NBA MVP Betting 2018-2019

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The NBA MVP is a hotly contested title. It will be no surprise to you to see Steph Curry and Kevin Durrant in the top 7 of the betting for this year’s title. As the season progresses the odds will change and fluctuate based on how the players and teams are doing. Here we look over the top 7 and find where the value picks are.

As the season has gone on some players have come in and some have drifted.

MVP betting guide – NBA 19/19

1 – Giannis Antetokounmpo – 3/1 @Giannis_an34

With strong early season form, it’s no surprise to see the Greek Freak heading the betting. Drafted 15th in 2013 he’s gone on to become a leading player in the NBA. Standing 2.11 meters tall he has an impressive wingspan of 2.21 meters. This season he’s averaging an impressive 26.1 points per game and has a 53.6% field goal conversion percentage. If he keeps these stats up then the chants of “MVP MVP MVP” will only get louder at the Bucks games.

The Greek Freak - current betting favourite for the MVP

2 – Anthony Davis – 9/2 @AntDavis23

The Pelicans #23 is another baller who’s started the season really well and this could be an interesting season for him. He’s the man leading the Pelicans and it’s the team’s results that will dictate his MVP chances. There’s little doubt he will be in the all-star team but MVP? I’m not sure this is a good bet. His stats are a little lower than the Greek Freak with an average of 23.3 but he has an excellent 3 point % at 35.7.


3 – Kawhi Leonard 7/1 

Raptors forward Leonard would be my pick to get the MVP title from the top 7. At odds of 7/1 (put $10 down get $70 back) he’s the best option from the list in terms of value.

The Raptors have started the season 8-1 with Leonard instrumental in the wins. He combines attack and defense well in his game and takes a lot of rebounds. With Lowry, JV, and Ibaka in his team this could be the season the Raptors take the title and with it, Leonard gets named MVP. There is also the added incentive that Leonard is a free agent at the end of the season and will be set for a huge contract. #WeTheNorth

Kawhi Leonard pur pick for the title this season

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4 – LeBron James 7/1 @KingJames

This is a complete avoid bet for me. LeBron is purely in here for his name and not much else this season. He’s gone to a poor lakes team and is struggling to make them tick and get some wins on the board. He is a phenomenal basketball player but MVP this season? No chance.

LeBron James this seasons MVP? Only for his name

5 – Stephen Curry @StephenCurry30

Baller, record breaker, best 3 point shooter in the NBA, Curry has it all. Currently 2nd in the all-time 3 pointers record and still only 30 years old – the way this guy plays is insane. Curry has changed the way Basketball is played.

This season he’s still getting better and being even more amazing breaking streak records for consecutive games with 7 or more 3 pointers. This season he’s averaging above 30 points and has an incredible 50.8% 3 point field goal percentage.

Drafted 7th ion 2009 by the Golden State Warriors I’m expecting them to make the finals again this year against the Raptors and that would be amazing to watch.

He’s only the 13th player in NBA history to combine 4 MVPs and championships and that will only rise. Whether this is the season he wins MVP remains to be seen but it’s possible with the talent he has. #Dubnation

Stephen Curry 2 time Most valuable player

Where can I bet on the MVP?

So now you’ve read the guide you may want to have a bet on the MVP markets. You’ll find odds on most European bookmakers as well as on Canadian sports betting apps – Where you may find a bias to Leonard as they will be taking more bets on him, especially in Toronto!

In the USA betting is limited depending on your state currently, you can find NJ Betting apps here or use the menu to find the latest state by state guide to where you can bet legally. There are offshore sports books who will take your money too but these are not recommended.