Lucky 15

The Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 are all very popular bets for covering all options when you have either 4, 5 or 6 selections. They are more commonly used in horse race betting but can be used in any form of sports betting. Carry on down the page to get a full breakdown on this type of bet.

Lucky 15 explained

The Lucky 15 is the most popular of these bets and is a total of 15 bets covering all possible outcomes over 4 selections. This multiple style bet means you will make a return as long as one of the outcomes wins. The more that win the greater the returns, it’s as simple as that! You can even have an each way lucky 15 on the horse racing. However, that would make it 30 betting lines in total.

Heres how it works –

The lucky 15 covers all possible out comes of 4 bets like so –
4 Single bets
6 doubles – All double possibilities covered
4 trebles – All possible trebles covered
1 fourfold accumulator – All four to win

Lucky 15 bet explained

Lucky 15 explained graphic

As you can see all the options are covered and a Lucky 15 bet is often referred to as a full coverage bet. The more picks that go on to win the greater the returns. With a Lucky 15 bet it is possible to win back less than your stake. If all four win, the overall win will be more than if you just place a straight accumulator. Lucky 15’s are a great way for reducing the risk of a bet and getting a decent return if you get close to all four results.

Most bookmakers offer the Lucky 15 facility and can be found within your multiple options from your betting slip when 4 selections are placed there. William Hill offer Lucky 15’s across all of their betting markets. You can also take advantage of their new customer offer if you are not already registered.


With this multiple covering 15 different bets, you need to be careful not to overspend on your stake when placing them. Remember that you are entering the amount for each bet rather than entering your total stake. A £1 bet on each line will result in a £15 total stake or outlay. Please see image below which demonstrates this.

Lucky 15 guide

as previously mentioned there are also bets called the Lucky 31 and lucky 63 available when increasing the number of selections. read our full guides on these types of bets from the buttons below.

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