Lucky 63

The Lucky 63 bet is a popular multiple bet for horse racing and occasionally football. Lucky bets are offered by all the major UK bookmakers and can be backed when picking 6 selections in your bet slip. The Lucky 63 bet covers all outcomes across the 6 selections including singles, doubles, trebles, four folds, five folds and a six fold. The more outcomes you get right on your lucky 63 bet the more you stand to win. Carry on reading for the full explanation of how the bet works and what is covered.

Lucky 63 bet explained

This bet is a 63 line bet that can only be placed against six possible outcomes. When placing a lucky 63 bet on your online account remember that the amount you put in the “stake” box is multiplied by 63 to give you the total stake. For example if you enter your stake as £1 your total bet will be for £63, meaning you have £1 per line. Here’s what you get with this bet

Lucky 63 bet lines

6 single bets
15 double bets
20 treble bets
15 four folds
6 five folds
1 six folds
63 bets placed in total

As you can see from the above every option for this bet is covered and a lucky 63 bet is commonly referred to as a coverall bet. Other popular coverall bets include the lucky 15 (4 results) and the lucky 31 (5 results).

Lucky15 button

Lucky31 button

To place a lucky63 bet from your mobile phone you will need to first pick 6 selections that you intend to bet or gamble on. This will then place the selections in to your betting slip. You will then need to look out for the multiple options within your betting slip. These multiple options aren’t always immediately available and sometimes require a tap on a drop down menu to access. Take bet365 for example;

Here I have selected 6 picks and have now opened up my betting slip…

Lucky 63 explained

You can see in the image that there is no mention of a lucky 63, but you will see a ‘multiple options’ drop down menu just above the yellow ‘place bet’ button. tap here and all multiple options are then opened up to you…

lucky 63 on bet365

Now you can see the option to place a lucky 63. Now all you need to do is input the required amount you would like to place on each bet…

Lucky63 bet guide

Remember that the amount you input will me multiplied by 63 so if you enter a £1 stake your total outlay will be £63 on this type of bet.


What are the best bookmakers for a lucky 63 bet? My top recommended bookie for multiple bets is Bet365, they have great odds on horse racing in my opinion. Click the button below to register.

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Why would I place a Lucky bet? Most people place a lucky bet as you do not need to get every result right in order to make a profit. Depending on the odds you select you can make a profit even if only 3 win. The Lucky 63 bet also allows you to make a small return, or loss, even if you only get one result right.