Marathonbet Android App Review and Bonus

The Marathonbet Android app has gone from strength to strength since the company ditched its high street offering, in order to fully commit to the online service.

Perhaps not one of the first bookies that roll off your tongue, however, popularity for Marathonbet is growing and growing.

This popularity isn’t based on some false hope of a ‘knockout new customer deal’ that hooks you in and then remains as a lost app logo on your phone, certainly not. Consistent value is what Marathonbet have aspired to and are receiving a lot of good press from doing so.

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How to get the Marathonbet Android app

The first step is to sort yourself out with an Online Marathonbet account. Without one the Marathonbet Android app will be useless. You will not be able to place a bet without signing up for an account first.

Marathonbet has still not got round to offering a dedicated Android app, so you won’t find Marathonbet in the Google Play store. Instead hit the button above to be directed to the web app. This app gives you exactly the same access as the dedicated iPhone app only takes up very little space on your device’s internal memory.

In order to save the app to your phone or tablet, press one of the buttons on this page and then save the page you are directed to, to your device’s home screen.

To do this simply press your options button within your mobile browser (Usually represented by three vertical dots or lines) and then select ‘add shortcut on home screen’.

Marathonbet Android app download guide

Marathonbet Android app review

The Marathonbet app may look a little basic compared to some of the other gambling apps available at first glance, but the more you use it, the more you see the benefits of being a Marathonbet account holder, especially if you like to track your winnings!

I say this as Marathonbet has set their sights on becoming the odds leader across pretty much all of their offerings. They have their eye on the ball and are consistently just that little bit better priced than everybody else. this means bigger returns from your winning bets with Marathonbet. A massive plus point and one that can make a massive difference to your returns if you like to place big multiples.

Marathonbet does not bedazzle you with offers, bright colours and flashing banners. Instead, they offer a reliable, no-frills service that has plenty of choices attached and offers fantastic value.

There are lots of sports to choose from and lots of markets as well within those respected sports.

There are however key features missing, meaning that you will not be able to rely on this gambling app alone, but instead should accompany a small selection of gambling apps you prefer in order to take advantage of all the unique selling points. Marathonbet might be best for the price, but the absence of live streaming and cash out options means it still has improvements to consider and make to its service through future app software updates.

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Marathonbet conclusion

The Marathonbet app comes highly recommended from us to install to your phone or tablet. It has shown over the past 12 months that it can consistently deliver the best prices in the market across a variety of sports and markets.

The app should be seen as an accompaniment to your existing betting apps, rather than a replacement. It often has best prices so is well worthy of being used regularly to check prices against other apps, but cannot be used as a stand-alone tool to the serious gambler as it lacks crucial elements such as cash out and live streaming.

If you want the best prices in the industry in a standard plain fashion with no gimmicks, Martahonbet is definitely worth installing and having a look at. Check out some prices on some six-folds against another bookie and I’m sure the difference in price you see will then make clear why the Marathon bet Android app deserves a place on your device.