TonyBet App Review and Bonus

Tonybet appThe TonyBet app is a relative newcomer to the online gambling world. It offers gambling services across the UK and Estonia. Sports betting, casino and poker make up the service alongside exclusive games and bonuses.

The brand was founded and aptly named back in 2009 by Tony G. A huge name on the poker circuit and well known for his banter battles with Phil Hellmuth. 

He is also well known for his entrepreneurial skills and in more recent times has even stepped into politics. The app is available across Android and iOS platforms. Links on this page can help you get straight to the apps if you are viewing it from a mobile browser.

TonyBet app Registration

Before you can use the apps or services offered Tonybet for real money, users are required to register their details and a payment method for depositing and withdrawing funds. This is a quick, easy process made even quicker by giving you the option to set a payment method at a later date. An email address is required during sign up and a confirmation email is then sent. A code is sent within the email that new users must enter upon logging in the Tonybet app for the first time.


It is also worth mentioning that the very first deposit made to the user account may take longer than normal. This is due to the fact the first transaction has to be physically verified by a human. Therefore the first deposit can take up to 24 hours to show. This can be a little frustrating initially. However further deposits are much quicker to hit the account from thereon in.

Tonybet poker app

TonyBet Poker appWith Poker being Tony’s specialist gambling category, it may come as no surprise that cards and casino sections are well covered. In comparison, it appears as if the sports section has been given a bit of a back seat. Not a bad thing as there are limited numbers of credible poker apps on the marketplace.

This poker app is certainly built for those who love the game and all of its different variations. There are loads to go at here. Cash games, sit and go tables and tournaments are all present with different tables offering different buy-in amounts and antes to suit all budgets.

Then there are the different styles of poker to mention. Of course, you have traditional Hold’em poker, but there’s a whole load more to get your teeth in to. There are Omaha, short deck and even open-faced Chinese pineapple for those familiar with this style of play. No worries if you don’t, however, as tutorial guides are built into the app to get you on your way.

The poker app uses big bold text and simple menu systems to make playing poker from your mobile as accessible as possible. Entering into a game is fast and easy. Table graphics are far from being called cutting edge, but cards are easy to see and the games are smooth to play. There’s also a chat function built into the tables so you can chat and banter along to rival players.

Tonybet casino app

As well as a specialist poker service there is also a very comprehensive casino package. Over 400 game titles are here to enjoy, varying from animated slots to your traditional casino games.

Live dealer tables are also available, with possibly the most choice of games than any other app we have tested. There’s the classic and expected live Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em. However, there are a host of live games also on offer with attractive croupiers only too happy to serve up the action. Here are the live games on offer.

Live games

  1. War of betsA simple card-based game whereby the player’s card must be higher than the dealer’s.
  2. Bet on pokerUsers bet on which hand they believe will end up winning. Betting points after each section of play – deal, flop, draw and river.
  3. BaccaratA cards based game that offers many different betting opportunities.
  4. WheelRoulette based, but with a themed wheel. Users can bet on colour, number odd/even etc.
  5. Lucky 7This lotto-style game involves betting on 7 balls randomly drawn. Plenty of choices and combinations to bet on.
  6. Lucky 6Another lotto game consisting of 6 ball draws whereby the balls are separated into three different zones. Therefore offering different gambling opportunities.
  7. Lucky 5You guessed it! A 5 draw lotto game with an emphasis on colours and numbers. The most basic of all lotto games on offer.
  8. DiceUsers gamble on various choices that come available from rolling 5 dice at the same time. Combinations, numbers, total sum and odd/even make up those choices.
  9. Dice duelA blue dice and red dice are rolled together in this game to mix things up away from traditional dice games. Users can then bet on colour options as well as numbers, odd/even and totals.

App Downloads

There are two different apps to download. There is a dedicated TonyBet poker app and a generic TonyBet app that incorporates sports betting, casino and live games. All of the available apps can be accessed from the links below.


Dedicated apps can be found on the app store for iOS users. iPhone and iPad versions are both available to download.



Not all regions will be able to access the TonyBet apps in the app store. If you cannot locate the apps from the links above you can manually install the TonyBet Poker app to your iPhone or iPad. Tap here and scan the corresponding QR code using your device’s camera to manually download. Then follow these steps;

  1. Tap install
  2. A warning message should now pop up stating that the developer is untrusted. This is due to the fact the install is not coming directly from the iTunes app store. Allow the install to occur
  3. Head to settings.
  4. Choose General.
  5. Tap on Device management.
  6. Select TG LAB UAB.
  7. Choose to trust TG LAB UAB.
  8. confirm that you wish to trust the developer.
  9. The poker app will then successfully download to the device.


Android users will not be able to locate the apps directly from the Google Play Store. However, there are dedicated .apk files that can be installed supplied directly from TonyBet. In order to successfully install these apps to your Android device, you will need to ensure your phone or tablet is set up to allow apps from unknown sources. This option can be found within the security settings of your device if you are unsure.



Tonybet sports betting app

Although the sports betting section isn’t all singing and dancing, it does offer basic functionality for those who want to place a sports bet every now and then. It has also recently had a significant update to bring new features to the app that users are coming to expect. One major example is the cash-out facility. The Sports side of things is adequate rather than substantial, with many well-established rivals offering a more comprehensive sports service.

Tonybet Sports betting screenshots

Promotions and bonuses

There’s a dedicated promotions section within the apps, highlighting where and how users can achieve extra value. These bonuses and offers are available across the spectrum of services and frequently change to keep in line with current trends. Alongside new customer bonuses, there are existing customer offers also. It’s worthwhile taking a look at this section frequently to see if there’s an offer that matches your particular gambling style.

Improved stability

The app made the flawless error of rushing out the release. This caused many unnoticed bugs to cause disruption to the service, leading to many negative user reviews. However, these negative reviews are from years back. From all of the testing we have done on this app, we are pleased to announce that we did not experience any lag or downtime at all. We are confident that the app is now a reliable platform across all of its services.


A much-improved service than the one that was initially released and one that Tony G can actually now be proud of. The journey of this brand is very much still in its infancy compared to some more of the other well-established competitor’s int the field, but this service certainly is catching up. This app probably appeals more to the poker player and casino gamer currently than the avid sports punter, but in time we expect the Sports side to continually improve. We look forward to future updates.

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