Prop bets explained

prop wagers explained

Prop bets are wagers on a specific event, away from the traditional outright betting market. These types of wagers focus on the intricate details of the fixture, rather than which team/individual ends us victorious. The options here are endless and are well accommodated for by the bookmakers, both on-site and online. Statistics have become deemed to be crucial in developing and understanding each sport and are analyzed vigorously in order for teams and individuals to better themselves. This deep analysis and recording of each element of the game has opened up the opportunity to be able to bet on most of these elements.

What is a Prop bet_ A simple guide by betting apps

What is a prop bet?

The term prop bet is short for proposition bet, one example of which would be for a certain team to score the first touchdown in the NFL. Another would be for a specific individual to score a hole in one in a golf tournament.

There’s a lot more choice here on offer and it’s not unusual for bookmakers to provide odds boosts and well-advertised promotions on certain prop bets to hype up a big game or major event. However, not all bookmakers share the same prop bets.

Therefore, certain lines may only be available with specific betting companies so it may take some browsing around online initially if there was a specific prop bet you wanted to place. Depending on where you are based depends on where you can bet – See our guide to US betting apps here.

To give you more of an idea of what a prop bet is, we have provided a list of current examples of prop bets that are available right now to be wagered on.

Prop bets on American football betting apps

  • First scoring play
  • Team with highest scoring quarter
  • Total team touchdowns
  • Last team to score
  • Team to win a certain quarter
  • Winning margin spreads
  • individual to score a touchdown
  • Most Rushing yards
  • Team with most first downs
  • Team with most punts
  • Will a team score a safety?
  • Team to score shortest field goal
  • Player to score a hat-trick
  • Player to score first touchdown for their team
  • Many, Many more.

You can see our guide to NFL sports books here.

Prop bets in Basketball

  • Team to win a certain quarter
  • Highest scoring half
  • Overtime needed
  • Team to end up on odd or even points
  • First team to commit a foul
  • First quarter point spread
  • Highest scoring quarter
  • Team to win the tip-off
  • Half time/Full time betting
  • First team to call a time out
  • Player to achieve a certain amount of slam dunks
  • player to achieve a certain amount of three pointers
  • foul betting
  • Many, Many more.

Almost all legal site have these bets on offer. For example, the Play Sugar House app is our recommended sportsbook app in Canada and has over 100 markets available for NBA matches.  Below you can see the player 3 point market for Golden State against the Portland Trail Blazers


Prop bets in NBA betting - Player to hit 3 pointers

Play Sugar House also has a license to operate a mobile sports book in New Jersey, check them out if you are an NJ resident.

Prop bets in Baseball

  • Extra innings needed.
  • Run scored in first innings
  • Player to score a home run
  • Over/Under strikeouts
  • Over/Under runs
  • Over/Under errors
  • Fastest pitch
  • No hitters
  • Pitcher to record a perfect game
  • Player to achieve MVP
  • Many, Many more.

Prop bets in Tennis

  • Specific set win wagering
  • Set score wagering
  • Total amount of sets in game
  • Number of double faults
  • Number of line faults
  • Tie break in match
  • Number of tie breaks
  • Over/Under aces
  • To lose first set and win the match
  • Total games odd/even
  • Many, many more.

Prop bets in Golf

  • Will the be a hole in one?
  • Will there be an albatros?
  • First round leader
  • Top 10 finish
  • Winning margin
  • Nationality of winner
  • Top American golfer
  • wire to wire winner
  • Many, Many more.

These lists are not exhaustive, there are plenty more examples and even the option to combine certain elements with another in order to stack up the odds. For example, a team to win and a certain player to score a touchdown could be combined together to make a single wager.

Can I create my own prop bet?

The ability to request or create a specific bet has traditionally always been available from cashiers at gambling kiosks, but this novelty has also now started to find its way online. Many bookmakers throughout Europe now have systems in place for people to be able to create their own prop bets, made up of a combination of factors entirely at the choice of the consumer.

For example one may wish to place a wager on the Lakers to win, Rajon Rando to achieve most assists, Lebron James to be the highest scorer and the highest rebounder. Once you enter the information you wish to wager on you are then shown the relative cumulative odds for your bespoke bet with an option to place. The Betstars NJ app is recommended for this type of bet as they have automated markets where you can make your selections.

This has become a very popular method of wagering in pre-existing legislative areas and as the US opens up to gambling we expect American gambling companies to update their platforms to serve these types of features. These systems do already exist so once companies are up and running across all States, it shouldn’t take too long at all to see these across American betting apps.

To check if online wagering is legal and safe in your jurisdiction, check out our state by state rundown, which keeps you up to date with the legalities and timeframes for your specific region in relation to gambling.