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Pro Kabaddi app

pro kabaddi app logoThe official Pro Kabaddi app is the most trusted and reliable way to keep in touch with the growing sport of kabaddi.

The app can be found on the official App Store and Play Store for both Android and iOS devices respectively.

Pro Kabaddi app review

Keeping track on the latest news involving all twelve teams in both Zones A and B is incredibly straight forward thanks to the Pro Kabaddi app.

Latest zone standings are always nothing more than a tap of the finger away, as are previous results and upcoming fixtures.

The app looks great and is fast to update during live action to keep you informed on all the latest developments in the big games.

Pro Kabaddi app screenshots

Pro Kabaddi iphone app screenshots

Upcoming fixtures are displayed at the top of the home page so that you know immediately upon arrival of the app when the next games are due to start.

This snippet also provides you with where the game will be hosted, as well as providing you with an option to buy tickets to watch the big game live (If tickets are indeed still available).

Pro Kabaddi app home page

Pro Kabaddi app features

There are some great features attached and the layout of the information is such, that navigating around the app is a fluid, simple experience. There are two menus to navigate;

  1. The top menu – Accessible by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the extreme top left of the app within the back banner as shown in the image above. a pop-up menu is then displayed displaying categories that can be entered by tapping on them.
  2. The menu bar – Used by tapping into a specific category and scrolling right to left to reveal more category options.

Both menus offer the same categories, so it is more a matter of preference here as to which one you use. Our preference was the menu bar as it is always visible.

Category options available within the menu are:

  • HOME
  • NEWS

A comprehensive list and with the app being official, you can rest assured that the information is correct. High-quality images and videos to boot and the app is starting to look like the real deal.

Pick your favourite Pro Kabaddi team

Picking your favourite team filters the information displayed on your app accordingly. Thereafter, you get to view your team’s current points amount, number of matches played, the number of matches won and lost straight from the app’s home page. Additionally, you also get to see your team’s top raider, top defender and best all-rounder With raid points, tackle points and total points displayed respectively.

Unfortunately, there is no betting feature integrated into the Pro Kabaddi app. If you wish to bet on Kabaddi from India than see our guide to Indian betting apps here. However, there is KDB Housie. This is an in-built game feature that provides users with the chance to win prizes as they watch Live Kabaddi matches at home on their TV screens.

How to play KBD Housie?

To play KDB Housie you must first register an email address in order to be notified of any prizes that may have been won. Each fixture day, the app will provide registered users with the chance to claim a digital ticket for each half of the game ahead. these tickets display various different tiles. These tiles state specific occurrences that can happen in Kabaddi matches.

Pro kabaddi app - KBD Housie ticket

If an event on a tile happens in the match, you have 30 seconds from when it happened live on TV to tap on the tile. This will then mark this tile off as completed. The idea is to mark off as many tiles as possible to complete a full house. Smaller prizes are given for wins such as Jaldi Five, bottom row, top row and middle row lines.

Tickets become available 30 minutes before the game starts and tickets must be physically claimed prior to the match starting in order to view the ticket. Full details on how to play can be found here

How to get the Pro kabaddi app

You may be wondering how to get the official Pro kabbaddi app to your own device. The first step is to head to your operating system’s app store. For app users this is the app store and for Android users this will be the Play Store.

Vivo pro kabaddi app - available on iOS and Android

If the direct links above are not working for you, search for pro kabaddi using the search tools available. The official Vivo Pro Kabaddi app should be the top result. You are looking for the logo displayed at the top right of this page. The logo will be the same across both iOS and Android platforms.

How to bet on Pro Kabaddi

Although betting is not possible on the pro kabaddi app it is still possible to bet on the Pro kabaddi action. The Pro Kabaddi app is the perfect companion for sourcing all of the statistics and form data needed to make better betting choices. However, there are apps more geared towards betting on Kabaddi. The app we recommend for betting on Vivo Pro Kabaddi in India would be the 10Cric India app.

The 10Cric India app covers all the major games, providing traditional money line odds to bet on. It also provides minute-by-minute action using fancy graphics to illustrate what is unfolding. There are also great features to benefit from with being a 10Cric India app user. Some of these are as follows;

  • Early cash out features
  • New customer bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Earn free bets by referring your friends
  • Simple depositing and withdrawing of funds via direct bank transfer
  • much, much more

If you are outside the region of India, you can check out our best global betting apps list here.

Pro Kabaddi app conclusion

We were very impressed with how much of a companion this app is to Pro Kabaddi fans. The League has only been running for a relatively short period of time and we have already seen massive changes. Such as the change from eight participating teams to twelve. Therefore, in this fast-moving climate it is important to always be in the know when it comes to new sports and the Vivo Kabaddi pro app certainly achieves that.

It is definitely our number one go-to app for Kabaddi news, updates and statistics. The official Vivo Pro Kabaddi app blows any unofficial app out of the water. It looks great, behaves great and updates great, in turn making the whole experience great. This app isn’t all singing and dancing. It won’t make you breakfast. But if you follow Kabaddi at any level, then this is a must-have app as far as we are concerned. Give it a try today.