Betting Apps in Pennsylvania guide

The repeal of PASPA has opened up the opportunity for states to open up a regulated sports betting market and Pennsylvania is one of the states at the front of the line to become active and operational in this respect.

A third of Pennsylvania casinos have now applied for a sports betting license and are waiting to hear back from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). Decisions are due to be made in the coming weeks on those applications and as such we anticipate mobile betting in Pennsylvania to be up and running by mid-2019. We will update this page as and when there are more developments.

Can I bet in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can! However, unfortunately not online yet. Sports gambling is restricted to in-person sports wagering only at select casinos across the state.

  1. Parx Casino
  2. Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia
  3. SugarHouse Casino
  4. South Philadelphia Turf Club
  5. Rivers Casino

Once Gambling companies in Pennsylvania have their services available on a mobile platform, the services will not be available to everyone. In order to register for an account and be eligible to wager you must at the very least:

  • Be aged 21 or over
  • Be a resident of Pennsylvania
  • Have a method of depositing and withdrawing Dollars from the betting account (debit card, credit card etc.)

How to bet in Pennsylvania

If you satisfy the above criteria you should be able to set up an online betting account (once they become available). This is the first step needed in order to start wagering online. The best betting app for a particular individual differs from person to person depending on their betting style and preference. We will outline the differences between each sportsbook app offering here as and when they become available.

Sports betting license applications

Casinos that have applied for Sports betting licenses are as follows:

  • Parx Casino
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia
  • Valley Forge Casino
  • Rivers Casino
  • Mohegan Sun Pocono

From this list, it is likely to see partnerships being made with current big name bookmakers from Europe. For example, Mohegan Sun has recently partnered up with the Kindred Group (owners of Unibet). This will allow for more choice and a more specialized sports betting experience. Licenses for bookmakers are looking like they are going to be quite exclusive and very pricey. Therefore, License holders will be eager to share that burden with more-than-willing foreign investors.

Wagering app reviews

We will be reviewing each app independently as and when they are released along with any other apps from major players in the market. SugarHouse Casino is somewhat ahead of the game currently as they already have an online sports betting platform that is available in New Jersey and across other territories. We expect SugarHouse to simply roll this out across the state of Pennsylvania with minimum extra development needed. Here are some screenshots, showing what the SugarHouse sports betting app looks like.

Sugar house sports betting app images

As you can see from the right-hand image, there are plenty of prop bets to choose from away from your standard point spread, money line and over/under wagers. The interface is clean and text size is nice and big to accommodate those with poor eyesight. We were not overloaded with information so identifying where we needed to go was no issue for us.

There are nice graphical representations of tennis courts, baseball pitches, Basketball courts,  American football pitches etc, that keep you right up to date with all the live scoring action. These are packed full of statistics that you can observe straight from the app to try and get an edge in-play.

Wagers can be made both before the event and during, so it is possible to place bets even when the action is unfolding. There is a wide variety of sports to choose from and are available from the menu button located in the top left of the screen next to the Sugar House logo.

Placing a wager

Placing a wager is a piece of cake. We found it to be a very logical process. Nonetheless, we are more than prepared to demonstrate how this is done for those who are attempting to place wagers for the first time. We will use the Playsugarhouse app for the purpose of this example.

It is important to remember that you will need to be registered and logged in to the relevant app in order to wager.

Playsugarhouse app PA

Browse the available lines

Once logged in you will land on the home screen of the app. This traditionally shows events that are live at that particular moment in time. It will also show events that are close to starting. Scrolling down the page will reveal more live and upcoming sports and events eligible to be wagered upon.

Tapping on a specific event from the home page will open up statistics, point spread, Moneyline and over/under markets. It also shows the prop bets and alternate lines available for that particular live fixture further down the page.

Add lines to your bet slip

Each selection shows the respected odds against that outcome and acts as a button that can be tapped. This will then place that selection into your bet slip. The bet slip should pop up automatically when making your first selection.

There is now the option of continuing to browse for more selections to add to your bet slip. For example, you may want to place a parlay or a series of single bets. However, for this first illustration, we are going to place a single. We will get to placing parlays further down this page.

The Betslip on the Playsugarhouse app is located at the bottom of the screen and is accessible at any time (once a pick has been made) by tapping on the upward arrow in the bottom right-hand corner. Similarly, the bet slip can be minimized by tapping on the down arrow when the bet slip is visible.

Enter your stake

The next step is to enter the stake amount. Tapping on the $0.00 box located inside the bet slip will open up a number pad. Enter the stake amount and confirmation will appear of the amount set to stake and the potential payout. The place bet button will also change from grey to green to indicate the bet is now ready to be confirmed and placed. Tapping the place bet button will indeed place the wager. That’s it job done, easy as that.

Futures and a list of all sports offered are available from the more sports button found in the top left of the home screen. This offers a more convenient view for the hardcore fan of a particular pastime.

How to place a parlay

When selecting more than one line, the bet slip will not pop up automatically. There is the requirement to manually pop up the bet slip by tapping the upward arrow.

Playsugarhouse multiple selections

There will now be a top menu bar available providing you with all the multiple wager options available. These are multiple singles, parlays, and round-robin wagers.

Playsugarhouse parlay menu

Select parlay and this will now combine the selections in the bet slip into one bet or wager. With this type of bet, all selections have to win in order for the wager to payout. Enter your stake amount in the relevant box, check the details are correct and once happy hit the place bet button. The Parlay is now placed.

Playsugarhouse placing a wager