William Hill Poker App Review

William Hill poker app review

William Hill poker app

The William Hill Poker app is available across all mobile operating systems and allows players to get involved in both quick turnaround poker action, as well as tournament play in a longer setting.

The app can only be used if you have William Hill account. You only need one account for William Hill across all of their services, so if you have already registered for sports betting or casino, your log in details should also get you to access into the Poker app.

If you haven’t registered for a William Hill account yet, you can do so from the button below.


Once you have registered you can then go ahead and get the William Hill Poker app. This is available from the App Store for iOS users and also available on the Play Store for Android users in certain territories.

If you cannot find it in the Play Store or if you have another mobile phone running software other than Android or iOS then you can access the web app from your mobile browser.

William Hill Poker App Guide

When we logged in for the first time we noticed we had zero balance even though we had funds in our William Hill sports betting account. This is because it uses a separate wallet system for poker funds.

There is an inbuilt cashier so that you can deposit into your poker wallet and you also conveniently have a ‘transfer funds’ option so that we could easily transfer funds from our sports betting wallet to our poker wallet. We found this very handy indeed and actually quite liked having the separate wallet as we felt more in control of our cash.

William Hill poker app screenshots

No matter whether you only have a ten-minute break to play, or a couple of hours free, you can select different styles of games that will suit your timing. There are plenty of sit and go’s to get involved in from the lobby as well as specifically designed speed games for those short on time.

There’s also plenty of variations of poker available to keep you entertained and to provide a little twist on your normal poker play.

There’s twister poker where prize funds can spiral upwards, there’s standard no-limit hold ‘em as well as 6 plus hold ‘em to try out where the 2’s 3’s, 4’s and 5’s are removed to make for more exciting hands.

The recent review on the app store is between 4 and 5 stars at the time of writing. This is high for real money poker apps in our experience.

Recent updates to the app have seen increased functionality including multi-table functionality. This allows you to sit and play on more than one table at a time increasing the games you can be involved in.

The app is regularly updated with improvements and new features.


All in all, we were very impressed with the William Hill Poker app. The graphics didn’t blow us away or compete with the latest games consoles, but it provided us with a platform that enabled us to play a fair game of poker with lots of other friendly people all around the world. Our recommendation here would be to certainly check it out if you like a game or two of poker.

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