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Push bet explained

A push bet is a bet whereby there is a tie against the point spread, resulting in the stake being refunded back to the person placing the bet.

This typically happens across sports that offer point spread markets, such as football and basketball.

What is a push bet?

In a basketball game where the point spread is -12 points, it is possible for the selected team to win by exactly 12 points. Therefore the bet is neither won nor lost. In this situation, the stake is ‘pushed’ back to the person placing the bet, with the outcome being both parties breaking even. This would be classed as a pushed bet.

On single lines, the stake is returned as in the example above, but parlays are treated differently due to the fact other lines are still in play.

What happens with push bets in parlays?

In a parlay if one line loses, the wager is lost. However, if one selection is pushed the wager remains in play. The pushed selection is simply erased from the parlay as if it was never selected in the first place. The odds are adjusted accordingly with the line struck off and the parlay continues to be live.

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Can I prevent the possibility of a push bet?

Some people view pushed bets as a complete waste of time as a push bet results in the person feeling like they haven’t actually achieved anything. Yes, the person hasn’t lost from the wager, but some feel like they would prefer to be either up or down rather than feeling like they had never placed the bet in the first place.

For those who share those sentiments, there is a way of completely avoiding the chance of a wager being pushed. Most bookmakers offer point spread markets on both whole numbers as well as point spreads with half-point margins. For example, the Betway Sports App may offer a football game with a -7.5 point spread.

In this instance, it is impossible for the game to end up with one team winning by exactly 7.5 points. Therefore it is impossible for this wager to be pushed. Placing a half point spread single line or a parlay consisting of half-point spread lines only will ensure that the wager will not result in a pushed bet.

Some people prefer the safety net of the pushed bet system, some don’t. It’s all down to preference and how much risk you are willing to take.

However you like to bet, always remember to bet within your means and only wager what you can afford to lose. Betting should be all about fun and enjoyment, not desperation and hardship. Always gamble responsibly.

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