What is a Trixie Bet?

What is a trixie bet

We often get asked to explain different types of multiple bets and a Trixie is quite a common bet mainly for horse racing although it can be used in other sports. The Trixie bet is a multiple bet option when you have three possible outcomes available and is similar on that basis to the patent bet. The main difference between a Trixie and patent bet is that the Trixie does not cover any singles so to get a return you will need to have at least two winners out of the three selections.

Trixie bet – Simple explanation

As mentioned above this bet does not contain any single bets so its just a total of four lines that you are placing the bet on. The Trixie bet breaks down as follows

  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 treble

To get a return on this bet you will need to get two winners out of the three. If you want to cover all the options including singles then have a read of our patent bet guide here. Here is how it looks in the betslip of the bet365 sports app.

Trixie bet screenshot

Trixie Bet example

Selection 1 – 10/1

Selection 2 – 10/1

Selection 3 – 10/1

 The Trixie bet

  1. Bet 1 – Selection 1 and selection 2 (double)
  2. Bet 2 – Selection 1 and selection 3 (double)
  3. Bet 3 – Selection 2 and selection 3 (double)
  4. Bet 4 – Selection 1, selection 2 and selection 3 (treble)

To keep things simple for this example imagine you want to back three horses and they are all at 10/1. We will use a stake of £1 per line giving us a total stake of £4. This is straight to win bet and not each way.

This is what the returns would look like

  • 0 winners – Loss of £4
  • 1 winner – Loss of £4
  • 2 winners – £121 return including stake – £117 profit
  • 3 winners – £1,984 back including stake – £1,690 profit

Obviously picking three winners at 10/1 would be an impressive feat but this shows how you can use the Trixie bet to get a decent return even if one leg lets you down. In this example at 10/1 odds, it would probably be a better option using a patent bet as you would still make a profit on just 1 winner.

Trixie bet FAQ'sFAQ’s about the Trixie bet

Can I have a Trixie bet each way? Yes in horse racing you can back it each way, you will get less of a return if the horse places rather than wins. In the Trixie bet example above you would also have a total stake of £8 rather than £4 as you increase the lines and outcomes when backing a bet each way.

Can you recommend a bookie? We have a guide to the best racing betting apps here, these all accept Trixie bets on racing and also other sports

What is a Trixie bet? See the above description!

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