What is a Super Heinz?

What is a super heinz bet

A Super Heinz is a combination bet that involves seven selections and a total of 120 bets, as follows:

21 Doubles
35 Trebles
35 Four-folds
21 Five-folds
7 Six-folds
1 Seven folds

There are no singles with a Super Heinz. For any returns to be had, at least two of the selections are required to be winners.

The name “Super Heinz” comes from the fact that this seven-selection bet is one step up from the six-selection bet that is known as a “Heinz”. This is because the Heinz bet consists of 57 selections, just as the food-manufacturers Heinz were known in the past for their 57 varieties.

Which Betting Company Offers Super Heinz?

The Super Heinz bet is usually available at all bookmakers, both online and high-street based. As it is a bet typically associated with horse racing, it is probably best to use a bookmaker with strong backgrounds in this sport, we have seen them regularly available on the Paddy Power app.

You make a Super Heinz bet by using the selection options provided by your online bookmakers, or at high-street bookies, using one of the specialist betting slips provided, or using a normal betting slip, and writing down your selections and then writing “Super Heinz” across the top.

Remember that you are betting on 120 separate bets. So if your basic wagering amount is 10p, you will need to pay £12 when you place your wager. See the image below for an example online betting slip with 10p being placed on each line

Paddy Power Super Heinz example

You can see that the returns are much lower than placing a straight £12 on the acca but there is a much better chance of getting a return.

Super Heinz Bet Example

For this example, we will imagine we are making 7 selections all at evens. The stake is 10p per line and the total stake is £12. We are using a bet calculator app to calculate the returns – this is an essential tool for multiple bets like these as betting apps do not give you the option for these calculations.

  • 7 winners = £205.20 profit
  • 6 winners = £59.60 profit
  • 5 winners = £11.20 profit
  • 4 winners = £4.80 loss
  • 3 winners = £10 loss
  • 2 winners = £11.60 loss

As you can see from this example it is difficult to get a decent return if you are betting at evens or at lower odds. As with all these kinds of multiple bets, there is a big jump in returns from them all being winners to missing by one.

Is Super Heinz Right For Me?

Whilst the Super Heinz does look attractive, and the returns can be astronomical if all seven of your selections romp home, a balance has to be made between the cost of the bet, and the chances of decent returns.

The main negative factor about the Super Heinz Is that you are wagering a lot of money on five-folds, six-folds and an accumulator, and the odds of these bets returning any winnings are poor.

To balance this, if you do land a large selection of winners, you could be taking home an unbelievable amount of money.

Even a normal seven selection accumulator in which all your selections are priced at 2/1 will give you odds of 2,187/1. With the Super Heinz and the addition of the other 119 bets, those odds rise to 16,362-1.

The Other positive factor to consider here with a Super Heinz is that you will still walk away with a likely profit if 5 or 6 selections win. If you just place the straight seven-fold accumulator, all you are left with is a bitter taste in your mouth.


The Super Heinz is something of a lottery-style bet. The chances of a punter picking seven selections and them all coming home are pretty slim, but the winnings if that does happen are pretty astronomical.

This is a better option to use on horse race betting apps where the prices are higher and 2 or 3 high prices will make a good return. For example, 3 winners at 10/1 get a £150+ profit.

There are many other terms for multiple bets and these differ depending on how many selections you have. The Super Heinz carrying a lot of risks you may want to check out some other options containing fewer selections to start off with. Check out our guides to some of our other explanations from the buttons below

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