NBA team apps

NBA teams all have an official app that can be downloaded and installed to mobile devices such as cell phone or tablets. This is a great way to keep track of your favorite teams on the move. All apps hold exclusive content regarding that particular team and come loaded with features to keep fans informed and entertained.

From this page, you can get a feel of what features can be found on NBA team apps, as well as finding app download links for each team.

Common features

Arena guides

Most NBA team apps provide fans with lots of information in relation to their Arenas. Some are even partnered with them (eg Atlanta Hawks and StateFarm Arena). These apps offer map views of the stadium and surrounding area. This can be useful to those planning on watching a game, especially for the first time. Handy nearby points of interest are available, as are upcoming events.

Stadium guides on official NBA apps

Another important point to consider for those attending games by car is parking. This can also normally be managed within the stadium features.

Ticket purchasing

A live ticketing system is usually integrated into to the official NBA team apps, providing a clear view of availability and pricing. There is, of course, the capability to purchase tickets from apps with this system in place. Upgrading tickets and selling/sharing tickets are also possible. Some of the apps have taken things to another level by linking up with arena food and drink providers. This offers fans the service of being able to order tasty snacks and beverages right to your arena seat.

buying tickets on NBA team apps


One feature that appears on all team apps of the NBA is historic statistical data. The way the information is displayed and laid out can differ between the apps, but the core stats offered are very similar. League tables, calendar rosters, previous match scores, and key player statistics are all included tracking points, rebounds, and assists, etc. Season stats and career stats are typically available.

This area is where those who are looking to wager on the NBA should be interested in. The information here is coming from official sources. Therefore it can be relied upon for accuracy. Reading up before a game, analyzing data and identifying trends can lead to a more informed choice in the betting markets.

With so many prop bets available now, these key stats can be vital in taking the value out of the hands of the bookmakers.

For those American citizens unsure on the legality of betting in their state, you can check here.

News and opinions

Official NBA apps convey the latest team news in a number of ways. These tend to be

  1. Written articles.
  2. Videos of news and highlights.
  3. Podcasts.
  4. Live Radio channels built into the app.

The subject matter can vary, depending on what is happening with the team. There’s gossip articles, live radio commentary on big games, new player introductions, injury reports, player news and a whole lot more to keep fans as close as possible for that all-around family feel.

Official Merchandise

Official NBA team apps bring about official NBA merchandise purchasing opportunities. Official jerseys, custom jerseys, training gear, hats, basketballs, and memorabilia can all be purchased a couple of taps of the finger.

Social media

NBA team apps - scoial media

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are as popular as ever and with being so, most NBA players now have their own official accounts. These are usually linked with player profiles, giving you easier access to what your favorite players are up to. Some apps also have fun games, photo filters and augmented reality experiences that can then be shared on your social media pages.

Sticker apps for iOS Messaging.

Some NBA teams have gone the extra mile on iOS by also releasing sticker packs the can be used across Apple’s iMessaging service. This is a great way to express your feelings and allegiance at the same time. Animated player faces, team logos, and badges can all be shared with friends and family.

Betting features

Unfortunately, as these apps are official no wagering markets or prices are displayed. So as far as actual physical betting features are concerned – there are none. That said the apps still do come in handy as a betting tool thanks to the stats on offer, rather than being an actual betting function.

Those looking for an app to place bets on may be interested in our top NBA betting apps list.

Mobile platforms

All of the official NBA team apps are available across iOS and Android devices. Few can be found for Windows and Blackberry devices. However, apps on Windows Mobile and Blackberry tend to be developed and then not updated, leaving them slow and buggy.

Therefore our advice is if you don’t have an Android or iOS device, head to the official mobile website of your favorite team instead of from your mobile browser. You can then save this to your home screen for easier access to it from thereon in.

links to All of the Android and iOS NBA team apps can be found below.

List of NBA Team apps

Atlanta Hawks

Hawks iOS app here

NBA team apps - Atlanta Hawks

Hawks Android app here

Boston Celtics

Celtics iOS app here

Boston Celtics app logo

Celtics Android app here

Brooklyn Nets

Nets iOS app here

NBA apps - Brooklyn Nets app logo

Nets Android app here

Charlotte Hornets

Hornets iOS app here

Charlotte Hornets app logo

Hornets Android app here

Chicago Bulls

Bulls iOS app here

Chicago Bulls app logo

Bulls Android app here

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers iOS app here

Cleveland Cavaliers app logo

Cavaliers Android app here

Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks iOS app here

Dallas Mavericks app logo

Mavericks Android app here

Denver Nuggets

Nuggets iOS app here

Denver Nuggets app logo

Nuggets Android app here

Detroit Pistons

Pistons iOS app here

Detroit Pistons app logo

Pistons Android app here

Golden State Warriors

Warriors iOS app here

Golden State Warriors app logo

Warriors Android app here

Houston Rockets

Rockets iOS app here

Houston Rockets app logo

Rockets Android app here

Indiana Pacers

Pacers iOS app here

Indiana Pacers app logo

Pacers Android app here

LA Clippers

Clippers iOS app here

LA Clippers app logo

Clippers Android app here

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers iOS app here

LA Lakers app logo

Lakers Android app here

Memphis Grizzlies

Grizzlies iOS app here

Memphis Grizzlies app logo

Grizzlies Android app here

Miami Heat

Heat iOS app here

Miami Heat app logo

Heat Android app here

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks iOS app here

Milwaukee Bucks app logo

Bucks Android app here

Minnesota Timberwolves

Timberwolves iOS app here

Minnesota Timberwolves app logo

Timberwolves Android app here

New Orleans Pelicans

Pelicans iOS app here

New Orleans app logo

Pelicans Android app here

New York Knicks

Knicks iOS app here

New York Knicks app logo

Knicks Android app here

Oklahoma City Thunder

City Thunder iOS app here

Oklahoma City Thunder app logo

City Thunder Android app here

Orlando Magic

Magic iOS app here

Orlando Magic app logo

Magic Android app here

Philadelphia 76ers

76ers iOS app here

Philadelphia 76ers app logo

76ers Android app here

Phoenix Suns

Suns iOS app here

Phoenix Suns app logo - NBA team apps

Suns Android app here

Portland Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers iOS app here

Portland Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers Android app here

Sacramento Kings

Kings iOS app here

Sacramento Kings app logo

Kings Android app here

San Antonio Spurs

Spurs iOS app here

San Antonio Spurs app logo

Spurs Android app here

Toronto Raptors

Raptors iOS app here

Toronto Raptors NBA app logo

Raptors Android app here

Utah Jazz

Jazz iOS app here

Utah Jazz app logo

jazz Android app here

Washington Wizards

Wizards iOS app here

Washington Wizards app logo

Wizards Android app here