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What You Need To Know About Betting Against The Public

Betting against the public is a tactic that isn’t used by many in the world of online betting, certainly not among those that are serious punters.

For the casual fan though it is a tactic that is used more regularly in order to try and win the big bucks. 

But what is betting against the public and should it be a tactic you adopt? The opinion is often split on this, so here at Bettingapps.com we’ll bring you both sides of the coin with our complete guide to the strategy…

What Is Betting Against The Public

Betting against the public is a tactic which is exactly how it sounds, it’s a wager placed on the opposite of public perception with the aim of providing a bigger return.

This is due to the fact that public perception usually goes with the favorite or the team with the home-field advantage. It doesn’t matter what the market, betting against the public is possible.

It’s most commonly used as a tactic in the Moneyline market, where punters bet the winner of a match.

In theory, it’s that simple. But how successful is it actually?

Should You Bet Against The Public?

The opinion is always split on whether you should bet against the public or not. There are some that make serious winnings betting against public perception, while others believe you’re likely to lose a lot of money this way.

Reasons For Betting Against The Public

Let’s start with why people believe in betting against the public to be a successful tactic. Firstly, the odds are always going to give you a higher payout if they do come off. 

However, you do have to be selective in the wagers you do make against the public. Experts believe that certain circumstances and markets are well suited to betting against the public. 

The home underdog is particularly favored when betting against the public as teams can often make it difficult for a favorite, particularly in the likes of soccer and NFL betting, as home sides are more suited to conditions, the size of the pitch and have the crowd behind them.

Ultimately, if you can get it right, betting against the public is hugely profitable. Shocks happen every day in sports betting and forecasting those can be possible with a bit of research.

All it takes is some in-depth analysis on markets, looking at stats such as form, head-to-head and team news and there’s every chance you can predict an upset effectively and make a serious profit.

Betting against the public

Reasons Against Betting Against The Public

However, on the reverse side, favorites are favorites for a reason and the likelihood is that they are going to win. So if you’re regularly placing bets against the public, then you are going to regularly lose money.

It can’t be used as a consistent strategy and one-size-fits-all method. Some punters believe that they can essentially act as betting sites by cleaning up betting against the favorite, but it doesn’t work like that, sportsbooks still anticipate others won’t bet on the favourites and will essentially earn their money either way.

What’s more, if you’re continually placing “opposite side” bets as sportsbooks call it, there is a chance you may have your betting account suspended as it is generally frowned upon by sites. 

Betting Against The Public: Yes or No?

The chances are you are much more likely to make money by betting on the favorite and with public perception every time than you are against public perception, you only have to study a season’s worth of results in any type of sport to see that.

However, there are occasions when it absolutely makes sense to do so. You can only truly ensure that to be true though by studying markets hard and looking at the statistics in which the average punter isn’t. The public often back a favorite because they’re a favorite, delve a little deeper and you’ll find that to be true or false. Find an opportunity where it could be false and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t bet against the public.

Betting Against The Public Free Bets

A good place to start is with a free bet. If you’re considering betting against the public, sign up to a betting app that is offering a welcome bonus to customers and just test the water with your free bets.

This will give you a good idea of how easy or difficult you find betting against the public. If you’re finding success thanks to the research you’re doing, then start considering playing against the public with your real bankroll.

You’ll find plenty of free bets with the betting apps. For all the best sportsbooks apps, head to our best USA betting apps page.