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Patent bet explained

A patent bet is one of the groups of coverall bets where you cover every possible outcome from a number of results. This bet can be placed when you have three possible outcomes selected and can be placed each way. You can get a return (possibly a loss) if just one of the three results comes in, the more you get right the more you win.

Patent bet explained

This bet consists of 7 bets in total so any bet you place online will be 7 times the stake you select. In basic terms, the patent bet is as follows

3 Singles
3 doubles
1 treble

The bet is the same as a Trixie bet but with the added cover of the singles and can be backed with most major bookmakers (William Hill, bet365, Sky Bet etc)

Patent bet example

Selection 1 – 1/1

Selection 2 – 1/1

Selection 3 – 1/1

The Patent bet

Bet 1 – Selection 1 (single)

Bet 2 – Selection 2 (single)

Bet 3 – Selection 3 (single)

Bet 4 – Selection 1 and selection 2 (double)

Bet 5 – Selection 1 and selection 3 (double)

Bet 6 – Selection 2 and selection 3 (double)

Bet 7 – Selection 1, selection 2 and selection 3 (treble)

For this example we will imagine we have backed a bet with the three legs all at evens (not each way), we are having £1 per line so a total bet of £7. Obviously if none of the three win we will lose £7. If one leg wins then the return would be £2 representing a £5 overall loss, if two bets win then the return would be £8 making a £1 profit. If all three bets come in then the return would be £26 meaning a £19 profit, as you’d expect the return jumps a lot if you get all the results correct.

patent bet faqsFAQs about the Patent

What if I have any other questions? If you have any betting related questions at all you can contact us on twitter @bettingappscom

How do I find this bet on Sky bet? On Sky Bet you will need to use the drop down box for multiples to find the patent bet and all their other multiple bet options.

Can I place a Patent bet each way? Yes, where each way markets are available you can use all multiple bet options each way. Patents are popular for each way football bets.

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