Lay multiples on betfair

***Please note Betfair removed this feature in 2016***

We often get asked how do you lay multiples on Betfair. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. There used to be a ‘sort of’ back door method to laying multiples, but updates to the Betfair platform have seen an end to them. This may leave you disappointed, but at least you have an answer to your question. You can see the latest features of the Betfair app here.

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How to lay multiples on Betfair

There is a dedicated online betfair multiples site that gives you the option of backing multiple selections from various events, but this system does not provide any ‘laying on multiples’ functionality. The URL for the site is We are guessing this has limited support these days as the new Betfair design does not appear to have been transferred across and the pages were not rendering correctly when we last looked. That said we were able to log in and make selections on upcoming horse races that, when combined made up very attractive returns.

Lay multiples FAQs

Can I lay multiples on other exchanges such as Betdaq? No, we have not found any bookmaker currently offering an exchange system with the built-in ability to lay multiples

Why is it so hard to find how to do this? Due to the high liabilities that you can run up it is only recommended for experienced traders. Other than that we are not really sure exactly why this is not as simple as it sounds.

Are there any plans to add this feature? After asking around the bookmakers who offer exchange services whether or not this is on the horizon, the answer was pretty similar from all. This certainly isn’t high up on their priority list so we do not foresee this feature becoming available anytime soon.