the quick bet pop-up window to allow me to make more selections. You will now be back to the page you were looking at when you made the initial selection.

Hitting the cross in the top right of the pop-up window will cancel the selection and will not add it to the bet slip.

Coral football treble example

Selections made will now be highlighted in a pea green colour that stands about against the branded blue wrapping of the interface. The bet slip logo appears in the top right of the screen, showing the number of selections the bet slip holds.

Tap on this symbol to enter in to the bet slip.

Coral bet slip explained

Single bets are once again presented at the top of the bet slip. Scrolling down the page will reveal the multiple options associated and available for the selections contained within the bet slip.

multiple bet options in coral bet slip

We place £10 in to the treble field to place what could also be known as a three-fold accumulator. The return at that stake amount is then displayed under the stake field. A total stake summary is then found at the bottom detailing the total amount staked (as multiple bets can be placed at the same time). Users are then prompted to top up their betting account if there are not enough funds available.

If there are enough funds in the account the button will display as ‘place bet, rather than ‘make a deposit’.

Coral app
  • Famous for their outrageous new customer offers.
  • Best for obscure markets and specials.
  • Best for tennis with Accumulator insurance on hand.
Coral app

How to place a bet with Ladbrokes

Selecting the football icon soon got us to the matches set out in our example. From the football menu I navigated to accas from the top menu bar and then selected ‘today’s matches’. Tapping a selection triggered the box to turn green. Making more than one selection will create a blue bar to appear at the bottom of the screen. This provides information as to what the combined odds of the selections are as well as displaying how much a bet would return from a £10 stake on the combined picks.

Making selections with Ladbrokes

Tapping on the blue bar will open up the bet slip in preparation for betting on the accumulator containing all picks selected. If the user is looking to place a different type of bet it is best to use the actual bet slip icon. This is once again located in the top right of the app, with a number showing the total amount of selections made. This will open up the betting slip the same – it just wont automatically populate the number keypad, asking for a stake amount to bet entered on the accumulator stake field like the blue bar would.

Ladbrokes bet slip

Single stake options are shown at the top and multiple options can be found below. Depending on your device and the amount of selections made may depend on whether or not the place bet button is visible. Most betting apps freeze the pane containing the bet summary and place bet button but Ladbrokes have not. Therefore you may need to scroll down to be able to see and action this.

placing a bet with ladbrokes

Ladbrokes will be sure to let you know if the stake amount exceeds the level of funds available in the Ladbrokes betting account. The button made available will show as ‘make a deposit’ instead of ‘place bet’ as shown above. Tapping make a deposit will open up small window that provides the facility of allowing the user to make a quick deposit and place the bet at the same time.

Ladbrokes app
  • Best odds guaranteed plus giving you more than SP odds.
  • Daily price boosts to take advantage of.
  • Best for Greyhound racing betting.
Ladbrokes app

How to place a bet with Paddy Power

Paddy power is a well established name within the betting industry, known for their outlandish marketing campaigns and social media banter/humour. They are well worth a follow on the popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The layout here is ideal for those who mainly bet on the football and horse racing. Other sports are available and can easily be located from the main menu. However football and horse racing is where the main focus is. Tennis being not too far behind.

The menu system has been well thought out to provide a lot of choice within a sensible structure. Users can search by day, league, race meeting, tournament etc to narrow down the view, showing the events and markets wanted.

how to make selections with paddy power

Selections are made by tapping on the relevant green box. Once a selection is made the box will become darker in appearance to let the user know it is selected. Bet slip access can then be achieved by tapping on the small green circle in the top right hand corner of the app. The number shown in the circle represents the number of selections made. This circle is greyed out and shows as the number zero when no selections are made.

placing a bet with paddy power

Entering the bet slip transforms you from a light theme with a white background to a dark themed experience. Each individual selection can be found at the top of the slip with single stake fields present. So if you wanted to place £5 on just Chelsea to win you can do, as well as then place other singles or multiples at the same time. However, in our example we are purely looking to place the treble.

Multiple bet stake fields can be accessed  by tapping on the small white arrow next to the each multiple bet type. Tap on the corresponding stake field to enter a stake. In this case that is the treble option. Once the stake is entered a summary total of all stakes made on the betting slip is then shown with the place bet button directly underneath.

Next to the place bet is a bin. Tapping this will cancel the bet and remove all selections from the bet slip. A lack of funds to cover the total stake amount will cause the bet button to display ‘deposit and place bets’. Tapping this will direct the user straight to the depositing screen to make the deposit. Once the deposit is made, all that is required is re-confirmation for the bet to be place.

Paddy Power app
  • Instant access to your winnings with your cash card PPlus.
  • Money back specials and power prices to take advantage of.
  • Best for novelty bets and Celebrity betting.
Paddy Power app

How to place a bet with BetVictor

The BetVictor app provides users with a quick bet feature similar to that found on the Coral app. Making a selection by tapping on it will activate the quick bet feature (if enabled).

BetVictor quick bet

Users can enter a stake directly in to the stake field or use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the stake amount as they wish. Tapping place bets now will place the bet as requested. The more subtle option of Add to betslip below it in blue will recognise the selection and allow the user to carry on where they left off.

Making picks with BetVictor

Information is well spaced out on the BetVictor app so making selections is easy, even for the beefiest of fingers. When selections are made the relevant box turns blue. The Betvictor app is one of the few betting apps that has the bet slip option contained within the bottom menu bar of the app. However as with nearly all betting apps a number is used on the icon to show the amount of selections made.

BetVictor bet slip guide

Tapping the bet slip icon in the bottom menu opens it up ready for the user to set stakes. Although making selections is easy, setting stakes is a little trickier. BetVictor have opted for small stake fields in their app design. This can make them difficult to tap, especially on smaller devices. The flip side to that is that they are also very difficult to tap in to by accident. Therefore minimising the risk of placing bets in error.

Single stakes and accumulator options are displayed as default with BetVictor. Other multiple bets are hidden away within the dropdown link labeled ‘more multiples’. The user then enters a stake in to the relevant stake boxes as they see fit. A total summary is shown in green at the bottom of the screen, showing total stakes and potential returns. If the user is happy with the summary, The place bets option can then be pressed.

betvitor bet slip with stake entered

Funds can be added to the Betvictor account beforehand or after tapping the place bets button has been pressed. If there are not enough funds in the account a window will appear asking the user whether they wish to deposit. Banking options are pressed if a wish to deposit is confirmed.

BetVictor app
  • Renowned for being odds leader in football betting.
  • Regular bet boosts across various sports.
  • Dedicated in-play section for those quick bets.
BetVictor app

How to place a bet with William Hill

The William Hill app has a handy football daily list that makes it easy to locate fixtures and see what matches are coming up in the days ahead. The app has one of the best layouts from all of the apps available, in our opinion. However, it has been known to suffer downtime a little more frequently than others.

It still remains one of our favourite apps as there are usually daily promotions that can be taken advantage of . Odds offered tend to be competitive across the range of markets, of which there are plenty.

When tapping on a price to make a selection the box goes from a sky blue colour to a dark royal blue. The bet slip can then be located from the bottom menu bar. The number shown on the bet slip icon will correspond with the number of selections made.

William Hill treble example

Tapping on the icon will open up the bet slip, revealing the selections.

William Hill bet slip

William Hill present the combined multiple bet first at the top. In this example that is the treble, which is the bet we are looking to place. Further multiple bet options can be found beneath the singles. These become visible when scrolling down the bet slip.

In this particular example the image shows a boost is available. This was an offer that was available at that time giving users a daily odds boost on certain bets. This gave me the opportunity to boost this bet from odds of 4.08 to 4.37. Please be informed that this particular offer was available at that time and can be removed at any given time.

confirming bet with William Hill

I have entered £10 as my stake in the treble field. The summary then calculates the return at the bottom of the bet slip with a bold green place button ready to be tapped when happy. William Hill will alert the user if there are not enough funds to cover the bet. They offer banking options there and then, offering the user to immediately deposit enough money to cover the stake (or more) and to successfully place the bet.

William Hill app
  • Easy to get to where you want to be
  • Get insurance on your accumulators
  • Free bet club available to loyal customers
William Hill app

How to place a bet with Betfair

Betfair are a huge name in the online betting world, offering what is regarded by many as the number one betting exchange service on the planet. They also offer a top class sports book service too that has it’s own app. Exchange betting is certainly not for beginners so out of the two services we suggest trying and sticking to the betfair sportsbook app to start with.

The app is user friendly from the get-go, although users with small devices and poor eyesight may struggle seeing the small font used without their best readers on. In terms of getting round the app the menus and lists make complete sense making the customer journey quick and easy.

Betfair have a ‘fast bet’ system active as default when users download their app. This auto populates a fast bet box once the first selection has been entered. A £10 stake is automatically entered to provide the user with the opportunity to place the bet even quicker. this can be modified to whatever stake level the user is happy with. If you are looking to place singles frequently off the cuff then this feature is a handy one to have enabled. If not users can deactivate it from the account settings within the app.

Betfair quick bet feature

As I want this selection, along with others I need to tap on the add to betslip option. tapping the cross in the top right of the fast bet box will cancel the selection and close the fast bet window.

how to access bet slip on betfair app

Now when selections are made, they show as being slightly embossed when compared to the non-selected options. This is not the clearest of methods used to notify the user the selection has been recognised, but is still just about noticeable.

Each time a selection is added a blue bar will appear towards the top of the app showing the accumulated odds from all selections. This will disappear after a few seconds. Once all selections have been made the place to head is inside the bet slip.

This can be accessed by tapping the clearly labelled ‘betslip’ icon in the top right of the screen. The number shown on the icon should match the number of selections made. If not go back and check as either too many have been selected or too few, depending on the number shown and the number of selections required.

betfair bet slip breakdown

When in the bet slip the view will show the single options for each selection at the top of the slip. The multiple options (where we want to be.) will show below the single options. Scrolling down the bet slip may be required to view them.

how to place a bet with betfair

£10 entered in to the treble stake field will show the potential return for that stake directly below it. A total summary is provided at the bottom of the slip with various options to suit the users preference. Indecisive users can opt to confirm bets before placing and non-fussy users can opt to accept odds movements. FAQs and rules and regulations can be opened up and read to satisfy any uncertainty and when the user is ready all that is left to do is tap the place bet button.

Funds do not have to be in the account beforehand, although it does speed up the process. If the funds are not already in the account when the place bet button is placed a notification pops up informing the user so. A ‘deposit’ button is then located in the notification, which when pressed takes the user to the depositing section of the app. The selections will remain in the betslip so the user can then still place the bet once the deposit has been made.

Betfair app
  • Great offers for new and existing customers.
  • Ability to lay bets with exchange betting.
  • Cash out your bets before the match finishes.
Betfair app

How to place a bet with Betfred

Betfred, like other bookmakers on this page, are a well recognised high street name that are well known for their betting shops. They also provide a very credible online services that matches their well built high street reputation. Trustworthy, good value and no-nonsense customer service makes up that reputation and is translated across to the online and mobile platform.

The best way to get accustomed to the betfred app navigation is to just tap in and see what lies behind each menu. The football markets especially isn’t the most logical of menu systems. However, once you get used to it, locating where you want to be soon becomes just as quick as most of the other apps. The coupons section is particularly useful within the football section.

Horse racing fans will find the Betfred interface extremely user friendly. Betfred probably do specialise more in the horse racing side and as such the experience here is a very well laid out and informative one.

The Betfred app has a quick bet feature that automatically opens up the bet slip once a selection has been made.

betfred quick bet screenshot

The bet slip swoops in from the right hand side of the screen. The Betfred bet slip has tabs at the top that allows access to view open bets that have already been placed and bets that have a cash out option available. As we are looking to add more selections we can easily swipe the bet slip right to return back to the football markets.

adding items to betfred bet slip

Selections made will now turn blue and the amount of selections made will be reflected in the number showing above the bet slip icon. This is located in the very top right of the app and is represented by a document icon with a folded corner. A blue bar will also show when multiple selections have been made, displaying the combined multiple odds.

Tapping on the bet slip icon will display the top of the bet slip, which shows the single stake options.

betfred bet slip analysis

Tapping the arrow in the blue bar will display the multiple options within the viewing window.

betfred bet placement

£10 has been entered in to the treble field and returns are calculated next to the stake field. a clever thing about the Betfred Bet slip is that it is backwards compatible. Users are able to set a desired return, causing the app to calculate the stake from said return amount. As this is the only type of bet we are looking to place with these selections we can go ahead and tap the place bet button.

insufficient funds in the account will obviously be notified and the bet will not be placed until the required funds are successfully deposited. A quick-deposit box will then appear offering the user to quickly deposit funds to the account from their preferred payment method. The user can then make the deposit and carry on where they left off to successfully place the bet, or cancel the chance to deposit and return back to the bet slip with the bet not placed.

Betfred UK bonus
  • Bet £10 and get £30 free as a new customer bonus.
  • Money back 2nd on horse racing.
  • Home of double delight and hat-trick heaven.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
Betfred UK bonus

How to place a bet with 888Sport

The 888 app is not the first name that springs to mind when somebody mentions online gambling, but is instantly recognisable as an online betting company when you mention the name 888. The app itself looks superb. Theres a dark theme contrasted against bold and bright colours that really makes the information pop out at you.

It’s a good all-rounder that doesn’t disappoint in any area, but doesn’t really excel in any at the same time. It’s easy to use and offers a high quality casino service that the sports service perhaps plays second fiddle to. So Users who like to mix sports and casino may very well got along well with their 888 account.

888 are one of the handful of online bookmakers who offer a quick bet feature on singles. Making a selection will kick-in the feature and the bet slip will automatically slide up offering the user a quick and easy way to place a bet on that particular selection.

quickbet feature on 888sport app

As I am looking to place a treble I can minimise the bet slip by tapping on the downward arrow – located in the top right of the bet slip. The single selection remains and I am returned back to the football market to make my other two picks. When selections are made they turn from bold orange to a subtle yellow making them very obvious that they are selected.

making selections on the 888sport app

When all selections have been made the bet slip can then be opened back up by tapping on the upward arrow in the bottom right, just above the promotions icon.

placing a treble with 888

The 888 betslip is tabbed in to three different categories;

  1. Singles – All single stake options
  2. Combination – straight accumulator bets
  3. System – Other multiple bets such as a trixie or Yankee.

A good way of doing things, in my opinion. Rather than having to scroll around the bet slip to find where you need to be, here you can select the correct tab and see the information you want comfortably and in a nicely laid out fashion.

As I am looking for the treble accumulator I head to the combination tab and enter £10.00 as the stake in the treble stake field. The potential payout is then shown at the bottom and the place bet button becomes eligible to press.

combination bet with 888sport

We recommend ensuring the required funds are in the betting account before placing the bet. If funds are not there, a notice will let the user know that they need to deposit funds in order to place the bet. The user would then have to navigate themselves to the banking options, deposit the required funds, return to the bet slip and then place the bet.

888Sport app
  • Lots of live promotions to take advantage of for both new and existing customers.
  • Clear information presented and easy to bet on.
  • VIP area for loyal customers and large spenders.
888Sport app

How to place a bet with Boylesports

The Boylesports app is a great app for those who are new to betting. They do a great job at keeping everything simple, clutter free and quick to perform. The menu structure and filter systems in place are intuitive, icons are clearly labelled and the help systems in place rivals the very best out there.

As such I have no issues whatsoever tracking down the fixtures required for this example. Upon making a selection a quick betslip will appear at the bottom of the screen.

quick betslip on boylesports app

If I was looking to place a single this would be very handy. Tapping on the stake field actions a pop up window allowing digits to be entered. This window also contains the place bet button.

As I am not looking to place a single, I can close down the Quick betslip by tapping on the cross located within the green bar. The initial pick remains selected, leaving me with Everton and Manchester City to select.

making selections with boylesports

Selected fields turn dark blue and a betslip bar appears at the bottom of the screen. This gives the accumulated odds of the picks as well as access to the bet slip when tapped on. The betslip can also be accessed from the ‘BET’ button located in the top right of the app.

Boylesports bet slip explained

The bet slip here is simple, yet informative at the same time. Single options appear first with multiple bet types appearing beneath them. Each bet type has a small blue information icon displayed next to it. Tapping on one of these icons will open up a text window detailing exactly what that specific type of bet entails. A great tool to instil confidence in to complete beginners and betting novices.

A stake will be needed to be entered in to one of the stake fields for the place bet button to become become active. In this example we would put £10 in to the treble stake field at odds of 3.90.

Funds can be added before or after tapping the place bet button with Boylesports. If there are not enough funds when the place bet button is pressed a banking window opens up allowing the user to deposit there and then. The user can then make a quick deposit and successfully place the bet.

Boylesports app
  • Competitive odds across all sports and markets offered.
  • Best odds guaranteed on horse racing and dogs.
  • intelligent help centre and good customer service.
Boylesports app

How to place a bet with Unibet

The Unibet app layout is great for beginners to get along with. It isn’t the fastest of apps in terms of page load times but is very easy to understand. Odds are relatively strong and different promotions and bonuses tend to be running around the clock. The bet placing experience here is very similar to that offered by 888Sport.

The bet slip automatically appears once a selection has been made.

quick bet system on Unibet app

As we are looking for a multiple bet I close this down using the downward arrow found in the ‘Singles (1)’ Title bar. Now I can add more selections to the bet slip.

selecting odds with Unibet

Selections made are clearly visible as the box will turn from a royal green to a dusky yellow. The minimised bet slip remains available at the bottom of the screen and can be accessed at any time by tapping the (now showing) upwards arrow. As more than one selection is made the bet slip now shows as ‘Combination’. Once all three selections are made we then need to maximise the bet slip window.

Unibet bet slip explained

Singles, combination bets and other multiple bets are all separated in to different tabs. Tapping on each tab will open up the stake options for those types of bets. We are after the treble so we need to be in the Combination tab. When a stake amount is entered the return (should the bet win) is shown at the bottom and the bright yellow ‘place bet’ button is quite hard to miss.

Funds are needed pre-bet for a smooth betting experience. There is no option offered to top up there and then if funds are not readily available in the betting account. Users are instead served a notice advising to either head to banking to make a deposit or to try a lower stake amount.

Unibet app
  • Over 10,000 live sporting events streamed live each year.
  • Push notifications help to make sure you don't miss out on any news.
  • A quick and smooth experience in terms of placing your bets.
Unibet app


Can I remove selections from the bet slip?

Yes, all online bookmakers provide this facility. The way to remove selections can differ between betting apps. Some offer a cross next to each selection which, when tapped simply removes that pick. Other apps provide an edit button which needs to be tapped first before the user can then remove selections.

Some bookmakers also offer the ability to remove all of the selections. Paddy Power and William Hill are two examples.

What if a price changes between adding to bet slip and placing bet?

Users are notified of this unless they have opted to automatically accept price changes. Some apps will display selections that have received a change in odds in a different colour. As standard, if a bet is attempted to be placed that has achieved either a positive or negative price change – the user is asked to confirm such price change first before the bet is officially placed.

How do I track my bet?

Tracking a bet once it is placed varies from app to app, but follows a similar pathway. There will either be section labelled as ‘open bets’ or ‘my bets’ or something of that nature. This can be located within the menu system, or sometimes with the user settings. Account and user settings are usually symbolised by a human head icon located in the top right of the app.

How do I place a horse racing bet?

Placing a horse racing bet is no more difficult than placing a football bet. In most cases, a horse racing bet is in fact simpler to place as there are less markets available for each race. Sports such as horse racing, tennis and cricket are popular globally and therefore usually have their own icon or menu title on the app’s home page.

Heading in to the horse racing section of the app typically directs the user to a list of all the race meetings across the UK and Ireland. From there individual races can then be selected. This will open up the betting market for that race. The list of participating horses will then be displayed, with odds shown next to each one. Some apps will show you more information than others. Check out our best horse racing betting apps list for the apps we recommend.

Can I place multiple bets at once?

Yes you can. As you will be able to see from the screenshots on this page, each bookmaker offers multiple stake fields when multiple stakes are presents. There are stake fields for singles as well as stake fields for accumulators and system bets. Therefore multiple singles can be placed at the same time as well as a combination of singles and multiples.

Can I edit a bet after it has been placed?

This is not a feature that is offered by the majority of online bookmakers. However there are a select few that do. bet365 is one such bookmaker that offers an edit bet facility. This allows you to add or remove selections from bets that have already been placed, but are yet to begin.

How do I cash out of a bet?

The cash out facility is offered by most bookmakers these days and allows the end user to trade in their bet for a cash sum. The cash sum offered depends on how well the bet is performing. It is important to note that not all types of bets are eligible for cash out. Selections that are eligible are usually well labelled.

Once the bet is placed, users can head either to the open bets section or cash out section (depending on the betting app being used). If a cash out is being offered on a live bet it will appear with the cash out amount clearly visible. When a bet is in-play it is not unusual to see the cash out amount show as ‘suspended’. The action happening in the live play may very well prevent a cash out option from being offered temporarily.

A classic example would be when a penalty is awarded in football. The cash out facility is withdrawn and then offered again once the outcome of the penalty has been determined. The cash out amount is then adjusted accordingly and usually offered back to the customer.

Some betting companies offer a full cash out service as well as a partial cash out option. With a partial cash out users can take a percentage of the cash out at a cost of a percentage fo their stake. This then leaves a portion of the stake still riding. If a partial cash out is taken, the overall return of the bet is then adjusted to reflect the stake remaining on the bet.

Is the betting process the same on an iPad or Android tablet?

on the whole, yes. However there may be some visual variations. With all that extra space, developers are able to display a lot more information to the end user at any one time. This can lead to the app being split in to three columns.

A constant column for the menu, one for the betting markets and one for the betting slip seems to be the preferred layout of choice. Other than that the overall functionality and bet placement method remains the same.

What type of multiple bets can be placed other than the accumulator?

Other multiple bets away from the standard accumulator bets are offered out to customers. These are sometimes know as ‘perm bets’ or ‘system bets’. These types of bets contain multiple bets within them, combining singles, doubles and trebles etc together. This method is preferred by some as not all selections have to win for the bet to see a return.

Examples of these types of bets are

  • Yankee
  • Trixie
  • Heinz
  • Super Heinz
  • Goliath

These types of bets are usually placed by the more experienced betting customer. Newbies should stick to singles and straight accumulators at first, in our opinion. If you are familiar with how betting works, you can check out our betting explained blog. Here you can find detailed explanations of the multiple betting types available.

Are measures in place to limit or cap my spending?

Yes there are. Gaming regulators have clamped down on betting companies who are displaying behaviours towards not showing a degree of care and responsibility towards their customers. Big fines are in place for bookmakers who don’t so it is in the best interest of everybody that gambling control measures are offered.

These types of features are usually offered within the user account settings. deposit limits, self exclusion, loss limits, temporary breaks and time limits are offered in an aim to keep customers in control.

If you are struggling to locate them on a certain app, theres usually a customer service team at hand to help set the controls for you or point you in the right direction.

If you feel like gambling is becoming out of control for you or to someone close to you, there is support available. For Gambling support in the UK, visit

How do I set the odds format?

Odds can be displayed in three different formats;

  1. Fractional – eg. 2/1. This method tends to be used by horse racing fans and old school gamblers.
  2. Decimal – eg. 3.00. Used by the newer generation of bettors coming through and is popular throughout football betting
  3. American – eg. +200. The way to view odds in America. This method is not too popular throughout Europe.

All three are typically offered as an option. The format can be set from either the user preferences, main menu or home page. The location of the setting depends on the betting app in question. If you are struggling to locate this on a specific betting app, feel free to contact us on Twitter. We’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.