MLB At Bat app

MLB at bat app logoThe MLB At Bat app claims to be “The number one app for live baseball” and after using it for a while now, we have found no reason at all to dispute that bold claim.

This app is the official app for Major League Baseball and it shows.

It is packed full of information and has some great features that enable you to personalize the whole experience around you and your favorite team or teams.

MLB At Bat app review

Once downloaded and opened for the first time, you will be faced with the option of selecting your favorite team. Once you have done this, the app becomes focussed on providing you with all the relevant news and information regarding those specific teams. This is a great way to keep track of all the goings-on around the teams you like most.

MLB at bat app features

Top stories, videos, ticket purchasing, Official merchandise shop, rosters, stats, future schedules and stadium information specifically for your favorite team all become available to you every time you open the app. All this can be accessed by simply scrolling up and down on the home page of the app.

You can even change the logo so that it displays your favorite team’s logo instead. We thought that was pretty cool.

The video quality on offer is super crisp, playing at 4k, 60fps. The videos played reliably for us when connected to a private WI-FI network or by a stable cellular data network with 4G strength. With the videos being of the highest quality we would recommend ensuring you have a suitable cellular data plan if you are looking to watch the action on the move as the better quality the videos, the more data they will consume.


The app comes loaded with an enhanced notification system so that you can be ‘prodded’ by your device whenever certain events happen within Major League Baseball. These can be personalized according to your preference. You can be notified of any big news across the league as well as being provided with Cut4 announcements.

You can set notifications across individual or multiple teams and you have the choice of being notified (or not) on the following;

  1. Start of game
  2. Team news
  3. Change of lead
  4. Score changes
  5. Change of pitching
  6. End of game
  7. New in-game video highlights available

Toggling these options on will provide you with relevant notifications straight to your phone. Therefore you never miss out on any of the action that you don’t want to.

MLB At Bat Apple Watch app

One area where the iOS version of the app does have an advantage over the Android counterpart is by supplying a complimentary Apple Watch app.

This neat little app can provide the latest scores and standings straight to your wrist as well as all your personalized notifications, meaning you don’t even have to get your phone out of your pocket to be informed and up to date.

MLB at bat apple watch screenshots

MLB At Bat app on a tablet

The app and the Android app on a tablet offers a larger viewing experience. This makes the experience a whole lot better when in the luxury of your own home or in the office.

MLB iPad app screenshots

This is especially true when watching live streams and video highlights. The bigger screen and high-quality video format really do bring out every small detail. A great viewing experience and the best we have seen across any other alternative mobile baseball streaming service.

MLB at batt iPad app streaming


The app is free to download and there is plenty to look at free of charge for the casual MLB follower. All features mentioned above are available to Lite users free of charge. However, there are more in-depth features available to those who have more than just a little interest in this incredible sport. The app has the facility to live stream full games straight from all of your mobile devices.

MLB app subscription features

This is done through the At Bat subscription service. The cost is very reasonable in our opinion and currently sits at a yearly subscription price of $19.99. For those who want to try it out over the short term, there is also an option to pay $2.99 per month. The At Bat Premium service gives you access to

  • The MLB.TV Game of the Day*
  • Exclusive In-Game Highlights*
  • Live Look-Ins*
  • Live audio (in both English and Spanish)
  • Classic Games archive
  • Gameday Pitch f/x visuals

*Blackout and other restrictions may apply.

If you are already an MLB.TV team subscriber, then all MLB At Bat subscription/premium services are available to you for free.

Can you bet on the MLB app?

The answer here, unfortunately, is no. You can see our guide on where to bet on baseball here.

Online gambling is being introduced across America and although it is now legal for some states to offer online sports gambling, in others it is not. States such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia are much further ahead in relation to facilitating gambling than others. In these state it’s possible to bet on MLB in casinos, online and on your cell. You can see betting apps in Canada here if you want to bet legally from there.

If you want to know the current scenario for your particular state, then you can do so here with our state by state guide. Interestingly the MLBs current stance is to not allow teams to sign gambling sponsorships although we’d expect to change. It’s expected that the NBA and MLB could generate annual revenue of ups to $1.7Bn for this advertizing.

Betstars New Jersey offer

NJ residents only, 21+

The app is available right now on both Apple and Android devices. It can be found by visiting the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, depending on which device you currently own. The MLB At Bat iPhone app and MLB At Bat Android app behave and look in exactly the same way.


We love the MLB At Bat app and in our opinion, all baseball fans should too. It has a professional look, is easy to navigate and has features that suit all types of baseball fans. So no matter whether you like to check in once in a while with what is happening in the baseball or if you can’t go an hour without thinking about the glorious game, we believe this app deserves a spot on your mobile home screen. Go check it out!