Lucky 31

The Lucky 31 bet is similar to the lucky 15 and lucky 63 bet as it as a “cover all” bet, this means you have all the options covered of every possible out come from 5 results. The bet consists of 31 lines in total so when placing a bet remember that the bet is 31 times the stake you add in the bet slip. The Lucky 31 bet is fully explained by us – If you have any questions please send us a tweet on @bettingappscom

Lucky 31 bet explained

This bet consists of a total of 31 bets covering all options as singles, doubles, trebles and a five fold accumulator. By placing a Lucky 31 bet you can still achieve a good return even if you only get 3 or 4 of the results right depending on the odds of the results you pick. The Lucky 31 bet is popular for horse racing and can be placed each way, this does mean the bet is 62 lines in total (and 62 x your stake).

What the bet includes –

Singles – All 5 covered
Doubles – All 10 possible doubles
Trebles – All 10 trebles covered
Four folds – All 5 covered
Five fold – 1 Fivefold covering all 5 results

As you can see from this, the more selections on your lucky 31 bet that win the greater the potential returns. The maximum return will be displayed on bet slip if you are betting online and there are loads of odds calculators you can use to check your returns based on different outcomes.

All of the major bookmakers, including Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes etc, offer a wide range of multiple bets including the Lucky 31 bet. As well as this bet there are two other “lucky” bet options, if you have 4 results selected you can back a Lucky 15 and if you have 6 results selected you can have a lucky 63.

Here at, we have explained all the different multiple bets that are available so have a look around and find the best multiple bet to suit your betting style. The same amount of selections (5 outcomes) can be covered without the singles in a “Canadian” this keeps your stake smaller (26 outcomes) and does not seem to affect the outcome too much. You would of course need to get 2 wins for any return rather than the one.

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The good thing about a Lucky 31 is that with so many bets being bundled together you can still pick up a nice return, even if one leg lets you down. Stick down a straight accumulator and if one leg lets you down, all of your stake is wiped out.

Lucky 31 guide

However you need to stick down 31 bets with a lucky 31, whereas a straight accumulator is just 1 bet. a £1 stake on each line of a lucky 31 equals a £31 stake. If you were to put £31 down on the straight accumulator and also £31 on a lucky 31, the accumulator will pay out more if all five selections land.

If your luck has been pretty poor of late, you may want to swing towards the Lucky 31. If your luck has been in then lumping on the straight accumulator may suit you better.