Online Bingo v Bingo Halls

The constant advertisements on the TV for bingo and generous sign up bonuses can make you believe that playing bingo online may be the better option, but this is not the case. In this article, online bingo v bingo halls, you can discover the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Benefits of Online Bingo

Yes, the online bingo operator is going to seduce you into joining with a generous sign up bonus when you make your first deposit. This can provide you with a reason to join a specific merchant, but it is important to read the online terms and conditions carefully. There are always wagering requirements with any bonus funds, although a select few operators do give you a free bonus and allow you to keep the winnings without ever having to meet the certain ££. Some merchants may require you to wager the bonus 2x, while others require a far higher play through.

Generally, bingo games are considered a 100 percent toward a wager, while slots, casino games, and instant win games only a small percentage. There is a large choice of games, which you can view in the bingo lobby. Games start from a low penny, while some merchants may even offer free bingo at selected periods throughout the day or week.

Online Bingo balls


Disadvantages of Online Bingo

If you want to play on your mobile device, there is always that option with online bingo. Some operators allow both deposits and withdrawals through a mobile app, although some do not allow withdrawals. You will need to check with the online bingo operator before you sign up and play through the app. It’s a slight inconvenience, but don’t let this put you off the experience of online bingo.

Benefits of Bingo Halls

Nothing beats the excitement of playing bingo games in an arena that is competitive and relies on rapid hand eye coordination to win the prize. There is no computer technology ready to dab off the numbers on your card. Players buy a book of bingo games, which play one after the other. The games start with lower jackpots and these are easier for newbies to follow, as the numbers are not called out as quickly as the huge jackpot prizes. As you work through your bingo games you will find that as the prizes progress it’s harder to keep up with the bingo caller. If you miss a number with your dabber, it’s game over.

You could be playing against some real hot shot experienced players, and this is a great incentive to play through a bingo hall.

Disadvantages of Bingo Halls

It’s very different from online bingo. If you have a winning card at online bingo, you will win whether you dab off the numbers yourself or rely on the auto daub technology. In a bingo hall, it’s only you that can dab off the numbers in the relevant box. If you miss a number it’s very difficult to catch up. When you are playing the game for the big jackpots, the numbers are quick fire. You need to be an experienced bingo player to be in with a chance of winning big money.

In Conclusion

If you have ever wondered about online bingo v bingo halls, you will realise that there are both positives and negatives to each. Whatever you win at a bingo hall is yours to keep. There is no play through requirement. However, bonus funds gifted through an online bingo operator do require a play through before withdrawals are allowed. It’s a win win with both online bingo vs bingo halls.