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What Is Value Betting? All You Need To Know

We all want to maximize our profits when it comes to placing bets. To be quite honest, if you’re not going to make some good money from a bet, there’s little point playing it.

Finding value in a market is the holy grail and can boost your profits wonderfully well. It’s all about finding that value, which doesn’t come easy. 

We’re always on the lookout for good value bets here at Bettingapps.com and over the years have picked up a number of tips to do so. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to value betting, with top tips and all you need to know about the bet.

What Is Value Betting?

Value betting is a type of betting that is essentially just a bet in which you think has a set of odds that don’t necessarily reflect the probability of the outcome occurring. Good value odds ultimately mean the sportsbook believes there’s a lower probability of an outcome occurring than you do.

Value betting is completely subjective and it generally takes some solid research to find where the value is. It really is a bit of an art form and takes a good period of time viewing a number of sportsbooks in order to find the best value on a market.

How To Find Value Bets

Finding value bets can be a little more time consuming than simply placing bets regularly but the rewards do make it worthwhile. First and foremost though you need to know how to find them, and there are a number of tips worth taking on board.

Study the Form & Market

One of the best things to do when looking for value is studying the market and form to ensure you have the best knowledge possible. This will allow you to make quick decisions and not miss out on the odds being offered.

By studying the form you’ll have a clear understanding of who is performing well currently, as well as insider knowledge on who isn’t particularly getting results but performing well and in with a chance of winning.

Head-to-head is also a good statistic to study, as well as suspensions and injuries, team news, and how a team, athlete or horse generally performs at various times of the year. The context of a particular fixture can also be telling, with some sides needing to win more than others. This can often see an underdog get over the line.

Understand Sportsbook Probabilities

Having knowledge of the probability the sportsbook is offering is often key in making a decision as to whether there’s value in betting on it.

This is simple to do and you can calculate probability really easily in the fractional odds format.

To calculate probability from fractional odds, all you need to use is the right-hand number of the fraction and the total value of the numbers combined in the fraction.

For example:

Let’s say you were looking at a market with a sports betting app that was offering a team to win at 4/1. The right-hand number of the fraction is the number in which they believe the bet will win, and the left the number of times it will lose out of the total number combined.

Therefore in this instance, the sportsbook predicts that this bet would have a one in five chance of winning.

If you believed that the bet would have a better chance of winning and the sportsbook is undervaluing the outcome, then this is a value bet and would be worth placing.

Which Sportsbook Apps Offer Value Betting?

Ultimately, any sportsbook could offer you a value bet as the nature of the bet is that it’s subjective. 

You’ll find dozens of brilliant sportsbook apps around, all worth scouring for good value, including the likes of BetVictor, bet365, and 888sport. For all the very best sportsbooks currently, around, head to our Best Betting Apps page where you’ll find all our favorites to play and find value with.

Enhanced Odds Betting

Sports betting apps regularly offer enhanced odds, which is essentially a boosted odds that certainly offers value on major betting events and markets.

The extra value in the bets will often be rewarded as free bets if you win but they’re still worth taking advantage of and you’ll find many of the best sportsbooks offering them across a range of sports.