NFL Team Apps

NFL team apps

Each team has a dedicated app and mobile site that can be viewed from mobile browsers. Therefore if a native app is not available for your preferred cell phone or tablet, the mobile site acts as a nice fallback. Mobile sites can be saved as browser favourites, bookmarked and saved as an app logo on the home screen for easier access in the future.

Some of these apps will soon feature betting content and offers. You can see the latest guide to betting apps in the USA here.

Anyhow, here’s the official list of dedicated apps. Teams are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

NFL team apps list

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals app logo

The Arizona Cardinals have produced a dedicated app across multiple mobile platforms. It can be found in the app stores for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Everything you would like to know about the ‘Cards’ can be found here. A very slick app that comes with 5-star reviews from those that are already using it.

The app is also family-friendly, with a kids club attached. Grab all your official merchandise from the integrated official online store too!

All versions of the app can be found here

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons app logo

iOS and Android users who are also fans of the Dirty Birds are able to install the official Atlanta Falcons app to their favorite mobile devices.

Full team rosters, team news, injury updates and historic game highlights can all be explored. You can also get to know the ins and outs of the Mercedes-Benz stadium, as well as sort out the big game day tickets.

Check out the Atlanta Falcons Android and iOS apps here

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens app logo

The official Ravens app is available from the Google Play Store and Apple app store. The app features the very familiar purple theme and serves well to keep Ravens fans informed on the move.

Location based services come in to play to those lucky enough to be in the vicinity of the M&T Bank Stadium providing you with a full guide to the stadium.

Get links to the Ravens Android and iOS apps here

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills app logo

Buffalo Bills cater to their fans who use Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS operating systems. Dedicated apps are provided to give a slick and professional look to the features within.

A nice feature here is that there are Podcasts that can be listened to specifically on the subject of the Bills and all that is happening both on and off the field.

Check out the Buffalo Bills app here

Carolina Panthers

Carolina panthers app logo

The Panthers app is another app that is available across Windows mobile, Android, Blackberry and iOS.

The app is updated regularly and has more features than most NFL team apps currently available. Fantasy trackers enable users to keep a close eye on their favourite players and the digital keepsake feature creates a little fun that can be shared.

Choose your mobile platform for the correct Carolina Panthers app here

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears app logo

The Chicago Bears app is the best way to keep up to date with all the action concerning the Bears. The app comes with all the features one would expect from an official fans app. News, Photos, stats and fantasy trackers dedicated to the Bears are presented in a simple and well laid out theme that makes the app easy to navigate.

It has good social network links too. There’s an integrated Chicago Bears Twitter feed and sharing to Facebook takes just one tap of the screen.

Platforms available – Windows, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Select your operating system and install the Chicago Bears app here.

Cincinnati bengals

Cincinnati Bengals app logo

The official Bengals app is one of the slickest NFL team apps around, thanks to its striking black and orange colored theme. However the app isn’t one of the most reliable and reviews from users leave the impression that news feeds are not the quickest to update either.

Recent updates have sought to rectify this with bug fixes being applied. New features have also improved the app, with an improved ticketing service, as well as a quite quirky feature of being able to change the app logo.

Available on Android and iOS – install the official Cincinnati Bengals app here, choosing the relevant mobile operating system.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns app logo

Browns fans can find native apps for their favorite team on the Google Play store and Apple App store. A basic NFL team app to some, but there are some nice features on top of the standard team news, stats, rosters and videos.

For example, the ticketing system has been enhanced and now comes integrated with Apple Wallet. Podcasts are available as is a live radio stream dedicated to the Browns. However this is a Geo-restricted service and is not available across all territories.

Check out the Cleveland Browns app for Android and iOS here

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys app logo

The perfect app for all Cowboys enthusiasts. The layout is logical, interface is clean and information is constantly being refreshed to keep those who are interested in the know about the Cowboys.

There’s in-depth analysis across historic games and plays as well as a nice stadium guide and ticketing service. Therefore, making the app useful to both the distant Cowboys fans and the local game watchers.

Compatible formats

  1. Android – 2.2 and above.
  2. iOS – iOS 8.0 and higher.
  3. Blackberry – OS 5-7.
  4. Windows Mobile.

Links to all versions of the Dallas Cowboys app here

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos app logo

The Denver Broncos 365 app is the official Broncos app. It is available across Windows mobile, Blackberry, iOS and Android. There’s even a dedicated tablet version too!

The app is developed by Yinzcam, as are many other NFL  team apps. Although this makes the app standard, rather than exclusive, it does reflect the most popular choice of layout currently in the market.

The app does boast the theme colors of the Broncos and provides trustworthy information that keeps fans informed on the latest news and potential bettors in the know in relation to statistical trends.

Download the Denver Broncos 365 app here

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions app logo

The Detroit Lions app is informative and fun at the same time, making it suitable for all ages. Brand new features offer some unique experiences, such as the augmented reality setion.

Here you can paint your face in the Lions’ colors or put your face on the front cover of the latest Madden console titles.

There’s also a cool Ford Field interactive map, providing information to those attending the games on what establishments are in the local area.

Unfortunately the dedicated Detroit Lions app is only available to Android and iOS users.

Blackberry and Windows mobile users will need to access the Detroit Lions mobile site to gain official Lions news and stats on the move.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers app logo

The best way to stay in the know in regards to all the action on and off Lambeau Field. The app is regularly updated with new features and as such it is recommended to keep your operating systems’ software updated to the latest version.

There are adverts to contend with that can get a little annoying but is a small compromise to make in order to get official news and stats delivered your cell phone or tablet.

Get the Green Bay packers for iOS and Android here.

Houston Texans

Houston Texans app logo

Now you can keep the Texans close to your heart at all times and stay in the know and all the latest gossip thanks to the official Houston Texans app. Exclusive video’s, podcasts, stats and latest news keep you up to date and entertained all year long. That’s through the playing season, off season and even through the draft period.

An interactive map of the Reliant Stadium is included, as is a digital keepsake option. This allows you to place your own pictures on the Reliant Stadium’s video board that can either be stored or shared with your friends and family.

The Houston Texans app is available from the Apple app store for iOS fans and the Google Play store for Android users.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts app logo

Colts fans that use iOS or Android fans can help themselves to the free and official Indianapolis Colts app. It is the best way to get the news on the move and it comes straight from the horses mouth.

Real time notifications push the news and information you want to see right to the forefront of your mobile device so that you never miss a thing. These can be personalised to the user’s liking.  Ticket information, ticket purchasing and the ability to purchase official Colts merchandise are all included in to the app as is a detailed guide of the Lucas Oil stadium.

Check out the official Indianapolis Colts app here

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars app logo

The Jacksonville Jaguars app has been released on to the app store and Play Store. However recent reviews have not been that favourable towards the overall experience. System bugs and adverts are both reportedly rife and in desperate need of being rectified. A shame really as when the app performs like it should and you get past the adverts the information contained is very useful, trusted and timely.

Developers do work to fix any bugs they hear about so if you are experiencing any, it is worthwhile making contact to let them know. This app is not one of the fastest to accommodate towards new devices that hit the market, but still very much worth a download for Jaguars fans in the hope that the performance improves in the near future.

You can find links to the Official Jackson Jaguars apps here

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City app logo

Chiefs fans are treated to a dedicated app that is free of charge to install. It is one of the most feature rich NFL apps out there. Rosters, player bios, highlight reels and news content are present as are a host of other bits of statistical information. This comes in handy to both fans of the Chiefs and those people looking to place a wager on a game involving the Chiefs.

For those who are not so hung up on the statistical side of things, there’s the opportunity to get to know the official Chiefs cheerleaders a little better thanks to some high quality introductory images.

If you have an Android device, iPhone or iPad and you have an interest in the Chiefs it is worth the download in my opinion.

Get to the Kansas City Chiefs app here

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers app logo

The LA Chargers app is quite a basic app compared to some NFL team apps offered, but it still serves a purpose and provides Chargers fans with an official perspective on things whilst on the go. All the basics are covered, such as schedules, team info and play by play guides, but there aren’t any snazzy features that makes the app special in any kind way.

The app does boot up though when requires. It is trustworthy and light, making it quick to navigate from one area to another. Probably not the only app Chargers fans would want to download in relation to seeing the whole picture. However certainly worth installing, along with maybe a few other unofficial ones.

You can find the official Los Angeles Chargers app here

Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams app logo

The Los Angeles Rams app is one of the common NFL team apps that is wrapped with a Rams’ colored theme. This means the layout is replicated across other apps. However the content found is exclusively all about the Rams and is therefore unique in that aspect.

This familiar layout is simple to navigate and sections included are logical and in line with what I would expect to see in an official NFL app. Team standings, schedules, latest news, action photos and big game video highlights makes up a large proportion of the app.

The app performs well in reasonable data network areas and is updated frequently to keep Rams fans bang up to date all of the latest news and action.

iOS and Android users can install the Los Angeles Rams app here

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins app logo

The Miami Dolphins app is a neat little app that comes in handy for all Dolphins fans, but especially those that actually go to watch the game live at the Hard Rock Stadium. Geo-fencing technology is built in to the app to provide those who watch the game live with exclusive interactive experiences. For example, getting close and personal with the Dolphins team selection or cheerleaders.

Those within a 75 mile radius also have the ability to tune in to the big game thanks to an integrated radio station within the app. All in all a solid service and an entertaining experience for all Dolphins followers.

Get the Miami Dolphins Android app here

Get the Miami Dolphins iPhone app here 

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings app logo

The Minnesota Vikings app is the complete fan app that holds official status. Find out who the Vikings are facing off against in their next game and get legitimate game statistics provided by the official NFL stats engine. The app does a good job of keeping fans informed on all the action across all of the NFL teams, but from a Vikings fan (slightly biased) perspective.

Those who like spectating the games live will be pleased to hear that fans can earn Reward points just by simply logging in to the Vikings app. These reward points can then be traded in breathtaking experiences and prizes.

Get access to the official Minnesota Vikings app here

New England Patriots

New England Patriots app logo

It comes to no surprise to us that the most decorated team in the modern era (and all time!) host a truly amazing lineup of apps to keep their fans entertained and in the know. The patriots app is one of the very few NFL team apps that provides two dedicated apps

1 – Patriots app – For all the latest gossip, team news, stats, rosters, videos etc.

2 – Gillette stadium app – Ticket purchasing, stadium guides, local points of interest etc.

On top of that there is also an official New England Patriots iMessage sticker pack available so that you can show where your allegiances lie to your family and friends.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a dedicated Patriots Skill and daily briefing available for Amazon Alexa. You can get Alexa to give you the latest news on the Patriots first thing in the morning without having to even open your eyes.

Check out all of the New England Patriot apps here

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints app logo

The New Orleans Saints app is available across iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. It offers a familiar black and Gold theme that creates a slick interface to look at. Get the latest news as it happens, as well as inside opinions on the latest games and plays. Audio options are available, as are videos of game highlights and live press conferences.

In-game stats and depth charts provide good options for trend analysis and links to all official social media accounts are included for more exclusive Saints content. There are stadium guides for those visiting the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and links to the official Saints merchandise store where you can purchase all of the latest kits and branded gear.

Download all versions of the New Orleans Saints app here

New York Giants

New York Giants app logo

The Official Giants app presents itself within a layout that is used by many other official NFL team apps. It provides a simplistic view and a logical layout to a host of information dedicated to the New York Giants. Despite the app is similar to others, the actual content is unique and should be somewhat interesting to Giants fans around the World. We are expecting to see some gambling content on the site soo as New York is now open for online betting.

Notifications ensure that the big games never pass you by unnoticed. They can also provide users with groundbreaking related news as soon as it occurs. Therefore keeping Giants fans in the know, even when the app isn’t open.

The app is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. You can head straight there from the links below.

Get the New York Giants Android app here

Get the New York Giants iOS app here

New York Jets

New York Jets app logo

The New York Jets app is one f the more basic NFL team apps compared to some of the others available but still provides key benefits to those ever-loyal Jets followers. Stadium info, ticket purchasing options, news and stats makes up the bulk of what’s on offer here. We would expect to see some betting content from official partner 888sports New Jersey who have agreed on a media sponsorship deal with the Jets that includes their app.

One unique feature of the Jets app is a game known as ‘I called it’. This gives app users the opportunity to make live game predictions. Predictions are then stacked against other users to compete for weekly prizes.

Android and iOS users can find links to the official New York Jets app here

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders app logo

The Raiders offer their fans a comprehensive app that looks fantastic on both Android and iOS device screens. Some money has obviously been heavily invested here to provide an optimum experience to those who contribute to the overall team ethos. Not only does the app look great but it is also reliable and functional.

The app holds more information on the Raiders than the most loyal, knowledgeable fan and offers real time news stories to keep fans informed on the ‘here and now’. Location based services included in the app enhances the whole experience further to those visiting the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. A tidy app that receives positive reviews on across the App store and Play store.

Head to the Oakland Raiders app here.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles app logo

Eagles fans will feel like they are soaring above the clouds once they have installed this official NFL team app to their favorite mobile devices. It is probably the best way to stay up to date with the team on the move. No gossip here, just official news, videos and stats to provide clear indicators on team performance and strategies. This makes the app also beneficial to those who are looking to wager on an Eagles game. With online betting apps now available in Pennsylvania, we would expect to see some betting sponsorship on the app soon.

The app has good options in relation to notifications and enables users to individually set them. This means users only get disturbed when something happens that they want to know about as well as saving valuable battery power. Choices on notifications include;

  • Team news
  • Roster news and injuries
  • Gameday
  • Live events
  • Sweepstakes and promotions
  • Traffic alerts
  • location based alerts

Get the Philadelphia Eagles Android app here

Get the Philadelphia Eagles iPhone app here

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers app logo

The official Steelers app is the one-stop shop for reliable team news and info on the move. This feature-rich app can be used by both English and Spanish speaking Steelers fans thanks to a choice of languages. Steelers Nation Unite members can manage their accounts from within the app and ticket accounts are also accessible, making the app perfect for the casual supporter all the way to the hardcore ‘never-miss-a-play’ fan type.

This is another app where we would expect to see some NFL betting markets available soon once a sponsorship deal is agreed.

There’s free live radio commentary available on game days as well as exclusive content available to those who turn up at the Heinz Field to watch the games live. For example, spectators can use the app to see multiple replay angles after every play. A well thought out app and a must for all Steeler fans, in my opinion.

Check out the Steelers app on iOS and Android here

San Francisco 49ers

San Fransisco 49ers app logo

The San Fransisco 49ers is a fantastic way to stay in the know with the team. It also makes for a great player connection builder as player social media accounts are integrated making it easy to contact or follow directly. Search for your favorite player and you will see the social links pop up. Player bios are in depth and provide a clear background to how each individual got to be in the position they currently find themselves in.

There’s good links directly with the Levi’s Stadium for game goers and live videos are consistently being aired to keep fans engaged and informed. The app is easy to use and reliably opens upon request. Something that cannot be said about all NFL team apps!

Get the San Fransisco 49ers Android app here

Get the San Fransisco 49ers iOS app here

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks app logo

The Seattle Seahawks app screams convenience to stadium attendees and vital to armchair fans looking to be updated on the latest news from the Century Team Field. Those who follow from afar can order the latest Official team gear. They can also tune in to live audio game broadcasts, get the latest news and delve in to the vital statistics of each Seahawks player.

For those who like to spectate live, there’s a ticket management system (integrated with Apple wallet for Apple users). Stadium info is supplied and there’s even a food and beverage menu. You can order from and have delivered right to your stadium seat. Top quality service that! A little fun can be had too thanks to the augmented reality experience built in to the app.

Check out the Seahawks iPhone and Android app here

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers app logo

Buc fans across the globe have reviewed this app – over 6,000 in total just from the app store. After these reviews, the app sits on a 4.8 star rating out of five. This type of scoring is somewhat incredible given the overall sample size. When you start using the app, all becomes clear. The official Tampa Bay Buccaneers app looks great, comes packed with useful information and has some entertaining features to boot.

The app has quite a striking appearance with the bold red of the Bucs taking precedence across the theme. Video footage is of good quality and updates to both iOS and Android versions are frequent, bringing with them new features and bug fixes.

Check out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers app here

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans app logo

The Titans app has been well put together and developed over the last few years and is one of the few NFL team apps to have its own Apple watch complication. Watch owners can get updated with the latest Titans news or check the upcoming schedule from just a few taps on the wrist. Notifications can also be fed through the watch during the build up to big games. So can key moments throughout live games.

The watch app is only a snapshot of the actual mobile app though. The mobile app is also not exclusive to iOS. The Tennessee Titans app is available to Blackberry users, and Android fans. This provides a more in-depth look at the Titans with fancy charts to highlight key statistics and more detailed news items. There’s a fantasy tracker on board to help fans stay informed on favorite player performances. There’s also a high quality image gallery, displaying many official photos of the Titans in action.

install the Tennessee Titans app here

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins app logo

The Redskins app comes loaded in a traditionally burgundy colored skin, making fans and followers feel right at home. The app is a handy little tool all year round to those who have an interest in the Redskins’ performances. League standings are readily available throughout the season and can be relied upon to provide up-to-the-minute updates on live games.

Player interviews and press conferences can be watched at any time from the app or fans can switch off and have some fun sending Redskins emojis to their friends of rival teams. Stadium maps, an in-built ticket purchasing system also makes the app very handy to those looking to attend the FedExField.

download the Washington Redskins Android app here

Install the Washington Redskins iPhone app here