Official NHL App Review

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The official NHL app is an information superhighway for ice hockey fans and a valuable mobile tool for those who like to bet on the puck.

Described as “The ultimate live hockey experience” by the NHL this app will give you everything the hockey fan needs. The premium version unlocks regular live game content and in-game highlights. You also get access to the final minutes of live-action as well as all the 3 on 3s. (This is just $2.99 per month)

Official NHL app review

So how does the official NHL app stack up? The fact that it is official means that it is the logical and most reliable source to accurate information, as far as the NHL is concerned.

You don’t currently get any specific betting preview or comments currently, but with the recent tie-up with MGM Casinos we’d expect to see this soon. This will become dependant on what state you are in with NJ Betting now live, we’d expect to see it there first.

Having all of this specialized information all wrapped up inside an app on your mobile home screen saves time and keeps you in the know with all the latest games and developments within the leagues.

The experience within the NHL app can be completely personalized towards your team preference. Pick your favorite team and all news and video highlights concerning that team will be filtered to the top of your media feeds. This gives you instant access to all the news you want to see and makes sure you don’t miss anything.

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The app is free to download and there are plenty of video snippets of the best action constantly being uploaded to the streams.

There are also tv subscription services available within the NHL app giving you access to live streaming on all the Stanley Cup playoffs, live audio commentary, full game video archives, and a whole load more. If you are an NHL tv subscriber you get access to all the premium app features free of charge.

If you are a single team subscriber you’ll just get free access to any content for your team. If not it’s either $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year currently (Subject to change, see the App store or Google play for the latest pricing). This is for the full content, there is no single team subscription option on the app.

The subscription is designed for those that are more than just casual NHL fans and are looking for a more in-depth complete experience.

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Can I wager on the NHL app?

The app holds no facility for betting at all, nor is it likely to in the near future. However, it still provides plenty of information that makes it a great tool for those looking to wager a quick buck. Reliable key stats and results archives make for a more informed wager choice and there’s no better place for that for NHL wagering than the official NHL app.

With the changes in US gambling law, the NHL has recently signed a sponsorship deal with MGM Casinos who will be providing gambling related content and advertising where allowed by state law. As gambling on sports becomes more available you’ll start to see more related content. You can see which states allow online sports betting currently here. With this tie-up, we’d be expecting to see lots of options to bet on the NHL and some NHL themed slots games. We’ll keep you posted with any news on this as it happens. If you are in Canada you can see our recommended betting apps here.

iOS and Android differences

The NHL app delivers the same interface and looks across both Android and iOS platforms, but we found the app to be a slight slicker one for those whose preference falls towards Apple. Especially those who own multiple devices.

iPad users are privileged with the luxury of having the picture in picture capabilities. This means you can watch NHL videos whilst continuing to browse, play and work on other applications. This is great as you can do other things on your iPad without closing the stream down and having to reopen it each time you want to do something else.

There’s also an integrated Apple Watch app that delivers all the latest news and scores directly to your wrist via customizable notifications. Go to the settings in the app and you can set what notifications you get to both your phone and watch. You’ll never miss a goal again!

There’s a wide choice of options within the notification settings. You can pinpoint which teams and what specific events actually trigger a notification. You can even set it to get your teams official goal horn as the notification when they score!

Notification options

  • Game starts
  • Game ends – With the final score
  • Goals scored – With your teams’ goal horn!
  • Video highlights available – Tap to open and you’ll be straight into the highlights
  • Latest news alerts – This can be set for your team or all news

There’s a recent/live scores table you can bring up on to the watch face at any time as well to take a look at the wider picture when required. This also provides a breakdown of scoring throughout periods.

NHL app Apple watch

Scrolling on the Digital Crown reveals more games.


The NHL is worth a download and an install on your device, in our opinion. It’s free and keeps you up to date, it has varying levels of experience and great features that save you time. It even has game tickets and merchandise covered.

Once you have selected your favorite team you can visit the NHL official store for your team’s branded clothing or memorabilia or check out the availability of tickets to go see a live game. Try it out today.

The NHL app is available right now for Android and iOS users and can be found in the Play Store and App Store.

Other Hockey apps

So that’s the official app covered, here are some other Hockey apps that are worth downloading too –

NHL SKATE – Hockey Card trader

Collect and trade your favorite hockey players from Topps. Relive the classic card trading games from the 80s and 90s with this app. Open the app every day to get new cards and trade them with other hockey fans around the world to complete your team or collection. You can compete with other players in lave games to see how your team performs. This really is a fun app to have, especially if you remember trading Topps cards as a kid.

There are also tons of other features to help you connect with other NHL fans around the globe. Head over to the fans feed in the menu and get chatting and sharing your cards!

NHL Stake app screen shots from Google Play

Hockey Trade Rumors 

We all love a bit of trade rumors and this app is packed with them. These are the kind of speculation and leaks to the media that you don’t get with the official app. Find out what the experts are saying about who is potentially going where and what the players have said about it. This app collates all the news from various sources into one app so no more trawling through other websites to get your rumors!

NHL Trade rumors app

The app is provided by SportsFusion and can be found on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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